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Best N99 masks can work against pollution, protect against viruses, bacteria

Last Published on Feb 15, 2023 18:39 IST
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Coronavirus pandemic may have ebbed and no one seems very worried about a pandemic now but N99 masks are here to stay. Read on to know more about these masks. Read More

N99 masks are a type of face mask that is designed to filter out 99% of airborne particles. These masks are particularly effective at blocking out fine particles such as PM2.5 and PM10, as well as larger particles like pollen, dust, and smoke. N99 masks are made of a high-efficiency filter material that captures particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.

One of the key benefits of N99 masks is their superior level of protection. They are particularly useful in situations where there is a high concentration of pollutants in the air, such as in cities with high levels of air pollution or during wildfires. N99 masks are also effective at reducing the transmission of viruses, such as COVID-19, as they can block out droplets that carry the virus.

We have bunched together some of the best N99 masks available on Amazon. Check them out here.

Grin Health N99 Anti Pollution Mask

The Grin Health N99 anti pollution mask is a reusable and washable mask designed to protect against harmful pollutants in the air. It features active carbon technology that filters out 99% of particulate matter, including PM 2.5 and PM 10. This black mask comes in a standard size that fits most individuals, and does not have a valve. Its comfortable fit and durable design make it an effective choice for those concerned about air pollution.

Advind Healthcare Smog Guard N99 Mask With Two Valves

The Advind Healthcare Smog Guard N99 mask is designed to provide superior protection against air pollution, dust, and other airborne particles. With two valves, it allows for easy breathing and reduces moisture buildup, while the large size ensures a comfortable fit. The blue colour adds a stylish touch to the mask, making it a practical and fashionable choice for those who want to protect their health in polluted environments.

Bodyguard N99 + PM2.5 Cotton Reuseable Face Mask

The Bodyguard N99 + PM2.5 cotton reuseable face mask is a high-quality option for both men and women. This mask features a valve for easy breathing and is made from a comfortable cotton material that can be reused. The N99 rating ensures excellent filtration of airborne particles, making it a great choice for those looking for added protection. This black mask comes in a pack of one and is a stylish and practical option for everyday use.

Advind Healthcare Military Grade N99 Mask

The Advind Healthcare Military Grade N99 mask with two valves is a highly protective mask designed to filter out up to 99% of airborne particles. It features two valves to improve breathability and prevent fogging of eyeglasses. The mask is made with high-quality materials that meet military-grade standards for durability and resistance to tear, puncture and abrasion. It is suitable for use in environments with high levels of pollutants, allergens and viruses.

OxiClear Kids N99 Pollution Mask

The OxiClear Kids N99 pollution mask is designed to protect children from harmful pollutants in the air. The mask is equipped with four activated carbon filters that can be replaced when needed. It is washable and reusable, making it a more sustainable option than disposable masks. The mask is D.R.D.O certified and features an Avengers design, making it an attractive option for kids. Overall, this mask is a reliable and effective way to protect children from pollution.

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