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Last Published on Sep 12, 2023 12:19 IST


Discover feature-rich Realme tablet under the Rs. 20,000 range, offering a blend of affordability and performance. Explore entertainment and productivity like never before.

The Realme tablet lineup under Rs.20,000 offers an excellent assortment of cost-effective tablets that blend price and capability. These tablets have brilliant screens, strong CPUs, and lots of storage since they are made to meet different user demands. With a variety of apps and functionalities, the range offers a seamless user experience for entertainment, productivity, and creativity. The Realme tablets provide a complete package, whether for consuming media, doing job duties, or light gaming. The Realme tablet range under 20,000 is an alternative for people looking for dependable and feature-rich tablets without breaking the bank, given the affordable price point and the brand's reputation for quality.

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Product List

1. Realme Pad X WIFI Tablet 

Presenting the Realme Pad X WIFI Tablet, a potent tool to improve your online experience. With 64GB of extendable ROM and 4GB of RAM, this Realme tablet offers adequate storage for your data and media while enabling smooth multitasking. The 27.81cm (11 inches) WUXGA+ display enhances your viewing experience by bringing your material to life with brilliant colours and fine details. The premium tablet range offers quick performance for various applications thanks to its cutting-edge 6nm SD Processor. Its Dolby Atmos Quad Speakers produce an immersive audio environment that improves communication and enjoyment. The tablet meets your expectations thanks to its excellent 8340 mAh battery, guaranteeing prolonged use. The Realme Pad X, wrapped in a Grey colour, successfully combines fashion and utility.


  • Memory Storage: 64GB
  • Screen Size: 10.95 Inches
  • Display resolution: 2000x1200 Pixels
  • Operating on Android 12
  • Battery: 8340mAH
  • Compatible: Realme pencil and Smart Keyboard
  • Processor: Qualcomm snapdragon 695
  • Product Dimension: 25.7 x 16.1 x 0.7 cm
  • Camera: 13MP Primary/8 MP Front
  • Price: Rs.19,827

Long Battery LifeThe price could be less.
Sleek design 

2. Realme Pad WiFi+4G Tablet

Discover the Golden-coloured, the ideal fusion of form and function. Smooth multitasking is guaranteed with thisRealme tablet, and there is enough storage for your material due to the 4GB RAM and 64GB (expandable) ROM. The WUXGA+ display, measuring 26.4 cm (10.4 in), offers vivid pictures that make your material come to life. The tablet's powerful 7100 mAh battery provides prolonged usage time for business and leisure while travelling. Your audio experience is improved with the Dolby Atmos quad-speaker system, which offers immersive sound quality. Thegood quality tablets meet all your requirements, whether you're streaming, surfing, or playing games. Thanks to its stylish design and amazing capabilities, thishigh quality realme tablet is a flexible companion for both productivity and leisure in one little gadget.


  • Memory Storage capacity: 64 GB
  • Screen size: 26.42Cms
  • Display Resolution: 10.4 Inches Pixels
  • Memory: 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM
  • Extendable Memory: 1TB
  • Camera: 8 MP Primary Camera | 8 MP Front
  • Usage: Entertainment, Gaming, Voice Call (Dual Sim, GSM)
  • Product Dimension: 24.6 x 15.5 x 0.7 cm
  • Operating System:Android 11
  • Price: Rs.17,427
4GB RAMThe camera could be better.
Gaming and Voice Calls 

3. Realme Pad WiFi+4G Tablet (3GB RAM):

With the gorgeous Golden colour of theRealme Tablet Pad WiFi+4G Tablet, enhance your online experience. A 26.4cm (10.4 inch) WUXGA+ display provides vivid pictures that breathe life into your material. The tablet's 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM (expandable) provide seamless multitasking and offer enough space for your files and media. The strong 7100 mAh battery keeps you occupied and connected for a long time. Your pleasure is improved by the Dolby Atmos quad-speaker arrangement, which produces immersive audio quality. The Realmeaffordable tablet meets all your requirements, whether you're working, streaming, or just enjoying entertainment. It is a flexible companion for both productivity and pleasure, all in a compact and attractive package thanks to its streamlined design and impressive features. Thesebudget tablets price are also very reasonable.


