Top dog biscuits for your pet: Wholesome goodness in every bite

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Treat your furry friend to healthy and delicious dog biscuits that promote his mental and physical health.

Honour the companionship and unconditional love that dogs have brought into your life. Dog biscuits do more than pamper your dog; they strengthen your relationship. Your passion for dogs inspires you to make treats that tempt your dog's taste senses and feed their souls and bodies. You are committed to giving your pet nutritious goodness in every mouthful. In addition to being treasured family members, dogs are more than simply pets. You make a point of using only the best, all-natural ingredients, then choose dog biscuits devoid of any preservatives or artificial colours suitable for young pups to older citizens. We have a treat to fit everyone, whether it's the savoury flavours of genuine meat, the sweetness of fruits and vegetables, or the pleasant crunch that supports oral health. The mission is to create treats that satisfy your dog's cravings and provide them with the nutrition they need to thrive.

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Tails of Joy Mix Flavour Dog Biscuits

The delicious combination of flavours in Tails of Joy Mix Flavour Dog Biscuits will make your puppy's tail wag with joy. Each cookie in this 1-kilogramme bundle is a vibrant mix filled with the deliciousness of chicken, veggies, and milky flavours. Puppies have particular dietary needs, and these biscuits are designed to satisfy their sophisticated palates. The savoury chicken flavour packs a protein punch, while the vegetable undertones give it a dash of healthful deliciousness. The milky taste adds a creamy, decadent touch. These best dog biscuits are a must-have treat for your pet since they not only taste good but also help to maintain your puppy's oral health. As your puppy enjoys Tails of Joy Mix Flavour Dog Biscuits, watch them develop joyfully and healthily.


  • Flavour: Chicken
  • Diet Type: Non-Veg
  • Item Form: Dry
  • Specific Usage: Training
  • Package: Bag, Tin
  • Texture: Crunchy
  • Content: Omega 6 fatty acid
  • Price: Rs. 219




It could be tastier.

Crunchy Texture


Meat Up Chicken Flavour Real Chicken Dog Biscuits

These are a scrumptious treat for dogs of all life stages, so indulge your canine friend. This wonderful Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal ensures that your beloved buddy gets twice as much affection as usual with this big 500g bundle. Your dog will immediately fall in love with these dog biscuits since they have the delectable flavour of genuine chicken. They are well made, offering vital nourishment and a delightful crunch that promotes tooth health. These biscuits suit all life phases, whether you have a young puppy or an elderly dog, making them a flexible and healthy snack. Meat Up Chicken Flavour Real Chicken must-have biscuits for dogs will surely make your faithful pet happy, so try them now.


  • Flavour: Chicken
  • Diet Type: Non- Vegetarian
  • Item Form: Biscuit
  • Specific Usage: Active behaviour, Training and Behaviour, Immunity
  • Special Ingredients: Nutrient-rich Chicken, Minerals, Vitamins
  • Content: Real chicken and Multivitamins
  • Specific feature: Omega3 and Omega 6
  • Price: Rs.247



Chicken flavour biscuits

It could be available in vegetarian flavours.

Boost Immunity


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Heads Up for Tails Yummy in My Tummy Banana & Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits: Introducing the dog biscuits, a delicious treat that will have your dog wagging his tail and your taste buds dancing with delight. This ample 800g bag is a bounty of healthy goodies. Dogs appreciate the flavour profile created by the delicious fusion of juicy bananas and creamy peanut butter. These biscuits taste delicious and give your pet the nutrition they need to stay healthy, take care of bone growth, and support gut health. They are lovingly made and include no artificial ingredients, assuring the best for your cat. With Heads Up for Tails Yummy in My Tummy biscuits, the Dog Biscuits brands, you can give your dog the tempting flavour of banana and peanut butter, which is rich in fibre and Magnesium.


  • Flavour: Banana & Peanut Butter
  • Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian
  • Age: All Life stages
  • Item form: Other
  • Specific Uses: Supports gut health and bone growth
  • Price: Rs.393



Banana and Peanut butter flavour

It could be available in vegetarian flavours.

Bone Growth


Bark Out Loud by Vivaldis

For dogs of all ages, meet Bark Out Loud by Vivaldis Fresh Chicken Immunity Chewstix Treats, a must-have dog biscuits. One 100-gramme stick of pure canine joy is included in each bundle. These chewy snacks are delectable since they are flavoured with fresh chicken. The goodness of Omega and Zinc, which support your beloved friend's general health and vigour, makes them unique. These Chewstix are made to increase immunity, assuring your dog's health. These are must-have biscuits for dogs and appropriate for all canine companions, whether young puppies or elderly. Treat your dog to Scream Out Loud by Vivaldi, and watch them yelp with delight when they see these delicious that will improve their health.


