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BP machines come with memory storage feature to analyze readings: 5 best picks

Last Published on May 27, 2023 18:10 IST
dot By: Shreya Garg


BP machines are easy to operate and must-have health equipment to keep at home. These devices can also detect an irregular heart beat. They are lightweight and portable and make for a good investment.  Read More

If you are somebody who has a family member at home with a blood pressure problem, then it's advisable to keep a blood pressure (BP) machine handy at all times. It helps in monitoring readings on a daily basis. The machines also come with memory storage which facilitates keeping readings as part of history in a much more efficient and better way. These days we have many BP machines which are portable, lightweight and user friendly. They can also detect irregular heart beat.

We have rounded up a few BP machines which are equipped with the latest technologies that help in producing faster and accurate results. The listed options come with LCD screens. Perhaps slightly unconventional, however, you can take this opportunity to give your loved one this machine to remind them that monitoring their BP is essential. Take a look at HT Shop Now’s selections below.

Omron Smart Elite+ HEM 7600T Tubeless 360° Accurate Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This digital blood pressure monitor machine comes with Intellisense technology and Intelli wrap cuff with bluetooth connectivity. The maker claims that the machine gives accurate results. It comes with a hypertension indicator and can store up to 100 readings. It can also help in detecting irregular heartbeat.

Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (White)
This blood pressure monitor machine comes with a memory storage of 60 readings. It is a battery-powered machine which comes with an LCD screen. It is fully automatic and a lightweight device. It is equipped with comfort inflation technology and you can expect the machine to throw up accurate results.

Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Comfort Digital Blood Pressure BP Monitor Machine
This fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor machine comes with MDI technology which makes monitoring the blood pressure faster and it produces accurate readings as well. The LCD display screen helps one note the readings clearly without any high hassle.

AccuSure AS Series Automatic and Advance Feature Blood Pressure Monitoring System
This blood pressure monitoring device is available in white colour option. It uses motion detect technology to measure blood pressure. It comes with an extra large display and can also detect an irregular heartbeat. Super easy to use, it can be charged via mobile charger or power bank. super easy to use, it can store up to 60 readings. You can rely on the readings of the machine, thanks to it being equipped with advanced technology.

Control D Talking USB Port to Power BP Machine
This automatic blood pressure monitor machine operates on MDI technology. It is a battery-powered device that can store up to 99 ratings with time and date. It is USB compatible.. It helps in producing quick and more accurate resources without deflating the readings. It comes with many user-friendly features.

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