Dog deworming tablets: Buying guide to ward off parasites

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Explore HT Shop Now's comprehensive guide on dog deworming tablets. Discover ways to protect your dog from parasites and maintain their well-being.  

Having a dog pet is considered to be advantageous to humans as dogs act as social and emotional companions that can brighten your mood when it is dull. Dogs also tend to help reduce the chances of one suffering from depression. Just as humans take care of themselves by treating internal ailments and internal parasites dogs are also supposed to do the same. So, it is advisable for dog owners to buy dog deworming tablets for their canine companions at home. A healthy dog tends to be a happy dog that will be a better emotional companion at home as well as engaging you in some exercise that will also improve your cardiac health. Dog deworming medicines are found all over the agro vets in the country as well as the online platforms for you to buy them for your dog. This blog is going to focus on the best dog deworming tablets that will give you the best results making your dog healthy and happy.


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Product list

Petcare Wormtrap Deworming Syrup for Puppies

These dog deworming tablets are the best in the treatment of hookworms and ringworms in puppies. It can also be used in cats thus you don’t have to buy one for your cats if you have one at home. It can be combined with another drug making it effective against internal tapeworms also. These tablets are able to treat the worms that are obtained both from eating contaminated food or the ones that are passed from the mother to the puppies when they are born. It is thus the best Dog deworming for puppies.


  • Brand: Generic
  • Age group: Puppies
  • Item Type: Syrup
  • Package: Pack of 2



Best for puppies

Not suitable for old dogs

Acts against hookworms and ringworms


AbCD- All About Cats and Dogs deworming tablets

This dog deworming tablet is used on both cats and dogs in the treatment of both internal and external parasites. It is suitable for the use of dogs that weigh 10 kg and below. In the case where the dog is weighing more than 10 Kg, you give them multiple tablets equivalent to their weight. For example, if a dog weighs 30 Kg you will have to give it 3 tablets for it to be effective. It comes in a package of 20 tablets which is enough to last you longer periods of time. This tablet is manufactured by the best pharmaceutical industry in the world to give you better results.


  • Brand: AbCD
  • Target species: Dogs
  • Dog weight: 10Kg
  • Packaging: 20 Tablets
  • Item form: Tablet



Best for older dogs

Requires weight-based calculations

Economical (20 tablets per package)


Tail & Collar Club Herbal Flyworm Dewormer Tablets

Thisdog deworming tablet comes with a potent dose that is effective in the treatment of all worms. It is also able to be used in the repair of cartilages as well as reduce pain and increase mobility. The tablet is also aimed to reduce arthritis progression in your pets. The pills have some natural ingredients that can be used in boosting the immune system as well as being a skin and coat conditioner in both cats and dogs. It is effective in the promotion of healthy skin by stopping hair fall and clearing dandruff in the skin of the pet. By the elimination of the worms, the tablet can be able to improve the digestion of the pet. These tablets are considered to be the bestNatural dog deworming as they are 100% natural.Using it is easy as you just crush it and mix it with the dog or cat's foot for the animal to feed on it.

Dosage guidelines

Age of dog


Up to 20Kg

½ tablet twice for 3 days

20Kg - 40Kg

1 tablet twice for 3 days

40Kg - 50Kg

2 tablets twice for 3 days 


  • Brand: Tail and Collar Club
  • Item form: tablet
  • Target species: Cats and Dogs
  • Packaging: Pack of 10 Tablets



Cheap and affordable 

Flavor may be disliked

Improves on the skin


100% Natural 


Vivaldis Endewor Dewormer for Dogs and Cats

These dog deworming tablets are the best as they contain probiotics which facilitate the growth of good bacteria while eliminating the harmful bacteria in the dog. The good bacteria help to improve the digestion of the dogs. It is an all-natural deworming tablet for dogs and thus does not cause any side effects to the animal. It has systemic vegetative enzymes that help to balance the gastrointestinal parasites in the dog. It is effective in killing and expelling all kinds of worms by interfering with their development cycles at all stages including the egg stage. It helps to improve the appetite of your pet dog as well as improve its skin health. It contains papaya extract that contains the fiber contents and the vitamins that your pet needs to help improve your pet's digestion as well as reduce heartburn. It comes with a small size that has a delicious chicken flavor which makes it easier to feed the pet.

Dosage guidelines

Size of pet 


Small size 

1 tablet twice a day for two days 

Medium-sized dogs 

2 tablets twice a day for two days 

Large dogs 

2 tablets twice a day for two days 


  • Brand: Vivaldis
  • Item form: Tablet
  • Target species: cats and dogs
  • Packaging: 10 tablets




No documentation is provided on how to give it 

Kills all types of worms 


Medfly Healthcare Defender Plus Dewormer

This dog deworming tabletcomes in a pack of ten that is enough to last your pet through the first dose. It is a broad-spectrum tablet that acts against all types of worms on a single dose. It is gentle to your dog and thus does not cause discomfort when in action. It can be given to the dog at any stage of life all the way from a puppy to an adult dog and thus if you have dogs of different stages, you do not have to buy a different type of drug. The tablet is easy to administer to your pet dog.

Dosage guidelines

Dog weight 



Tab guidelines 

3 Kg to 5 Kg 

½ tablet for two days 

5 Kg to 10 Kg 

1 tablet for two days 


  • Brand: Medfly
  • Package: 10 tablets
  • Target species: Dogs
  • Item form: Tablets



Acts against all types of worms 

Limited quantity (10-pack)

Can be administered at all stages 


Kiwoff Plus Tab, Dewormer

Thesedog deworming tablets have a comprehensive spectrum that gives it that makes it active against all types of worms. The single dose is safe and gentle and is more effective to be used on your dog pet. It is the best one to be used as it does not need starvation before it is used by the pet. It is easier to be used as it can be administered directly or disguised in food. This tablet is compatible with other drugs and thus can be combined for a more effective outcome.


