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Iron-rich food products come with goodness of figs, oats, beetroots, apricots

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  • Published on Feb 10, 2023 12:11 IST
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Iron is an essential component of our diet and nutrition. Its deficiency can lead to a host of health issues. Read on to know how one can get over this nutritional shortage.

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Iron-rich foods are greatly beneficial for overall health of human beings.

Iron is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in our body. Iron deficiency can cause a host of health problems. Some iron-rich foods that should form a part of our diet include meat, poultry, and fish; lentils, beans, and tofu; dark leafy greens and nuts and seeds among others. However, very often our diet falls short of the required nutrients such as iron. Hence it is important to supplement our food with other dietary supplements.

Thankfully, there are many food options available on online platforms like Amazon that help us meet our dietary goals. In this article we will speak about a host of them – some are snack options like dried figs, some are instant ready-to-make breakfast options like Dosa that are packed with vegetable proteins and essential minerals like iron. Some others are better options to conventional atta (wheat flour) like Beetroot atta. We also have another healthy iron-rich snack option - dried apricot.

We have curated a list just for you. Take a look and go ahead and buy some as well. You can thank us later.

Happilo Premium Dried Afghani Anjeer

This pack of dried Afghani Anjeer is a 200g pack that is a rich source of fibre, calcium and iron. These dried figs are low in calories and fat-free, making them a healthy snacking option. They also contain no preservatives. Enjoy them as a snack on their own, or add them to your cereal, yogurt or baked goods for added flavor and nutrition.

RUSTIK PAUSHTIQ (Pack of 3) Iron Rich Dosa Pre-Mix

This pack of 3 dosa pre-mix is a ready-to-cook food made with natural ingredients. This mix is iron-rich and contains no added colors or preservatives, making it a healthy and delicious option for those looking to add more iron to their diet. Simply add water to the mix and cook for a quick and easy meal. Each pack contains 500 gm of Dosa mix, enough for several servings.

The Better Flour – Iron Rich Beetroot Atta

This flour is a good blend of Beetroot, white Chickpea and millet flour that is iron rich, low carb and gluten-free. With 500gm of flour in each pack, this healthy atta is perfect for people who follow a Keto diet or are looking for a gluten-free option. The beetroot and millet flours add a unique flavour and texture to dishes, while the iron content helps boost energy levels. Whether you're making rotis or parathas, this flour is the perfect choice for anyone looking to eat healthier.

BOYO Premium Dried Apricot

This pack of dried Apricots are the perfect healthy snack option. Made from 100% natural seedless fruit, these dried Apricots are sundried and pitted for a delicious, juicy taste. The 200g pack is packed with iron and dietary fibre, making it a rich and nutritious food that helps to boost energy levels and improve overall health.

Healthy Food Solutions Quinoa Seeds

Quinoa seeds white is an excellent solution for those looking to manage their weight while still eating healthy. Rich in protein, fibre and iron, this is a pack of 2 (each 180g) and is the perfect addition to any balanced diet. These seeds are versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes, making it easy to incorporate into your daily meals. Eating Quinoa seeds regularly can provide numerous health benefits, including improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and increased energy levels.