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Six-layer face masks provide protection against virus, bacteria and pollution 

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  • Published on Jan 04, 2022 13:33 IST
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In the era of coronavirus it is wise to invest in effective and high quality face masks. Available in the markets and on online platforms are six-layer face masks. Take a look.

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A six-layer face mask is designed to protection against bacteria, virus and air pollution. 

It was in early 2020 that the world woke up to the scare of a global pandemic called Coronavirus. Covid -19 virus created havoc across the world, resulting in many deaths. While the first and second waves were devastating, the Omicron variant has been relatively mild. This global health scare made us conscious of hygiene and staying alert. It also meant that were asked to follow some coronavirus best practices, one of them being the need to wear face masks.

We have all heard of the need to wear N95 masks. However, another kind of mask also gained currency during that period and that was a six-layer mask. While Covid-19 is a kind of virus, human beings are constantly under attack from all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Even as the world battles the much-milder fourth wave of coronavirus and is threatened by a new menace called Monkey Pox (very different from Covid 19), we have come to realise the centrality of social distancing and need to mask up at all times. If it isn't a virus, it is likely to be bacteria. Else, the rising pollution levels too need us to be vigilant. A six-layer mask is an effective and inexpensive way of tackling such issues.

If you are looking for options, then Amazon has a good collection of such masks. We have bunched together some of them and think you will find them helpful too. Take a look.

1) WILDCRAFT Mask 6 Layers Mask For Adults

This six-layer mask comes with what the makers call ‘hypacool inner’ layer. It has a cooling effect, is capable of moisture control and has anti-bacterial finish. Its multiple layers work at several levels - work as PM 2.5 filter, give protection against droplets and work as a bacteria and small particles filter. Available in attractive prints, its flexi-fit neck strap gives enhanced comfort, making this mask easy to wear and handle. It also gives wider face coverage for maximum protection.

2) Romsons Mask 6 Layer Protection Face Mask

This is a non-woven fabric mask, which is disposable. It is so designed to give six-layers of filtration. It gives protection against harmful pathogens, airborne irritants, dust, allergens and pollens. It is highly efficient thanks to its close facial fit with a strong seal around the nose and mouth. It provides more 95% protection against small particles while give more than 99% protection against bacteria.

3) Yuga HexaShield Face Mask

This is a 3D face mask which is washable and hence can be reused. It is made using high quality breathable cotton fabric. It is so designed to give six layers of protection (bacteria filtration efficiency >95%). The Poplin cotton, used as its inner lining, is durable, lightweight, soft and skin friendly. It helps in easy breathing and is comfortable too. This mask is your ideal shield against pollution, dust, germs, droplets and bacteria.

4) ASIAN Air Mesh Fabric Face Masks

This is a washable facemask and, hence, can be reused. This is a six-layer face mask with a respirator and has been engineered with a six-layer triple filtration system. One mask lasts up to 30 washes. It is perfect for all-weather conditions. It can be used for travel, outdoor usage, biking, cycling, office use, school and is also suited for police, traffic, security and delivery personnel.

5) ELANOR We Care Life Face Mask

This is a reusable mask and has a six-layer filter. This face mask is made using soft and super light fabric which is non-woven and a melt-blown material. It does not cause any irritation even after prolonged use. It has six consecutive layers of fabrics which offer clean and clear air for respiration while eradicating chances of harmful airborne particles.

6) Samajh Breathable Cotton Mask | Washable | 6 Layer Mask with melt blown fabric

These cotton face masks are soft and breathable. They use melt blown (a technique in which fibre is used to make fabric but is not woven) fabric which gives additional protection from outside elements and keeps the mask hygenic. The mask can be washed for up to 60 times without distortion in colour or shape. The fabric is breathable, has six layers, ensures comfort while looking fashionable and use soft elastic. This mask helps one stay safe from from dust and allergens.

7) Tri-Activ 6 Layer Protective Face Masks, PM2.5 / N95 Tested As Per NIOSH Standard, Anti-Virus Coating, 99.5% Filtration Efficiency, Black Mask

This mask provides protection against viruses, bacteria, droplets transmission and air pollution. It is fortified with an anti-virus coating and is a reusable mask. It provides up to 99.5% bacterial filtration efficiency. It can be used for eight hours per day for five times. However, there has to be a space of five days between each usage.

8) Gear OXYMAX Plus G95+ Adult Unisex Reusable & Washable 6 Layer NABL Certified Outdoor Protection Face Mask

This face mask set comes in a pack of five. It is a reusable outdoor mask as it is washable. This mask has a high bacterial and particle filtration efficiency. While it provides protection, it also gives optimum breathability and also has anti-fogging qualities. Its contoured seam nose pin adapts to all face types and fits well.

9) Giordano Sports Dri-fit Anti Pollution 6 Layer Reusable Outdoor Face Mask Pack of 4

This reuseable mask is available in a pack of four. It is washable and is made from lightweight cotton fabric, making it soft and comfortable to wear. This is an anti-dust and anti-bacteria mask. It also provides protection from small particles on-air and pollen. The ear loop is comfortable and reduces irritation around ears. This mask can be washed up to 30 times and can be reused.

10) CENWELL Reusable, Washable Designer Fabric Cotton 3D Printed 6 Layer Face Mask

This set of face mask comes in a pack of five and is washable. This mask is designed for extra comfort and superior protection. It comes with an adjustable elastic ear loop. It is made from soft cotton fabric with enhanced filter effect. It is a breathable mask.

6) Weldots (Pack of 3) Premium N95 Mask for Men & Women — Reusable Face Mask — KF94 Mask — 6 Layers DRDO, ISI (BIS) Certified FFP2 Protection — Head Loop — Light Grey

The N95 mask is made of four layers of non-woven fabric, two layers of melt-blown fabric. The non-woven fabric is skin friendly, non-irritant and non-toxic. It uses melt-blown fabric featuring high efficiency in filtration. It also filters 99.9% PM 2.5 pollution particles and protects from the everyday dust and pollution as well. This mask is so designed using head bands and ultra mouldable 100% alumunium nose strip that it provides a very snug fit that no air passes from the top and fog the glasses.


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