  • Memory: 32 GB ROM and 3GB RAM
  • Display: 10.4 inches WUXGA+
  • Resolution: 2000x1200 Pixels
  • Design: Slim
  • Processor: Mediatek G80
  • Battery: 7100mAH
  • Processor: G80 Helio
  • Operating System: Android11
  • Price: Rs.15,625
3GB RAM and 32Gb ROMThe display could be bigger.
G80 Helio Processor 

4. Realme Pad Mini WiFi+4G Tablet (4GB RAM)

Introducing theRealme tablet Mini WiFi+4G Tablet in stylish Grey, a portable innovation powerhouse. It provides a visual feast for your eyes with a 22.1cm (8.7 inch) Cinematic Display. It guarantees flawless multitasking and enough storage for your material with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM (expandable). Your day's work is kept exciting and productive by the 6400 mAh battery. Your entertainment experience is improved by the tablet's twin speakers, which deliver crystal-clear, immersive music. The Realme Pad Mini is one of the cheap tablets that adjust to your requirements whether you're working, watching content, or just surfing. It embodies adaptability and style in one compact gadget thanks to its stylish appearance and remarkable capabilities, making it the perfect companion for work and play.


  • Memory: 64GB Extendable Memory up to 1TB
  • Display: 8.7Inches
  • Display: 1080p full HD
  • Battery:6400mAH
  • Operating system: Android 11
  • Special Feature: Voice Calls
  • Power: 18W
  • Processor: Powerful Unisoc T616 Processor
  • Modes: 3
  • Price: Rs.12,999
Cinematic displayThe display could be bigger.
Dual speakers 

5. Realme Pad Mini WiFi Tablet (4GB RAM)

Discover the stylish Grey Realme tablet with the model Realme Pad Mini WiFi Tablet, which was created to improve your digital experience. Smooth multitasking is guaranteed, and there is enough storage for your material, thanks to the 4GB RAM and 64GB (expandable) ROM. Vibrant images on the 22.1cm (8.7 inch) Cinematic Display provide an immersive viewing experience. The tablet's 6400 mAh battery offers prolonged usage time for both work and enjoyment. The two speakers produce crisp, lively music that improves your multimedia engagement. The Realme tablet in budget adjusts to your demands, whether you're surfing, streaming, or working on creative projects. It embodies adaptability and refinement in one portable gadget thanks to its small size and remarkable capabilities, making it the perfect companion for both work and play.


  • Memory: 64GB
  • Screen Size: 22.09 Centimetres
  • Display Resolution: 1080p Full HD Pixels
  • Memory: 4Gb RAM and 64GB ROM
  • Operating System: Android11
  • Battery: 6400mAh
  • Processor: UNISOC T616 Octa-Core
  • Camera: 8Mp Primary camera and 5MP Front
  • Price: Rs. 12,912
Memory is 64GBThe display could be bigger.
Operating system Android11 

6. Realme Pad WIFI Tablet

Introducing the alluring Golden-colouredRealme Tabletwith WIFI, the ideal fusion of performance and aesthetics. It guarantees seamless multitasking and enough storage for your material with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM (expandable). Your viewing experience will be enhanced by the magnificent pictures on the 26.4cm (10.4 inch) WUXGA+ Display. The tablet's strong 7100 mAh battery enables extended use for both work and enjoyment. Your auditory engagement is increased by the immersive sound quality provided by the Dolby Atmos quad-speaker configuration. The Realme comes under thebest buy tablets range and meets all your requirements, whether you're streaming, surfing, or producing. It embodies beauty and functionality in a single, compact gadget, and its striking characteristics make it a flexible companion for both productivity and enjoyment.


