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Hair vitamins for men: Boost hair quality, arrest hair loss like no other

Last Published on Jul 15, 2022 19:14 IST


Hair vitamins for men come packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals and aid in improving hair quality significantly.

Healthy hair is a dream of so many, including men. Nearly all of us fret about our hair-related issues, regardless of the gender. An important determiner of one's beauty quotient, hair health is indeed of paramount importance to everyone. If you're a man who is looking at strong and supple hair, then there are hair vitamins available online that can be of immense help. They come fortified with vitamins and essential nutrients that boost the hair quality. From strengthening hair follicles, promoting hair growth, adding sheen to strands to hydrating and nourishing the locks, there are simply too many benefits of hair vitamins.

Among an array of options available online, we have shortlisted some of the formulations for men in our list below. They are effective and you will be able to see results in no time. For strong and healthy hair, scroll down to take a look at options.

Traya Hair Vitamins Capsules

This pack of capsules is infused with the goodness of natural and authentic plant extracts. It provides nutrition to hair and supports hair cells. It even addresses the issue of hair loss. It contains Biotin, Folic acid, Pumpkin seed extracts, essential vitamins etc to fortify hair with strength and nutrients. Besides, these capsules can be consumed by both men and women.

OZiva Plant Based Hair Vitamins

This pack of hair vitamins for men comes with DHT blocker and Omega-3 to open hair follicles and promote hair growth. It gives scalp deep nourishment and results in health-looking hair. Thanks to the presence of essential vitamins, iron and zinc present in it, these capsules result in strengthening of hair follicles and arresting commonplace problem of hair fall. It is a soy-free and gluten-free formulation.

Herbelo Organics Biotin Supplement

Infused with Biotin and Ashwagandha, this formulation keeps the scalp nourished and promotes thick and strong hair. It also encourage hair growth and repairs damaged hair. You can even say goodbye to the problem of split ends. Besides, it boosts hair elasticity. A natural supplement, it also improves skin and nail health. It is a vegetarian and unscented formulation.

Man Matters Biotin Hair Gummy

This pack of biotin hair gummies from Man Matters is rich in nutrients like Biotin, Zinc and multivitamins. Yummy and nutritious, it strengthens one's hair strands, reduces hair breakage and prevent your hair from greying. A sugar-free formulation, these can help men in getting healthy and shiny hair. It comes in strawberry flavour and comes packed with antioxidants too. It can be consumed by both men and women.

Hohner Men Hair Growth Multivitamin

Made from the blend of phyto active complex, 18 amino acids, 8 vitamins and 7 minerals, this pack of hair vitamins for men gives necessary nutrition to hair. It combats problems like hair fall and promotes hair growth. A vegetarian formulation, it is suitable for consumption by adults. It strengthens the hair from within and improves the quality of hair manifold.

Price of hair vitamins for men at a glance:

Hair vitamins for menPrice
 Traya Hair Vitamins Capsules  520.00
 OZiva Plant Based Hair Vitamins  899.00
 Herbelo Organics Biotin Supplement  1,199.00
 Man Matters Biotin Hair Gummy  999.00
 Hohner Men Hair Growth Multivitamin  499.00

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Disclaimer: At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so ... we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority. Read more

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