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There was once a time when one thought of health only when one was unwell. Not anymore. In today's fast-changing world, health has acquired a whole new dimension and the magic word is 'wellness'. Back then, it was spoken about in medical terms; today it is a lifestyle indicator. Are you keeping a tab on your weight? Is your sleep pattern fine? What is your fitness regimen? What is your oxygen count? With our hectic lifestyle, keeping a note of your vital health statistics is of paramount importance. Markets are flooded with supplements of all kinds - vitamin tablets, protein supplements, weight loss food supplements, among many others. Another segment that is being consumed at a mass level is 'beauty'. Gone are the days when your neighbourhood 'beauty parlour' knew it all. Today, the mass media has information at the click of a button. The same can also be said of beauty products - from straighteners, hair removers, pedicure brush to shower caps to makeup items such as blenders, brushes, makeup kits among others, one can get everything home-delivered at the click of a button, thanks to online e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Besides, from time to time, there are sales on products across a vast range. So, you can get the choicest of products at very reasonable rates.

Doing your makeup by yourself is at once empowering as well as economical. These days doing one's makeup is not restricted to marriages and weddings; you can do so, anytime and anywhere. A sudden after-office plan with friends has cropped up? No problem as you would have enough stuff in your purse for a touch up. Pandemic has curtailed your salon visits? Now, colour your hair at home, without any concern. Available online are the biggest and fanciest of brands. Besides, there are always attractive offers available on them.

Vitamins & Supplements
Popping pills has acquired a whole new meaning in today's world. With hectic lifestyle and irregular food habits, it is not restricted to having medicines in times of ill-health; it is about bridging deficiencies with supplements and other dietary products for a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Thankfully, there is a whole range of such products available online - weight management products, vitamin tablets, antioxidants, herbal supplements, probiotics, fibre-rich products among others.

Ayurveda & Herbs
Indians in the 21st century seem to be rediscovering their age-old tradition of Ayurveda. Lifestyle changes and health scares have led to the need to turn to ancient wisdom that believed in healing, holistic living, boosting immunity and helping maintain a balanced lifestyle. The world of Ayurveda is rich with products that can help deal with many problems such as gastrointestinal issues like constipation, hair fall problems, knee and joint pain, diabetes control, acidity cure among others. These come in the form of food supplements (tablets, capsules and powders), balms and special oils among others. What's more is that online platforms are great places to pick them up. Besides, if one is watchful there are many discounts and offers available every now and then.

Stress is a constant in our hectic lives and it can be the worst companion known to man. Its impact on human health is immense - some of the diseases in which stress plays a major part could be heart, obesity, asthma, depression, gastrointestinal problems to name a few. The way to deal with stress is to invest and think in terms of wellness. There are a number of products available in markets that help us do just that.

Health Food & Drinks
Sedentary lifestyle and work-life imbalance can lead to many health hazards. In recent years, we often hear about healthy food and drinks. We often hear of celebrities ditching carbohydrates we have consumed for generations like rice and wheat and opting for millets instead. Haven't we heard of pseudocereal like Quinoa? How often have we read of flaxseeds as a magic antioxidant? Online e-commerce platforms have a vast variety of such products listed with them. If one is lucky, one can get offers on them too.

Perfumes, deodorants and sprays - our daily lives aren't possible without these lifestyle products. Whether it is a desire to have fragrant smell around us or an attempt to blank out foul odour, there is always the need to smell good. Online platforms offer much variety and, at times, far better pricing as compared to offline avenues. Besides, these orders are home delivered and often come at heavily discounted prices. There are perfumes for women, men and even children.

Men's Grooming
Men's grooming is a vast area covering a whole range of products including beard trimmers, grooming kits, beard growth products, body washes, shampoos, face washes etc among a host of other items. While such products have been around for a while, in the era of online shopping, they have become so much more accessible. There are also sale and discount offers every now and then. So what are you waiting for?

Skin & Hair Care
Life in urban India is not without its challenges. Pollution and stress can affect all. Many of these lifestyle factors manifest themselves in skin and hair issues. We all keep reading and hearing of hair fall issues. All kinds of ageing issues like pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines etc have become our constant companions. Thankfully, there are a slew of products available on online e-commerce platforms. There are sales and discounts offered from time to time, which bring down the prices of the products significantly.

Personal Care
In the last couple of years we have seen how buying stuff on online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon has gained tremendous traction. Among the items frequently bought are things like household supplies, personal care and health appliances, oral care items, home medical supplies, bath and shower products among other such products. The convenience of having them delivered at one's doorsteps, having an exchange policy of many items and affordability are great attractions. Then, there is the sale and discounts option too.

Bath & Body Care
Shampoos, soaps, lotions, face washes, body washes - name a bath and personal care product and it finds a presence on online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. What's more is that a number of good baby care products too are also listed on such platforms. As compared to offline avenues, many of these goods have attractive deals on them and prove to be cheaper than when purchased offline.