  • Colour: Golden
  • Style Name: WIFI Only
  • Memory: 3GB RAM+32GB ROM
  • Display: 26.42 cm (10.4 inch) WUXGA+ Display
  • Camera: 8MP Primary Camera+8MP Front Camera
  • Battery: 7100mAH
  • Operating system: Android 11
  • Processor: Mediatek Helio G80
  • Price: Rs.17,999
WIFI TechnologyThe front camera could be better.
1TB Extendable Memory 

7. Realme Pad Mini WIFI Tablet

Unveil the elegant Grey Realme Tablet, a portable innovation powerhouse. It guarantees flawless multitasking and enough storage for your material with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM (expandable). A fascinating visual experience is delivered by the 22.1cm (8.7 inch) Cinematic Display, which also offers an immersive viewing experience. The tablet's strong 6400 mAh battery allows for prolonged use for both work and enjoyment. The two speakers guarantee crystal-clear, engaging music, increasing your interest in multimedia. The Realme Pad Mini adjusts to your demands, whether you're surfing, streaming, or working on creative projects. Thanks to its small size and remarkable capabilities, it combines adaptability and sophistication in one portable gadget, making it the perfect companion for both work and play.


  • Screen size: 8.7Inches
  • Memory: 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM
  • Battery: 6400mAh
  • Display: 1080p Full HD Pixels
  • Processor: T616 Unisoc
  • Modes: 3
  • Versatile: Big
  • Price: Rs.14,999
Big VersatileCould have a better camera
T616 Unisoc processor 

Three best feature for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Realme Pad X WIFI Tablet11cms Screen Size6nM SD ProcessorBlue Colour
Realme Pad WiFi+4G TabletQuad Speakers10.4 Inches7100mAh
Realme Pad WiFi+4G Tablet Golden colourWUXGA + DisplayDolby AtmosQuad Speakers
Realme Pad Mini WiFi+4G Tablet8.7 inchesDual speakers4GB+wifi tablet
Realme Pad Mini WiFi Tablet 64 GB8.7 inchesCinematic displayDual speakers
Realme Pad WIFI TabletScreen Size 10.4cmGolden Colour32GB ROM
Realme Pad Mini WIFI TabletScreen size 8.7 InchesCinematic DisplayDual Speakers

Best overall product

The Realme Pad WiFi+4G Tablet in gorgeous Golden colour stands out as a fascinating and useful product that offers an effortless fusion of elegance and utility. The Realme Table with WIFI and 4G connectivity is considered the best overall product and provides an on-the-go connection with well-balanced WIFI and 4G connectivity.

The tablet is an excellent choice for a range of tasks, from multimedia enjoyment to work, thanks to its engaging display, potent performance, and long-lasting battery. It stands out in the tablet market because of its svelte form and golden colour, which provide an attractive touch. The Realme Pad WiFi+4G Tablet in Golden colour might be your greatest all-around companion if you're looking for a dependable and feature-rich tablet under Rs. 20,000 in price.

Best value for money

The Realme Pad X WiFi Tablet, available in Grey colour with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, is a shining example of outstanding value for money. It delivers a richer user experience thanks to a winning combination of reliable specs and reasonable pricing.

The tablet's substantial RAM provides seamless multitasking, and its generous storage space easily fits your data and media. It is a great companion for both work and play because of its streamlined design and adaptable features, which meet various demands. The Realme Pad X WiFi Tablet in Grey is the greatest value-driven option for those wishing to make a wise investment without sacrificing quality. So Realme tablet with model Pad X WIFI is the best value for money product.

How to find the best tablet under Rs.20,000?

Consider features like display quality, performance, battery life, and brand reputation to select the best tablet for around Rs. 20,000. Read evaluations from reliable sources and user comments to determine how well something performs in practice. A tablet with a balanced processor and RAM will allow seamless multitasking, and a high-resolution display will provide good pictures, and a dependable battery will allow for extended use. Verify that the tablet has the connection and app support you need. Do some research on popular brands' tablet options. To be sure you're receiving the most value possible for your money, compare features and specs.

FAQs on tablets

A tablet is a portable electronic device that typically features a touchscreen display for various tasks like browsing, gaming, reading, and more.
Tablets are larger than smartphones and offer a more immersive display. They are often used for tasks that require more screen real estate, like productivity and multimedia.
Standard tablet operating systems include iOS (Apple), Android (Google), and occasionally Windows (Microsoft).
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