Weight loss snacks: Handle cravings with multigrain energy bars, roasted seeds

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Snacks and food cravings is a fact of life. If you are a weight loss journey, then such developments just don't help. That's when weight loss snacks come in handy. Here's a shopping guide. 

A large number of people world over today suffer from weight gain and obesity. Even if one was to ignore the aesthetics aspect and the pressure to look slim, obesity has severe health implications. A cursory glance will show that obesity is associated cardio vascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. People often go in for crash diet which is not very useful. A good option to consider are healthy snacks. Just what are such snacks? These can include protein bars and roasted forms of grains such as masala oats, different kinds of seeds, etc that one can have every time one has a strong food craving.

Lets try and understand what many of these options are. Protein bars are a convenient snack option. Packed with protein, they are ideal for post-workout recovery, on-the-go energy and satisfying hunger cravings anytime, anywhere. Roasted Quinoa grains offer a delightful crunch and enhanced nutty flavour. These are ideal as standalone crunchy snack packed with protein and nutrients and are also available as ‘namkeen’ in Indian markets . Whole oatmeal we have listed in this article is less of a snack and more of a breakfast option but you can experiment with it as a mid-day filler option too if you have sudden food cravings.

Lets try and understand how they work. Weight loss products like protein bars and whole grain namkeens made from roasted quinoa or seeds offer nutritious alternatives to traditional snacks. Protein bars provide on-the-go options, aiding in muscle repair and satiety. Whole grain namkeens, rich in fibre and protein, satisfy cravings while promoting fullness and supporting weight management. Roasted quinoa or seed-based snacks offer a crunchy texture and nutty flavour, packed with essential nutrients like protein, fibre and healthy fats, aiding in energy levels and metabolism.

We have put together a bunch of such snacks that are easily available on Amazon. Do take a look and if you like any, add them to your cart as well.

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1) Saffola Masala Oats

Saffola Masala Oats pack is a delicious and healthy evening snack option. It is a huge hit thanks to its classic masala flavour. These oats provide a satisfying savoury taste while being rich in fibre and nutrients. They are an ideal choice for those seeking a convenient yet nutritious snack to curb hunger cravings. Whether enjoyed on their own or paired with vegetables or proteins, Saffola Masala Oats make for a flavourful and guilt-free snack choice that supports a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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2) Yogabar Multigrain Energy Bars

This 338 g pack of Yogabar Multigrain Energy Bars, which contains 10 bars of 38g each, offers a healthy diet solution. Each bar is packed with fruits, nuts, oats and millets. Gluten-free and crunchy, these bars are rich in chia and sunflower seeds, providing a satisfyingly nutritious snack. A perfect option for on-the-go energy, whether as a quick breakfast option or a mid-day pick-me-up, these bars promote sustained energy levels and overall well-being. This pack is a delicious blend of wholesome ingredients and it caters to various dietary preferences while offering a convenient and tasty way to fuel your day.

3) True Elements Whole Oatmeal 1kg - Healthy Breakfast Cereals with Freeze Dried Fruits


This 1kg pack from True Elements Whole Oatmeal is meant to be a breakfast option but one can take care of one's mid meals cravings as well. It offers a healthy breakfast choice packed with goodness. Featuring freeze-dried fruits, chia seeds, and berries, it combines the nutrition of rolled oats with real fruits for a delightful morning meal. Perfect for overnight oats, this breakfast food provides a nutritious and convenient option to kickstart your day with the wholesome goodness of whole grains and natural ingredients, supporting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

4) ORION Rice Cracker

This rice-based snack is from Korea and an absolute delight. ORION Rice Cracker, also known as O'Rice Cracker, is a premium baked snack available in a pack of 151.2g. Perfect for weekly snacking, these healthy rice cakes offer a satisfying crunch with each bite. They are made using high-quality ingredients and provide a guilt-free snack option. They are a tasty and wholesome alternative to traditional snacks. Enjoy them on their own or paired them with dips or spreads, these rice crackers are sure to delight your taste buds while providing a nutritious snacking experience.


5) Keeros Multigrain Roasted & Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Here's another health snacks option from a brand called Keeros. Its multigrain roasted and healthy snacks offer a delicious solution for weight loss. This namkeen is diabetic-friendly and low glycemic index and are ready to eat -- crispy, and lightly salted. The mix of pearl millets and five supergrains provides a tasty and nutritious snack option, perfect for those looking to manage their weight while satisfying their cravings. This snack option is a ideal guilt-free alternative to regular snacks. In short, multigrain roasted snacks from Keeros keeps a sharp focus on health and flavour.

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6) Healthy Treat Roasted 5 in 1 Super Seeds Mix with Cranberry

Available in a 150g pack, this roasted 5-in-1 super seeds mix with Cranberry from Healthy Treat offers a nutritious snack solution for all. This mix includes pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, watermelon seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, and dried cranberries. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, it's perfect for weight loss and as a healthy diet snack. The blend of seeds provides a satisfying crunch, while the dried cranberries add a touch of sweetness. Don't miss out on this flavourful and wholesome option if you seek a nutritious snack to support their health goals.

7) Keeros Quinoa Grain Roasted & Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Keen on weight loss? Then opt for Keeros Quinoa Grain Roasted & Healthy Snacks. Diabetic-friendly and gluten-free, these diet namkeens offer high protein and low calorie content. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this magic grain is said to low blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss. With a tasty lightly spiced mix of quinoa and four supergrains, they satisfy cravings while supporting a healthy lifestyle. Munching on this will ensure you not only enjoy your snack, you are free of guilt as well. This roasted snack is ideal for individuals looking to manage their weight and adhere to dietary restrictions without compromising on taste or nutrition.

If you are serious about weight loss but don't want to do anything drastic, our list of weight loss snacks and mid meals cravings should help. Included are namkeens (salty and masala snacks) made from quinoa and different kinds of seeds. You can also get instant, do-it-yourself meals like masala oats etc.

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