Hair colour for men: Natural-looking hair from natural products in November 2023

Published on Jul 12, 2022 14:12 IST
By: Nivedita Mishra


We provide a selection of hair colour products made especially for males. These products appeal to those who want a bright and youthful appearance by providing an ammonia-free way to get natural-looking hair. ... Read More

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In the realm of personal grooming and self-expression, men who want to change their appearance, conceal grey hair, or just go with a fresh look are increasingly choosing hair colour. The need for natural-looking hair colour alternatives is greater than ever as November 2023 approaches, and hair health and safety are more important than ever. This extensive manual is devoted to the contemporary guy who wants to change the colour of his hair with confidence and elegance, and who also wants to use hair colour products without ammonia.

Ammonia-free hair colour has become more well-known for its capacity to provide results that are vivid and lifelike without endangering the integrity and health of the hair. Ammonia-free hair colours are the go-to option for those who want a vibrant, youthful look since they provide a kinder approach to hair colouring than standard hair dyes, which can include harsh chemicals. Whether you're a fashionista who likes to play around with colour, a professional who wants to seem put together, or a regular person who wants to blend in some grey hair, this book gives you the information you need to make wise choices about the way your hair looks.

You'll find a variety of ammonia-free hair colour products that suit different needs and tastes in the pages of this book. These products claim to assist you in getting your desired appearance while taking the highest care and concern for the health of your hair. They range from temporary colour rinses for a subtle change to long-lasting hair colour creams that give complete coverage.

You'll learn about the newest developments in hair colouring technology and trends as we explore the world of men's hair colour in October 2023. Come along on this trip to change your appearance and embrace self-expression while making sure your hair stays colourful, healthy, and damage-free. These ammonia-free hair colouring solutions are intended to be your dependable allies as you work to project a fresh, self-assured look.

Our Pick product

1. Revlon Top Speed Hair Color for Men, 190 ml - Natural Black 70M and Outrageous Color Protection Conditioner (Combo Pack of 1)

₹699 17% off

Experience a rapid transformation with Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour for Men.This hair colour gives a natural black tone when applied. Available in powder form, it is particularly effective against damaged hair. The makers claim that it covers grey hair in five minutes flat. It is an ammonia-free formula which protects the natural texture of hair. It comes infused with Mother of Pearl and Ginseng root extracts that deliver shiny and resilient hair. This kit comes with two brushes (one for full coverage and one for root touch-up). One doesn't need to mix it. It can easily be applied at home and is available in 8 shades. In just 5 minutes, this product effectively conceals grey hair, delivering a quick and convenient solution. The blend of quality ingredients like Red Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, and Butylene Glycol ensures reliable results. Choose Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour for Men for a convenient, efficient, and transformative hair colouring experience tailored specifically for men.

12%off product

2. Bigen Men's Speedy Color, Hair Color, 80g - Natural Black 101 (Pack of 1)

₹450 12% off
  • Colour: Natural Black
  • Package Information: Tube
  • Product Benefits: Hair Colouring
  • Brand: Bigen
  • Item Form: Cream
  • Hair Type: Dry
  • Number of Items: 1

6%off product

4. 2.Oh! Blue Hair Colour For Women & Men, Italian Quality, Ammonia-Free, DIY Semi Permanent Hair Color Enriched with Argan Oil Lasts upto 12-15 washes.

₹849 6% off

Elevate your hair game with 2.Oh! Blue Semi Permanent Hair Color, a versatile and vibrant solution for a temporary hair transformation that allows you to experiment with stunning blue shades without the long-term commitment. This semi-permanent hair colour is designed to last for 8-10 washes, providing you the freedom to change your look whenever you desire. Made in Italy, this formula is enriched with nourishing Argan Oil and is free from ammonia, peroxide, and parabens, making it gentle and kind to your hair while delivering a beautiful, glossy blue finish. This product is also vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with ethical and eco-friendly values. Achieve an array of blue shades, from dark blue to midnight hues, by mixing the colours, and let your creativity shine.

22%off product

5. Beardo Beard Color For Men - Natural Black, 60ml | Long Lasting | No Ammonia | Easy to apply, No Stain Beard Hair Colour for men | Skin Friendly Hair dye

₹450 22% off

Beardo Beard Hair Colour for Men in Natural Black, the ultimate solution for achieving a lustrous and vibrant beard colour that suits Indian men perfectly. This product offers a range of features and benefits that cater specifically to your beard colouring needs.

47%off product

6. Real Black : Just For Men Hair Colour Original Formula Real Black H55

₹1,899 47% off

Just For Men Hair Colour in the Original Formula, shade Real Black H55, the timeless solution for men looking to enhance their hair colour. This product is designed to address the specific needs of men, offering a range of features to ensure a seamless and natural-looking transformation. Achieving a classic, deep black hue has never been easier. Just For Men's Original Formula seamlessly blends with your existing hair, creating a natural appearance that lasts for weeks. With a limited shade variety and the need for regular maintenance, this product may have a few drawbacks, but its effectiveness in delivering a real black, natural-looking result makes it the go-to hair colour for men.

41%off product

7. Just For Men Formula Hair Colour (Dark Brown (H 45))

₹1,599 41% off

Just For Men Hair Colour in the Dark Brown (H45) shade, a premier choice for men looking to refine their hair colour. Specifically tailored to address the unique hair colour needs of men, this product offers an array of features to ensure a seamless and naturally attractive transformation. This hair colour is formulated to specifically target grey hair, providing a genuine appearance that blends seamlessly with your natural colour. With a true colour formula and the absence of ammonia, it is gentle on your hair and scalp. In just minutes, you can achieve a rich and versatile dark brown shade that efficiently covers grey hair. Elevate your style with Just For Men Hair Colour, designed specifically as hair colour for men.

