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Sugar test machines: Keep one handy at all times for regular monitoring

Last Published on Jun 07, 2023 17:58 IST


One must always keep a sugar test machine handy at all times. They help monitor the sugar levels from the comfort of home. Read on to see top selections of HT Shop Now. 

If you have a family member who has diabetes or who is prone to getting diabetic, it is always a good idea to keep a sugar test machine handy at home at all times. It is a compact, portable, easy to use device that offers accurate ratings. It is also possible to sync the sugar test machine with an app in your smartphone with the help of which one will be able to easily analyze the glucose readings and share with family and friends. The device will indeed make for a good investment. The devices come with free testing strips as well. 

We have rounded up some sugar test machines from Amazon in our list below. The machines offer reliable readings and come at nominal prices. Take a look at the selections and add them to your cart.

Accu-Chek Instant Blood Glucose Glucometer (with Bluetooth) for Accurate Blood Sugar Testing
This sugar testing machine comes with a vial of 10 strips. It offers accurate readings and has a memory capacity of 720 readings. It is simple to use and comes equipped with Bluetooth technology. It offers easy access to data and helps you analyse your reports via graphs. It comes with a bright backlit display and supports two button navigation.

OneTouch Verio Flex® Glucometer Machine
This sugar test machine comes with 10 free test strips. It is easy to use and offers virtually pain-free testing. This device simultaneously syncs your glucose readings with the mobile app. It is trusted by diabetologists and provides accurate readings. The SmartScan technology on this test strip actively scans each sample 500 times and corrects common interferences to provide an accurate reading.

Ozocheck Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Machine
This blood sugar testing machine is automatic in nature. It comes with 85 test trips. You will be able to get the result in just 10 seconds. It has a memory storage capacity of 200 readings. Easy to use, this machine will offer you accurate results. It has a battery life of 4 years. It supports one button navigation.

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer Combo, 50 Strips (Multicolor)
This glucometer combo comes with 50 strips. It comes equipped with biosensor technology. It provides fast results in as little as 5 seconds. You can store up to 300 readings in this one. It features a large display screen that makes it easy for you to note readings. It will make for a good investment for sure.

BeatO CURV Smartphone Connected Glucometer Machine
This smartphone connected glucometer machine comes with 100 strips and 100 lancets. It is a simple and accurate machine with the help of which you can test your blood sugar levels from the comfort of your home. It offers seamless monitoring experience. It is compact and easy to carry. You can choose to share your readings with your family, doctor or friends via the BeatO App and keep your dear ones updated.

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