Adidas sneakers for men: 5 best picks

  • By Shreya Garg
  • Published on Jun 07, 2023 17:58 IST


Adidas sneakers look smart in appearance and are comfortable to wear too. Read on to see HT Shop Now's top selections in the category. Men will love walking in them.

Adidas sneakers for men offer great comfort.

When it comes to footwear shoes, we all need different pairs of shoes in our collection for different purposes. If you're a man who's into playing different sports, then you would realize and understand why it is important to have a separate pair of shoes for badminton and a separate pair of shoes for running. For different purposes, we look for certain qualities in pairs of shoes. Let's say, for running, you would need a pair of shoes that offers great grip, is lightweight in nature and at the same time offers more traction.

We have rounded up some options from Amazon in a list below. They all look premium in appearance and will boost your performance too. Besides, all of the listed options come in a range of colour options. Men from different age groups must definitely look forward to introducing multiple pairs of shoes from our list below.

Adidas Mens Flexpace M Walking Shoe

This pair of walking shoes from Adidas is designed for men. you can find a number of colour options available in this one. The upper material is made from synthetic fabric and it is breathable. Its sole is made from rubber material. You will feel absolutely comfortable walking in this pair of shoes.

Adidas Mens Advantage Base Tennis Shoe

This pair of white tennis shoes for men is from a brand we all love called Adidas. There are a number of colour options available in this one. Its sole is made from ethylene vinyl acetate material and it comes with a lace-up closure. A smart- and stylish-looking pair of shoes, men will be delighted to introduce this one to their collection.

Adidas Mens Runfalcon 3.0 Running Shoe

This pair of shoes has a premium appearance and is made from synthetic material. It has multiple colour options available in this one. You will be able to tell the difference in terms of comfort level when walking in this pair of shoes. The pair is also lightweight and durable. It is designed for running purpose and you will love to wear this pair of shoes even years down the lane.

Adidas Men's Distancestar Black and White Multisport Training Shoes - 11 UK

This pair of training shoes for men is from Adidas. It is available in a range of striking colour options. People will compliment you on this pair of shoes. you will find the experience of walking in this pair to be absolutely comfortable and liberating. Grab this one right away.

Adidas Mens Crihase 23 Cricket Shoe

This pair of cricket shoes is designed for men. It is from Adidas. At present, there is 40% off on this one. Its upper material is made from synthetic and it comes with a lace-up closure and has a medium shoe width. A stylish pair of shoes, men from different age groups must definitely add this one to their carts.

Product Price
Adidas Men Synthetic Flexpace M Walking Shoe NGTSKY/PULBLU/BETSCA (UK-10) ₹ 2,036
Advantage Base Men Casual Sneakers FTWWHT/FTWWHT/CBLACK Get Price
Adidas Mens Runfalcon 3.0 FTWWHT/CBLACK/LUCBLU Sneaker - 9 UK (HP7553) Get Price
Adidas Men Synthetic Distancestar Track and Field Shoe PULMIN/LUCBLU/LUCFUC (UK-10) ₹ 10,399
Adidas Men Synthetic Crihase 23 Cricket Shoe FTWWHT/DOVGRY/PRERED (UK-9) ₹ 3,595

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