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5 top-tier exercise cycles for home gym transformation

Last Published on Jul 19, 2023 17:08 IST


Discover HT Shop Now's top five picks for exercise cycles that can transform your home gym experience. Encourage your family to engage in a healthier lifestyle with these versatile machines.

Exercise cycles are a versatile piece of fitness equipment that provides a low-impact, high-intensity cardiovascular workout right at home. They are not just beneficial for those looking to shed a few pounds but also for individuals who are aiming to boost their overall fitness levels, stamina, and heart health.

Bringing home an exercise cycle is a fantastic idea for a multitude of reasons. It allows flexibility in your workout schedule, making it easier for family members to squeeze in a quick workout without the need to travel to a gym. Exercise cycles offer a myriad of adjustable features, from resistance levels to seat height, catering to a range of ages and fitness levels within the family.

HT Shop Now has shortlisted some of the top-performing exercise cycles on the market. Take a look at them and consider adding one to your home gym.

Reach AB-110 BST Air Bike Exercise Cycle:

Elevate your fitness regime with the Reach AB-110 BST Air Bike Exercise Cycle. Perfect for a total body workout, this exercise cycle comes equipped with moving and stationary handles, offering users the flexibility to focus on upper body, lower body, or a comprehensive workout. The back-support seat and an integrated twister augment the exercise options, making it a compact home gym. Adjust the resistance to your liking and track your progress with the built-in monitor displaying speed, distance and calories burned. This cycle's ergonomic design ensures a comfortable workout experience, making it an excellent choice for every fitness enthusiast.

beatXP Vortex Energize 1M Air Bike Exercise Cycle:

The beatXP Vortex Energize 1M Air Bike Exercise Cycle makes working out at home an appealing proposition. This machine is well-equipped with an adjustable cushioned seat, ensuring maximum comfort during your fitness routine. The moving handles provide a full-body workout, allowing you to burn calories and tone muscles simultaneously. The sturdy frame ensures durability, and with a six-month warranty, you can work out with peace of mind. The stylish black finish adds a touch of sophistication to your home gym, making this cycle not only a fitness tool but also an aesthetic addition.

SPARNOD FITNESS SAB-05 Upright Air Bike Exercise Cycle:

Indulge in a comprehensive fitness routine with the SPARNOD FITNESS SAB-05 Upright Air Bike Exercise Cycle. This cycle offers a full-body workout with its dual-action design and comes with an adjustable seat height and backrest for optimum comfort. The DIY installation makes it easy to assemble and start your fitness journey right at home. The display monitor keeps track of your workout data, including speed, time, distance, and calories. This cycle ensures a challenging yet rewarding exercise experience, catering to both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts alike.

AmazonBasics Air Bike Exercise Cycle:

AmazonBasics Air Bike Exercise Cycle is a sturdy and reliable fitness solution for home gyms. Its design encompasses adjustable cushioned seats and the option for stationary or moving handles, catering to various fitness levels and workout preferences. It can handle a maximum user weight of 100 kg, thus accommodating a wide range of users. The easy-to-read display monitor keeps you updated on your workout progress, tracking speed, distance, time, and calories burned. Whether you're a fitness newbie or a seasoned gym-goer, this cycle is a great choice for comprehensive and enjoyable workouts at home.

Flexnest Flexbike Exercise Cycle:

The Flexnest Flexbike Exercise Cycle brings cutting-edge technology to your home gym. This Bluetooth-enabled exercise cycle offers over 500 live classes via its dedicated app, providing a guided workout experience that can boost your motivation and performance. The cycle boasts 100 resistance levels, allowing for a tailor-made workout catering to individual fitness goals and levels. Its sleek black design exudes modernity, while the sturdy construction guarantees longevity. This innovative machine offers a versatile and engaging workout experience, making your cardio sessions more enjoyable and effective.

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