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10 best body massage chairs for full-body therapy, stress relief

Last Published on Jul 21, 2023 18:10 IST


The top body massage chairs in India are listed in this article, along with all you need to know to solidify your solution to body aches.

The modern age requires most jobs to be done in a sitting position. While productive and necessary. This constant demeanor does more harm than good. It accustoms your body to a posture that is harmful when repeated daily. Moreover, workouts and commuting can aggravate back pain and body ache. If you are looking for a reliable and healthy treatment for this, befriend body massage chairs. It saves spa and massage treatment expenses in the long run. Plus, you don't have to step out of the comfort of your home to feel better.

Check out these top 10 body massage chairs and rid yourself of this cycle. Please understand that we are unbiased and do not mean to demean a brand by putting forth the positives of another.

Product list

1. Lixo Massage Chair

Lixo massage chair LI7001 is a high-end body massage chair in India that offers a range of features and specifications. According to the manufacturer, the chair is designed with cutting-edge technology and is uniquely fabricated, unlike any other massage chair. It is designed to offer a supreme hybrid massage experience with over 30 innovative massage techniques.

This chair is equipped with an artificial intelligence double-sensing system that provides a personalized massage experience. It is complete with a unique waist and spine massage mechanism that targets these areas specifically. It features innovative massage techniques that are designed to provide a unique and effective massage experience. The innovative bendable flexible massage track, HybriFlex, is built-in to offer a holistic body massage chair experience.


  • Color: Maroon
  • Best for: Physiotherapy
  • Product dimensions: 170 x 85 x 125 cm
  • Modes: 30+
  • System: AI, dual-core system
Zero gravityRelatively expensive
Wireless charger 

2. Robotouch Desire Full Body Massage Chair

If you're looking for an affordable and efficient body massage chair, the Robotouch Desire body massage chair is the way to go. With its AI-muted massage hands, this product is formulated to offer a real-time massage experience. It comes with a total of ten modes to offer premium comfort to all its users. Its most appreciated modes include the dream mode, lady mode, health recharging, cybrain mode, vertical care, and worker mode.

This body massage therapy chair is complete with a reliable set of airbags with three strength modes to ensure unmatched service. There are four airbags in the upper arm of the chair, twelve in the lower body, and some more in the lower arms and hands of the chair. Bluetooth installed in the chair will allow you to play music to relax your body better.


  • Color: Red
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product dimensions: 176D x 76W x 84H Centimeters
  • Size: Standard
  • Modes: 10
Zero gravityIts flexibility components could use improvements
Full body massage 

3. Lifelong LLM549 Full Body Massage Chair

The Lifelong body massage chair zeros in on the pain-centric parts of the body. Its exclusive features focus on the head, back, leg, and buttocks to relieve pain and upscale flexibility. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of this chair despite their body type. It creates a rich and healthy blend of massage modes to offer a seamless experience. You can enjoy kneading, shiatsu, air squeeze, tapping, and knocking, all combined into a full-body massage chair.

A high-quality recliner is installed in the chair for your body to lean all the way and relax every muscle. The rollers are designed to cover multiple areas at once. You will find a high-end digital panel to control the intensity and modes of the chair right below your fingertips.


  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Iron and plastic
  • Roller type: 3D
  • Product weight: 45000 g
  • Power source: Power source type
Reduces muscle sorenessNo leg-focused massage modes
Improves blood circulation 

4. Fujiiryoki Cyber Relax JP 2000 Japanese 5D AI Mechanism Corded Electric Full Body Massage Chair

The Fujiiryoki Cyber Relax massage chair in India is the ideal massage chair for all age groups and all pain areas. Its holistic approach offers a broad range of courses to enjoy a full body massage. You can select the modes you'd like then zone out for an hour in a euphoric relief state. The panel on the chair hands over the controls to you to seamlessly choose the modes you want.

The body massage chair is equipped with AI double sensing to accurately place your back line and shoulder structure to further focus the massage on those areas. In-built effective stretching courses and techniques allow your body to recover from a long day's stress. Use the remote control to reclaim your body's strength. Over 80 types of kneading methods exist on the massage chair to offer lasting relief, directly improving your sleep cycle and productivity.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Courses: 35
  • Product weight: 78 kg
  • Controller: Touch remote control
Double heater system for muscle therapyRelatively expensive
5D AI-infused mechanism 

5. beat XP Deep Heel Cushion Shiatsu Massage Chair

The beat XP Deep Heel Cushion Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair is a foldable massage chair that is well-equipped to offer a full-body massage experience. The ergonomic structure of the chair and the installed 3D rollers ensure that you can relish a massage experience on your neck, shoulder, back, lumbar, and hip region. It boasts deep-kneading Shiatsu massage rollers that provide a relaxing massage experience. It comes with a heating function with infrared heat therapy to increase blood flow and help you relax.

The cutting-edge remote control allows you to reset the rotation of the motors, change modes, or turn on and off the infrared heating as per your preferences. The body massage chair can help relieve stress at home or while driving. It also offers deep kneading and vibration massages for pain relief and relaxation.


  • Color: Black
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Best for: neck, back
  • Product weight: 5800 g
  • Control type: Programmed controller
PortableNot as effective as expensive body massage chairs
Program controller 

6. Restolax 4-in-1 Portable Massage Chair

The 4 in 1 combination body massage chair is a complete guide to massage. It focuses massage waves on the neck, back, legs, and buttocks to relieve accumulated fatigue. The massage cushion allows you to effortlessly sink into the chair and relax all tight muscles.

