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College bags should be functional and spacious: 5 top picks

  • HT Shop Now By Shreya Garg
  • Published on May 19, 2023 16:37 IST
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A good college bag should be made from durable and lightweight material. It should also have a nice appearance; something that can complement and elevate the overall look. 

college bags
College bags should be lightweight and look fancy too.

Most of us are super excited to go to college. It is a chapter of new beginnings, wherein we make new friends and many memories. One of the things that most men and women look forward to is dressing up in stylish clothes and throwing on some stylish fashion accessories too. One of the everyday accessories that men and women will need is a good-looking college bag.

There are many smart and stylish options available for both men and women on Amazon. They're spacious, durable and lightweight also. The backpacks are ultra spacious and come with padded shoulder straps which makes carrying them super easy. There are many compartments and inner pockets too. This makes it easy for you to compartmentalize things and carry your essentials in a clutter-free manner.

We have rounded up some options from Amazon that rank high on durability and style quotient. Take a look at them and bring them home to elevate your college look.

Fashion Vegan Leather Anti Theft Backpack Purse Bags
This is a smart and stylish backpack for women and girls. It comes with a sling strap. It can be carried as a sling bag and as a backpack as well. There are three colour options available in this one - white, black and yellow. It is a convertible bag that is super spacious and comfortable to carry. It comes with many zipper compartments and there are many pockets both on the outside and inside. This is the bag that you can carry to your college to elevate your look.

VISMIINTREND Fashion Vegan Leather Anti Theft Backpack
This is a bag made from vegan leather material. It comes with anti-theft feature and can be carried by women and girls. A perfect college bag, it is available in a nice colour variant of brown. It will not only help amp up style, but also provide space to carry things in a seamless and organised manner. 

Women's PU Leather Stylish and Trending Backpack for College
This is a stylish leather bag for college purpose. It is designed for women and is available in black and brown colour options. It is made using synthetic vegan leather material which is waterproof, scratch resistant and comes with durable finishing too. It comes with lining on the inside as well. It comes with many zipper pockets and three inner slot pockets. It also comes with an anti theft feature which ensures that your essentials in the bag are safe and secure.

The House of Tara Moss Green Canvas Sturdy Messenger Bag for Men and Women
This is a petite bag for both men and women. It is available in many striking colour options. It is made from cotton fabric and has a lining of polyester material on the inside. It comes with a flap closure and has two magnetic snap buttons. It is something that you can carry to your college to round off the look in style.

Storite Vintage Canvas Laptop Backpack
This is a backpack for both men and women. It is a perfect college bag that comes with a USB charging port as well. It has a big compartment that provides enough space for all your essentials. It comes with the zipper pockets and the quality of zips is of top notch. There are many inner pockets in the bag as well.

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