Sunglasses for every face type and shape: 5 best picks

Last Published on Aug 16, 2023 13:45 IST


Sunglasses aren't just about protection; they're an expression of personal style. Dive into HT Shop Now's curated list of the top five sunglasses that blend functionality with fashion.

Sunglasses: A timeless accessory that effortlessly marries function with flair. These aren't just pieces of tinted glass or plastic framed together; they're statements of style, expressions of personality and often, reflections of one's soul. Over the decades, the role of sunglasses has evolved dramatically. While their primary purpose remains to protect our eyes from the glaring sun and harmful ultraviolet rays, their place in the world of fashion is undeniably paramount.

Imagine stepping out on a sunlit day, dressed to impress. What's the one accessory that can elevate your look instantly? A pair of chic sunglasses. For many, these shades are more than sun-blockers; they're confidence boosters. Whether you're hiding those pesky under-eye bags from last night's adventures or simply looking to add a touch of mystique to your ensemble, sunglasses are your go-to companion.

The beauty of sunglasses lies in their versatility. They don't discriminate. No matter your face shape, style preference, or the occasion, there's always a pair out there that's perfect for you. This is why it's not uncommon for individuals to own multiple pairs, each serving a unique purpose, be it for a beach day, a business meet or a biking expedition.

HT Shop Now's team has shortlisted some picks for its readers in a list below. Take a look. 

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Grey Jack Polarized Polygon Sunglasses:

The Grey Jack Polarized Polygon Sunglasses are the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance. Ideal for both men and women, the stylish metal frame ensures durability without compromising on comfort. The polygon design adds a unique touch to these shades, setting them apart from the usual round or rectangular frames. Moreover, the polarized lenses offer enhanced protection against harmful UV rays, making these sunglasses a blend of fashion and function.

ROZIOR® Brown Women Sunglass:

Designed exclusively for women, the ROZIOR Sunglasses are a testament to timeless grace. The brown lens paired with a harmonizing brown frame oozes sophistication, making it an ideal choice for both formal and casual outings. Beyond aesthetics, the sunglasses boast UV protection, ensuring your eyes remain shielded from harmful sun rays. With MODEL: RSU9825C1, ROZIOR combines classic design with modern utility.

Rofek MC STAN Luxury Classic Retro Rectangular Sunglass:

Taking a trip down memory lane, Rofek brings back the retro vibe with the MC STAN Luxury Classic Sunglasses. The rectangular ring lens frame is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, making it perfect for those looking to make a bold fashion statement. Despite its vintage look, the sunglasses come equipped with 100% UV protection, ensuring modern-day functionality.

FEISEDY Vintage Square Cat Eye Sunglasses:

Catering to the fashion-forward woman, the FEISEDY Vintage Square Cat Eye Sunglasses are nothing short of a style statement. The cat-eye design exudes a sense of power, confidence and elegance, ensuring you stand out in a crowd. The trendy cat eye style, combined with modern lens technology, makes model B2473 a must-have for every style-conscious woman.


A brand synonymous with luxury and style, GUESS doesn't disappoint with the GU8224. While details about this specific model are sparse in the provided data, based on GUESS's reputation, one can anticipate a blend of high-quality materials, top-notch lens protection and a design that resonates with contemporary fashion trends. Grab this pair of sunglasses to look your fashionable best. It is a must buy.

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