The Thai back massage will offer a real-time massage experience and treat muscles. The vibration pressure is a unique technique infused in this full-body massage chair to recover from body aches. It focuses on the neck, back, and legs to offer premium comfort during massages. The third-generation Restolax comes with eight balls to provide an all-rounder massage. Grab yours right away to get a comfortable massage system in your home


  • Color: Golden Beige
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Product dimensions: 52 x 42 x 42 cm
  • Massager form: Massage ball
4D Intelligent ChipCould be uncomfortable for some
90° Bend 

7. KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage Chair for Stress Relief

Introduce the KosmoCare body massage chair into your homes to opt for a massage anytime you want. Cutting-edge detection scans zero in on the pain-induced points on your back and shoulder. This directs the massage to pain areas and provides long-lasting relief. The control panel in your hand allows you direct access to manual controls.

Switch between different techniques and modes to enjoy a blissful massage experience. The strategic location of multiple airbags cushions your feet, calves, thighs, and arms. The heating system around the waist and feet improves blood circulation, refreshes, and offers optimum comfort. In-built rollers provide a massage to your upper back down to your tailbone. Get your full-body massage chair today to let your body catch up with your bustling life.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Product dimensions: 139.7D x 88.9W x 132.1H Centimeters
  • Back Style: Solid back
  • Airbags: 35
VFD display controllerRequires a spacious room
Type S-track 

8. Sobo 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Sobo 3D Zero Gravity Body Massage Chair is a must-have in your home. In-built scans precisely detect the contour of your body to offer a highly personalized body massage experience. Rollerballs excel at the responsibility of treating the muscles around your neck and hips. Airbags handle massage on the shoulders, legs, feet, calves, waist, and arms like pros.

Six extensive massage modes come with this massage chair. You can choose from tap, beat, knead, shiatsu, and more to experience massage at its best. Heat therapy around your waist will elevate tension and re-establish your natural flexibility. Ten to thirty minutes a day will help free pain from your body. Adjust the backrest to your comfort and take complete advantage of this body massage chair in India.


  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Therapy type: Muscle therapy
  • Massage modes: 6
  • Connector: Bluetooth
  • Wattage: 240W
6 manual modesRelatively expensive
Heat therapy 

9. iRobo iNap Massage Chair

iRobo iNap Body massage chair is a go-to choice for many householders. Its compact structure and S-shaped track allow message from the neck to the muscles in your buttock. You can lean it against the mall to save further space. Zero gravity evenly spreads to every part of the massage chair to relieve the body from external pressure. Six blissful automatic massage modes enable you to relax and make your muscles as good as new.

Sixteen airbags distributed across the length of the chair offer three levels of intensity to regulate manually. Foot rollers come with two distinct pairs of rotating massages to massage the heels and arches of your feet. Traction massage, soothing sleep, stretching massage, and fatigue recovery are some of the highlighting features of this massage chair in India.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Airbags: 16
  • Modes: 6
  • Intersection selection: 3 levels
  • Controller: LCD screen remote control
Back and waist massageRelatively expensive
Protection of vertebrae 

10. JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair

Massage chairs in India are one of the most renowned and recommended massage chairs with a 3D space-friendly design. It uses efficient tactics like thumping, kneading, shiatsu, air squeeze, tapping, and knocking to offer pain relief. Five auto modes allow you to fine-pick the places on your back that hurt and target the massages there.

Use the remote controller to increase or decrease the air pressure in the airbags and the rollers' intensity. The zero gravity mode relaxes your entire body and sends you into a peaceful trance to de-stress. If you hop onto thebody massage chair first thing in the morning, the stretching massage mode will eliminate morning stiffness.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Back Style: Solid back
  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Warranty: 1 year
Head supportToo heavy to move

Best overall product

Selecting one of these 10 brilliant examples of body massage therapy can seem like a difficult task. If you had to choose the best of all, Fujiiryoki Cyber Relax Full Body Massage Chair would score the win. Its double heater system combined with 5D AI scans and stretching courses makes it an outstanding choice. Its aesthetic appeal will blend right into the ambience of your home.

Best value for money massage chair

With a retail price of just Rs. 1,40,000, the KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair to de-stress is affordable and packed with loads of features and functions. It comes with a built-in heat therapy system to feel invigorating again. The 35 airbags work together to offer flawless comfort and eliminate stress from your muscles. The control panel allows you to jazz up the modes and play around. This is a must-buy addition to your home and a comfortable lifestyle.

How to find the perfect body massage chair?

What you don't want to do at all while buying a body massage chair is to rush it. Take it slow and examine every product on the list alongside its latest features, pros, and cons. Out of the best few, compare the durability, price, features, and specifications. Weigh in what you need from massage chairs in India with what is available. For more in-depth reviews apart from those listed here, watch the short clips on Amazon or videos on YouTube. Moreover, pick the products that offer longer durations of warranty.

FAQs on massage chair

Depending on whether your space is huge, moderate, or small, you can make this decision. Go for a portable and foldable alternative if your home is cozy. If not, go all out with the large chairs.
Be mindful of the following points while buying a massage chair: Features Cordless or corded Auto modes Number of modes and stretches Airbags
Cordless body massage chairs are portable and easy to use. However, you can find the same features in a corded massage chair.
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