  • Brand: Kickoff
  • Packaging: pack of 2
  • Item form: Tablet
  • Target species: Dogs



Compatible with other drugs

Might require vet prescription

Used by all breeds


Medfly Healthcare Defender Pro Dewormer

These dog deworming tablets are based on a natural enzyme and probiotics that help to protect your dog pet from worms and whipworms. It contains chemicals that are not harmful to the dog and thus suitable to be used as it will not have any side effects on your dog pet. It comes with a dosing chart at the back of the box that can help you to know the amount that you are supposed to administer to your dog depending on the weight of the dog. The tablets are equipped to be able to protect all types of dogs no matter the type of breed as well as at all age groups all the way from puppy to adult.

Dosage guidelines




0 - 10Kg 

1 tablet twice a day 

Two days

10 - 40Kg

2 tablets twice a day 

Two days

Above 40 Kg 

3 tablets twice a day 

Two days 


  • Brand: Medfyl
  • Target species: Dogs
  • Packaging: pack of 10
  • Item form: tablet



Used in all breeds 

German shepherd doesn’t like the taste 

Easy to administers 


Simparica Trio Tablets for Dogs

This is the best dog deworming tablet for adult dogs that weigh from 20 - 40 Kg. it is effective against both worms, fleas and ticks in the dog making the dog more comfortable. It is also proven to be effective against heartworm diseases in the dog thus making the dog to be healthier. The tablets are chewable making them to be easy to administer as they can be given alone or mixed with food.


  • Brand: Generic
  • Item form: tablet
  • Target species: Dog
  • Age range: adult



Cheap and affordable 

Not suitable for puppies 

Easy to administer 


Best 3 features for you


Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3


Petcare Wormtrap Deworming Syrup for Puppies


Suitable for puppies

Treat both ringworms and hookworms


Used by both dogs and cats

AbCD- All About Cats and Dogs deworming tabletsIt comes in a pack of 20One tablet for 10Kg dogUsed by both cats and dogs
Tail & Collar Club Herbal Flyworm Dewormer Tablets100% NaturalSkin and Coat ConditionerImproves immunity
Vivaldis Endewor Dewormer for Dogs and CatsContains natural Papaya extractEnriched with ProbioticsTiny in size with good palatability
Medfly Healthcare Defender Plus DewormerBroad-spectrum against all worms1 tablet for 10Kg body weightEasy to administer
Kiwoff Plus Tab, DewormerCompatible with other drugsEasy to administerUsed by all breeds
Simparica Trio Tablets for DogsChewable tabletsAct against fleas and ticksPrevents heartworm diseases
Medfly Healthcare Defender Pro DewormerFast and effectiveAll naturalNatural enzyme and probiotic based

Best overall product

This article considers the Vivaldis Endewor Dewormer as the best dog deworming tablet among the ones mentioned above. It is considered a natural dog deworming tablet as it contains natural papaya extract that helps in the reduction of heartburn in the dog as well as improves the process of digestion due to the presence of fiber in the extract. It is perfect to be used in all dog sizes due to its small tablet size is easy to administer and has a delicious chicken flavor that is more appealing to the pet making it easier to feed it. It has vegetative enzymes that help to balance the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of the dog pet helping to kill unwanted parasites. It contains lactobacillus which helps to control the pH of the gut thus killing unwanted bacteria and encouraging the growth of good bacteria in the body this tablet gives the dog vital protection against both worms and parasites as it kills them in all stages starting from the egg stage to the adult stage.

Best value for money

With a retail price of as low as Rs. 480, the Tail & Collar Club Herbal Flyworm Dewormer Tablets are considered to be the dog deworming tablet that has the best value for money among the ones listed above. They are effective against all types of worms in both cats and dogs making them to be considered the best Dog deworming medicine for your pets at home. They are also effective against skin disorders such as dandruff and thus eliminate them making your dog have shiny skin. It is made of 00% natural substances that aims the repair cartilage in the dog as well as boost the immunity of the dog. It has an ingredient known as Chirata that is known to improve the digestion of dogs. The tablet is also effective in the reduction of pain as well as arthritis progression.

How to find the best dog deworming tablets?

Finding the best dog deworming tablet in the market is not as hard as one may think as they are sold countrywide in agro vet outlets all over. First of all, you should choose the one that has the best dog deworming schedule that is most favorable to you depending on your availability in the house. You can also look at the cost and the number of tablets that are inside the package to know if you will be able to administer the full dose without spending more money. The other factor that you ought to look for is the number of parasites that the tablet is effective against as this helps you to treat more than one type of internal parasite at once without having to buy a different type of medicine. Having considered all this, you can be sure of getting yourself the best god deworming treatment for your canine friend at home. For those who make their purchases online it is advisable that you go through the customer reviews so as to get an insight into how the tablets work once it is purchased to avoid getting disappointed or your pet getting some allergic reactions to it once bought.

FAQs on dog deworming tablet

A. It is advised to feed animals at least four times in one year and thus you can deworm a dog after every three months.
A. It is advisable to first start feeding your dog a deworming tablet when it is 3 weeks old at a frequency of every two weeks till it attains an age of 12 weeks. Thereafter the frequency at which you give them the tablet reduces.
A. Yes, it is believed that the medication will be more effective when it is administered on an empty stomach as compared to feeding it to a dog that is already fed.
A. It is advisable that one waits for a period of time that is between 30 minutes to one hour before feeding the dog after administering the deworming tablets.
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