Popular Health & Beauty Brands
When it comes to online platforms such as Amazon, some of the biggest and most-advertised brands vie for attention of buyers. In the beauty segment, we can find some of the biggest brands such as Lakme, Maybelline, Nivei, L'Oreal Biotique, Mamaearth, Himalaya, Lotus, Pond's, Olay, Plum among others. Similarly, in the health segment too some of the biggest names in the industry make their presence felt online. Names include Dabur, Dettol, Durex, Baidyanath, Good Knight, Honitus, Vicks, Horlicks, Oziva and Lifebuoy among many others.
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Hair Care Deals

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Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Range Hair Care Set: Onion Shampoo 250 ml + Onion Conditioner 250 ml + Onion Hair Oil 150 ml

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Arata Natural Complete Hair Care Daily Scalp Therapy Gift Box For Women & Men || Hydrating Shampoo (300 Ml), Hempocado Oil (100 Ml), Conditioner (300 Ml)|| All Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free || Plant-Based, Non-Toxic Bath
1,249 2,097
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mCaffeine Must Have Coffee Bath Kit (Pack of 6) | Anti Hair Fall and Anti Dandruff Hair Care | Anti Pollution Face Care | De-Tan and Exfoliating Body Care

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Professional KEMEY 1800W Corded Super Silent Ionic High Power Temperature Hair Care Shiny and anti-statis Hair dryer for Salon, lady, Girl Home Multi-purpose Use
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Health And Beauty Deals

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Surf Excel Matic Front-Load Detergent Powder 6 kg | Remove Tough Stains | Surf Excel Front-Load Washing Powder - For Front Load Washing Machines

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Ariel Matic Front Load Detergent Washing Powder – 4 Kg+2 KG free

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PLIX - THE PLANT FIX Apple Cider Vinegar 15 Effervescent Tablet, ACV with mother for weight loss and easy digestion, vitamin B6 & B12, Pack of 4 (Apple), 100% vegan, Easy to carry & consume

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Tide Plus Double Power Detergent Washing Powder Jasmine & Rose 7kg + 3kg FREE

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Diet And Nutrition Deals

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PhD SPORTS NUTRITION Diet Whey 100% Vegetarian, Low-Fat, Low-Calorie, Shake with CLA, L-Carnitine & Green Tea Extract - Manufactured in UK for Fat Loss, High in BCAA's - Belgian Chocolate, 2kg

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Steadfast Nutrition MCT Oil for Weight Loss | Keto diet | Supports weight management, regulates metabolism, C8 MCT Oil for Maximum Impact | For Men & Women | 60 Capsules | Lab- Tested | Pack of 2
2,562 4,200
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PhD SPORTS NUTRITION Diet Whey 100% Vegetarian, Low-Fat, Low-Calorie, Shake with CLA, L-Carnitine & Green Tea Extract - Manufactured in UK for Fat Loss, High in BCAA's - Strawberry, 1kg
1,430 4,099
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Steadfast Nutrition Wellness Combo | Increases Nitric Oxide Production | Promotes Muscle Pump | Reduces Recovery Time, Perfect For Ketogenic Diet (L-Arginine + MCT Oil)
2,130 3,000

Grooming Deals

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Zlade Ballistic LITE Manscaping Body Trimmer for Men | Beard, Body, Pubic Hair Grooming | Private Part Shaving | Waterproof, AAA Battery Powered | Travel Lock - 3 Second Long Press to Start

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Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG7715/65, 13-in-1 (New Model), Face, Head and Body - All-in-one Trimmer for Men Power adapt technology for precise trimming, 120 Mins Run Time with Quick Charge

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Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG3760/33, 11-in-1 (New Model), Face, Head and Body - All-in-one Trimmer for Men Dual Cut Blades for Maximum Precision, 75 Mins Run Time with Quick Charge

4.2 (9,205)

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Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG7707/15, 12-in-1, Face, Head and Body - All-in-one Trimmer for Men Power adapt technology for precise trimming, 90 Mins Run Time with Quick Charge

4.3 (722)

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Personal Care Deals

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Unbound Portable Electric Jet Spray, Foldable & Handheld Bidet Spray for Toilet, Feminine Care, Baby Wash, Outdoor Camping, Personal Hygiene Cleaning

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Vandelay 3-in-1 Cordless Eyebrow and Nose Hair Trimmer | Facial Hair Remover | Small, Portable, Low Noise and Waterproof | For Men and Woman | Battery Operated Ergonomic Design | Cleaning Brush and Batteries Included.

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Venus (India) EPS-6399 Personal Electronic Digital Lcd Weight Machine with Back Light (Red)

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Caresmith Crew Manscaping Body Trimmer Men Rechargeable | Curved Edges for Extra Safety | 7000 RPM Balls Trimmer for Pubic Hair | Private Parts Trimming | Body Hair Remover for Intimate Trimming

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Health Care Deals

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Bold Care Men's Health Pack - Surge & Alpha - Natural Bodybuilding & Energy Booster Supplements For Men - Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, L-Arginine, Tonkat Ali, and More - 60 + 60 Tablets

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Panchamrit Eye Health Gummies- 30 Gummies (Pack of 2) | Protects against Blue Light Damage, Digital Strain and Dry Eyes | Enriched Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Carrot Powder & Ayurvedic herbs for Kids & Adults

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Nirogam Purushrink Prostate Health Supplements Men | Enlarged Prostate | Prostate Care | Supports Healthy Prostate Function | Ayurvedic Formula 120 tablets
1,199 3,999

Skin Care Deals

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mCaffeine Pro Skin Care Coffee Routine - Face Wash, Face Serum, Under Eye Cream & Moisturizer | For Oil-Free Hydration, Deep Cleansing & Relieving Dark Circles | For Men & Women

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The Man Company Skin Care Kit with Vitamin C Face Wash, Face Serum, Daily Moisturising Cream, No Gas Perfume for Men & Charcoal Sheet Mask | Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid - Pack of 5

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Teenilicious Skincare Kit For Oily Skin With Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, And Thymol | Whitehead, Blackhead Remover Skincare Kit | Non-Comedogenic Skin Care Kit For Women & Men - 190gm

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Foxtale Hydraglow Trio Skin Care Kit | Cleanser Face Wash 100ml + Ceramide Moisturizer 50ml + Vitamin C Face Serum 30ml

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