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Enjoy professional and salon-like hair at home with hair dryers   

Published on Feb 15, 2022 22:10 IST
profile_user By: Nivedita Mishra


Hair dryers are vital tools to have at home. For one, they do their primary function of drying the hair, but they can also be used for styling hair. See here. Read More

The coronavirus pandemic forced many of us to think of alternate ways of going about our normal lives. For instance, online schooling became a reality. Online medical consultation became a norm. Similarly, many among us, learnt the art of grooming - an art for which we generally depended on salons.

The pandemic saw a sharp decline in public functions but that did not mean that we did not attend marriages or other functions. Imagine the dilemma - you have to attend a wedding but you can't visit a salon! In such a scenario, having hair styling tools come in handy. A hair dryer is one such tool.

If you are keen on buying one for yourself, then Amazon has an interesting range to choose from. Apart from drying your hair and scalp, this tool can help in blow drying and straightening hair. Many known brands like Syska and Philips as well as lesser known brands such as Urban Nova and Roza have also been considered. 

1) Syska HD1600 Trendsetter 1000 Watts Hair Dryer - Teal

Our Pick item

1. Syska HD1600 Trendsetter 1000 Watts Hair Dryer - Teal

₹999 20% off


16% off item

2. Philips 1200 Watts Hair Dryer (Bhc010/10, Black)

₹1,695 16% off


32% off item

3. URBANNOVA Professional Stylish Hair Dryers For Womens And Men Hot And Cold DRYER (2000 W BLACK)

₹999 32% off



4. Rozia HC8201 Professional Hair Dryer with Pro AC Motor (Black)

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