  • Flavour: Fresh chicken
  • Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian
  • Age: All Stages
  • Specific Usage: immunity, Energy, Vitality, Digestion
  • Special Ingredients: Nutrient-rich, vegetarian, Chicken, Minerals, Vitamins
  • Price: Rs.231




It could be in biscuit form

Nutrient Rich


MUNCHOS Premium Dog Biscuits

This delicious mix of dog treats comes in a substantial 1kg bag and is the perfect treat for your pet. These dog biscuits are made with love and attention to provide your dog with the greatest possible nutrition. The diversity of the varied flavours keeps dogs wagging. Each cookie is a delicious explosion of flavour that your dog will appreciate, from savoury chicken to mouthwatering liver. In addition to being delicious treats, Munchos cookies help maintain your pet's oral health. They give your dog's health priority and use premium products. Give your faithful pet a taste of happiness by treating them to Premium Dog Biscuits, and watch them enjoy every minute.


  • Flavour: Assorted
  • Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian
  • Age Range: Young
  • Item Form: Dry
  • Specific Use: Treat
  • Special Ingredients: Mix Flavour
  • Content: High Protein Diet
  • Price: Rs.225



Mix flavour

It could be in vegetarian biscuit form.

High Protein Rich


Chewers Oven Baked Assorted Dog Biscuits

These dog biscuits are a symphony of flavours for your mature dog. With a wide variety of authentic ingredients, including chicken, mutton, egg, milk, cheese, and strawberry, this generous 1 kg bag is a treasure trove of flavour. These flavours are expertly blended into each cookie, making snack time an exciting experience for your pet's taste senses. These carefully made cookies not only tempt the taste buds but also improve the general health of your dog. The varied components offer vital nutrients, and the crunchy texture promotes tooth hygiene. Chewers Oven Baked Assorted dog biscuits are the best dog food and a great way to show your dog how much you care while keeping them happy and chowing down. As they enjoy these mouthwatering snacks, watch their tail wag with delight.


  • Flavour: Other
  • Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian
  • Item form: Wafer
  • Specific uses: training
  • Special Ingredients: Chicken
  • Package: Tin
  • Price: Rs.225




The quantity could be more.

Chicken Flavour


Pet Love Bisc Premium & Healthy Dog Cookies

Treat your cherished dog to top brands for dog biscuits and watermelon as a vegetable twist. This 400g bag of dog treats features a delicious blend of honey and melons and a wonderful blend of honey and melons. These 100% human-grade biscuits guarantee the most outstanding quality for your pet while still being gluten- and sugar-free and a delicious pleasure. It puts your dog's health and well-being first and is made with love. These cookie biscuits are a healthy and delightful treat thanks to honey's natural sweetness and melon's excellent flavour. Pet Love Bisc Premium & Healthy Dog biscuits are a great way to show your pet how much you care, and you'll see their tail wag in thanks.


  • Flavour: Honey and Melons(veg)
  • Diet Type: Vegetarian
  • Item Form: Cookies
  • Specific Uses: Training
  • Package: Tin
  • Ingredients: Gluten-free
  • Content: Jaggery
  • Price: Rs.299




It could be available in chicken flavour, also.



Purepet 100% Vegetarian Biscuits

Dogs of all life stages may enjoy Purepet 100% Vegetarian Biscuits, a tasty and nutritious treat. Your pet will love the delicious vegetable flavours in this huge 905g jar. These vegetarian dog biscuits, made with the highest care and commitment, are a healthy and morally sound snack choice. These treats are a versatile option because they are suitable for all life phases, whether you have a puppy, adult dog, or elderly canine friend. They give the body the necessary nutrients and a delightful crunch for the teeth. Give your dog a delicious and nutritious treat by giving them Purepet 100% Vegetarian Biscuits, and watch them grow.


  • Flavour: Vegetable
  • Diet Type: Vegetarian
  • Age: All Life stages
  • Item form: Dry
  • Specific Uses: Treats, Biscuits
  • Special ingredients: Salmon Oil
  • Package: Tin
  • Price: Rs.300




It could be less expensive.

Salmon Oil


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HUFT Gluten Less Apple Banana Dog Biscuits

Treat your pet with the HUFT Gluten Less Apple Banana Dog Biscuits, created with consideration for dogs of all ages. Each 320g bag is a delicious combination of healthy food and fruity flavours. These dog biscuits are excellent for dogs with food sensitivities since they are deliciously irresistible and gluten-free. Apple and bananas are a delicious combination. These biscuits provide a delightful crunch that supports dental health and general wellness of dogs of all ages, whether puppies, adults, or elderly citizens. All breeds will enjoy producing treats with your dog's health and happiness in mind. Give your pet these dog biscuits, and watch as your furry friend will be delighted as they enjoy the delectable, gluten-free sweetness.


