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Formal shirts for men: 5 picks to introduce to your wardrobe

Last Published on Aug 24, 2023 18:55 IST


Dive into HT Shop Now's detailed comparison of leading formal shirts for men. Discover which fabric, style, and brand suit your needs and get ready to redefine your formal look.

Formal shirts for men aren't just pieces of fabric; they are statements. Every gentleman, at some point in his life, requires an array of formal shirts to match his professional and semi-casual commitments. However, the challenge isn't in possessing a variety but in choosing the right one. The fabric of your shirt sets the tone for your day; it can either make you feel invincible or leave you with a sense of discomfort. Cotton, for instance, has always been the darling of formal attire, offering both elegance and comfort. The weave, thickness, and even the region where the cotton was grown can significantly affect its quality.

Therefore, the importance of choosing the right fabric can't be overstated. At HT Shop Now, we understand the essence of dressing well. That's why our team has curated a list of formal shirts for men below. All the above products can give a fresh update to any man's wardrobe. It all boils down to personal preference and brand loyalty. Each shirt carries its unique charm and is bound to make the wearer stand out in any formal setting. Take a look, and we are sure you will be tempted to add all the listed options to your cart.

1. Van Heusen Men Formal Shirt

Renowned for its sophistication, Van Heusen offers a premium range of men’s formal shirts that exude class. The material promises comfort, ensuring you remain at ease even during long office hours. Its meticulous stitching and precise tailoring make it a favourite among professionals. The choice of colours available is reflective of the modern man's palette – subtle yet significant.

2. Peter England Men Shirt

Peter England stands as a testament to age-old trust and quality. Their formal shirts for men are synonymous with reliability and style. A splendid blend of durability and finesse, these shirts are perfect for those who prefer a classic touch to their wardrobe. Every shirt reflects the brand's commitment to excellence, making it an essential pick for formal gatherings.

3. Raymond Men Shirt

A brand that needs no introduction, Raymond has been the go-to choice for many when it comes to formal attire. Their shirts boast of superior quality fabric that feels soft against the skin. Crafted to perfection, the intricate details and the vast array of available shades make Raymond shirts a must-have for every formal occasion. Men will surely look dapper in this one.

4. Amazon Brand - Symbol Men's Formal Shirt

Amazon’s Symbol is a blend of contemporary design and affordability. These formal shirts are tailor-made for the modern man who values both style and budget. The fabric offers breathable comfort, ensuring you stay fresh throughout the day. With a spectrum of designs ranging from the classic to the modern, Symbol ensures there's something for everyone.

5. Amazon Brand - Symbol Men Formal Shirt
This half sleeves shirt for men is available in a range of striking solid colour options. It is made from a blend of cotton and polyester fabrics. A durable and stylish garment, men across age groups must definitely consider introducing this garment to their closet. It will amp up their style and fetch them a string of compliments too. It comes with a single chest pocket.

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