33%off product

8. INDUS VALLEY Speedy and Easy Hair Colour For Men Organic Hair Color (Dark Brown 3.0) 200ml +20g

₹575 33% off

Elevate your grooming game with INDUS VALLEY Speedy and Easy Hair Colour for Men. Specifically designed to meet men's hair and moustache needs, this product offers a range of features and benefits, making it the ideal choice for hassle-free hair colouring. This Easy Hair Colour for Men offers a safe and efficient solution for men's hair and moustache colouring. With a quick 10-minute application, it infuses natural ingredients, promoting hair health and shine while minimising breakage. It also soothes the scalp, prevents dandruff, and ensures long-lasting, complete coverage. Enhance your style with this ammonia-free, convenient hair colouring solution, tailored specifically for men.


17%off product

9. Revlon Top Speed Hair Color for Men, 190 ml - Natural Black 70M and Outrageous Color Protection Conditioner (Combo Pack of 1)

₹699 17% off

Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour for Men is your go-to solution for quick and efficient hair colouring. Designed to cater specifically to men's hair colour needs, this product offers a range of features that ensure a seamless and effective experience. In just 5 minutes, it covers grey hair, providing natural-looking results. The ammonia-free formula not only conceals grey but also protects the hair's natural texture. Infused with Mother of Pearl and Ginseng Root Extract, it delivers a shiny and resilient finish. This complete hair colouring kit includes two applications, one for full coverage and one for root touch-up, eliminating the need for mixing. Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour for Men is the ideal choice for men seeking efficient and reliable hair colouring.

Top 3 features for you


Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

Revlon Top Speed Hair Color for Men

Speedy Gray Coverage

Ammonia-Free Formula

Shine-Boosting Ingredients

Bigen Men's Speedy Color

Conditioning Ingredients

Partial Gray Coverage

Quick Application

Garnier, Hair Colouring Cream, Long-lasting Colour

Up to 8 Weeks Lasting Colour

3 Natural Oils Enrichment

Ammonia-Free Formula

2.Oh! Blue Semi Permanent Hair Colour

Ammonia-Free Formula

Versatile Shade Options

Glossy Blue Finish

Beardo Beard Color For Men

Indian Beard-Friendly


Quick Application

Just For Men Hair Colour Original Formula Real Black H55

Natural-Looking Results

Effective Gray Coverage

Ammonia-Free Formula

Just For Men Formula Hair Colour (Dark Brown (H 45)

True Color Formula


Quick Application

INDUS VALLEY Speedy and Easy Hair Colour for Men

Four Available Shades

Handy Broad Bristle Brush

Natural Ingredients

Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour for Men

Enriching Extracts

Complete Kit

Effortless Application

Vegetal Bio Beard Hair Colour for Men - Soft Black 

Switch to Vegetal Bio Colour

Vegetal Bio Color made with Natural Ingredients

Desire Colour without Cuticle Damage

Best value for money

Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour for Men offers a rapid transformation, covering grey hair in just 5 minutes. Its ammonia-free formula preserves hair texture, infused with Mother of Pearl and Ginseng for a shiny finish. The kit includes brushes for full coverage and root touch-up, and no mixing is required. Available in 8 shades, it provides a quick, convenient, and transformative hair colouring experience.

Best overall product

Bigen Men's Speedy Color is a natural and healthy-looking hair solution. It contains conditioning ingredients like glycine, olive oil, and pullulan, is ammonia-free, and provides long-lasting colour enriched with taurine. Economical use for partial grey coverage or short hair makes it cost-effective. This product ensures a vibrant appearance while being gentle on hair and scalp, making it a valuable choice for achieving natural-looking results.

How to find the best hair colour for men?

Many important factors need to be taken into account when choosing the ideal hair colour for guys. Depending on your intended appearance and degree of commitment, decide whether you want a permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary hair colour first. Second, choose a colour that goes well with your complexion and hairstyle, keeping in mind any grey areas you may want to cover up. To ensure a kinder and safer hair colouring, make sure the product is devoid of ammonia. To guarantee simplicity of use, take into account the application method—whether it's a brush-on product, foam, or conventional dye. In order to determine real-world performance and choose a product that meets your objectives, whether you're going for bright, statement-making hair colour or results that seem natural, lastly check customer reviews and ask for advice.

FAQs on hair colour for men

Grey hair may be efficiently covered and given a natural look using ammonia-free hair colour. However, the product and the particular shade selected may have an impact on how much grey is covered. For specifics about grey coverage, see to the product specifications.
Depending on the product, several application methods may be used. To guarantee an even and natural-looking outcome, it's crucial to closely adhere to the directions included with the ammonia-free hair colour. It's also advised to do a patch test to look for any negative effects.
Certain maintenance may be necessary to preserve the colour of ammonia-free hair colour. The natural appearance may last longer if you use shampoos and conditioners that are suitable for colour and limit your exposure to the sun and chlorine.
Hair colour without ammonia may be applied to a variety of hair textures and kinds, including coarse or curly hair. For best results, make sure the product you chose matches your hair type and follow the directions.
Men's ammonia-free hair colour is suitable for a range of colour applications, such as complete colour changes, highlights, and lowlights. Depending on the particular product and shade, the product's flexibility and usefulness for different uses may vary.
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