  • Flavour: Fruit and Rice
  • Diet Type: Vegetarian
  • Age: All stages
  • Item form: Stick
  • Ingredients: Nutrients
  • Price: Rs.206



Biscuits in Stick form

It could be softer to chew



Sploot Crunchies Dog Biscuits

These are a healthy treat for older and young puppies. A tasty and wholesome treat, this 250g bag is brimming with the natural benefits of carrots and pumpkin. The finest for your pet is guaranteed by the careful crafting of these dog biscuits, which are devoid of artificial ingredients. In addition to adding a delicious flavour, the combination of carrot and pumpkin also contains important vitamins and fibre that support digestive health and general wellbeing. These crispy biscuits are ideal for teaching, rewarding excellent behaviour, or showing affection, whether you have an older dog or a puppy. Sploot Crunchies Dog Biscuits are a tasty, all-natural treat that will make your devoted pet Sploot with delight.


  • Flavour: Carrot and Pumpkin
  • Diet Type: Non-Veg
  • Age: All ages
  • Item form: Pellets
  • Breed: all sizes
  • Price: Rs.225



Biscuits in Pellets form

It could be available in other flavours.

Nutrients for nourishment


Top 3 features for you


Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

Tails of Joy Mix Flavour Dog Biscuits

Biscuits for Training

In Dry form

A good option for allergenic dogs

Meat Up Chicken Flavour Real Chicken Dog BiscuitsReal ChickenNutrient RichAll life stages
Heads Up for Tails Yummy in My Tummy Banana & Peanut Butter Dog BiscuitsBanana and Peanut BiscuitsBone GrowthMultivitamins
Bark Out Loud by VivaldisStick formBoost Immunity 
MUNCHOS Premium Dog BiscuitsAssortedYoung dogsMix flavour
Chewers Oven Baked Assorted Dog BiscuitsUses during TrainingChickenBiscuit in wafers form
Pet Love Bisc Premium & Healthy Dog CookiesHoney and Melon flavourAll life stagesCookie biscuits
Purepet 100% Vegetarian Biscuits100% Veg BiscuitsAll life stages 
HUFT Gluten Less Apple Banana Dog BiscuitsFruit and Rice flavourStick Form biscuitsValue for money
Sploot Crunchies Dog BiscuitsIrresistible FlavourAll breedsNutritional biscuits

Best overall product

The greatest all-around dog biscuit is the Chewers Oven Baked Assorted Dog Biscuits. Your furry buddy may choose from various tempting flavours with these cookies, such as real chicken, mutton, egg, milk, cheese, and strawberry. Careful preparation and use of premium materials guarantee excellent flavour and beneficial nutritional value. These biscuits are designed to meet the dietary requirements of dogs throughout their whole lives. The popularity and contentment of pet owners are evidenced by the many positive evaluations they have received across numerous internet platforms. If you want to treat your dog right, get some Chewers Oven Baked Assorted Dog Biscuits.

Best value for money

Regarding the price-to-quality ratio, "Meat Up Chicken Flavour Real Chicken Dog Biscuits" dominates Amazon India's listings. The best value for the money, these dog biscuits are a great source of protein for your dog, and your pup will adore the savoury chicken flavour. One of the best parts is that you may "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" when you buy a 500g pack. All canine ages may enjoy these biscuits' delicious and nutritious treats. Customer satisfaction surveys consistently give them top marks for both price and quality. Meat Up Chicken Flavour Real Chicken Dog Biscuits are an excellent choice if you're looking for a low-priced dog biscuit that won't skimp on satisfaction for your pet.

How to find the best dog biscuits?

There are many things to remember while shopping for your dog's favourite brand of dog biscuits to ensure they provide the proper nutrition and taste for your pet. You can find the best dog treats by following these directions. Some are reading the ingredient list and avoiding treats with excessive fillers, by-products, or artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours. Then, consider your pet's dietary needs depending on the size of the breed. Choose biscuits designed to promote dental hygiene. These often have special textures or added ingredients that help reduce tartar and freshen breath. Pick treats that are an appropriate size for your dog. Research online reviews, seek recommendations from other dog owners or your veterinarian, and opt for biscuits from reputable and well-established pet food companies.

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FAQs on dog biscuits

There are dog biscuits made specifically for dogs with food allergies or limitations. To accommodate those with delicate stomachs or allergies, these sweets frequently include few ingredients or different sources of protein.
Yes, certain dog treats are made to help maintain good oral hygiene by preventing tartar accumulation and encouraging strong gums. Look for biscuits that have substances added for tooth cleansing or other dental advantages.
Flour, protein sources (such as meat, chicken, or fish), cereals, vegetables, and fruits are typical ingredients in dog biscuits. Always read the label to ensure the product has high-quality components since the healthfulness depends on the individual brand and recipe.
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