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Best face toners help remove tiny traces of grime and dirt, tighten pores

Last Published on Sep 05, 2023 16:06 IST


If your face doesn't feel totally clean even after a wash, then it is time you brought home a face toner. This skin care product also tightens pores and nourishes the skin as well. 

For many of us it has been difficult to understand what a face toner does. Does it remove excess oil from the face? Does it tighten pores? In what stage of skincare is it used? Frankly, it can get a bit confusing. Let's just say that a good toner serves twin purpose - its cleanses the face and tightens pores.

It has been observed that even after washing or cleansing our face, some traces of dirt and grime remain on the skin. A good toner takes care of them and removes all of it without stripping the skin of its essential oils. Additionally, a toner also helps tighten skin pores that may open up due to weather or aging. Hence, it makes tremendous sense to invest in a good toner.

If you have been looking for one and are confused which one to pick, our curated list of toners available on Amazon should help. Do check it out.

Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner

This toner is especially meant for people with oily skin. Regular use of this toner can give you a glowing skin as it not only removes last traces of dirt, it also gets rid of dead skin cells. It also shrinks and tightens pores, thereby reducing the chances of acne and pimples. It is a 100% vegan product. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. It is also non-comedogenic and full of antioxidants, leaving the skin feeling nourished and rich.

Dermafique All Important Alcohol free Skin Toner

This toner works on all skin types - oily, normal, acne prone or sensitive. This product is paraben-free and SLES-free and is enriched with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid, both of which help nourish the skin. Hence, this face toner works in two ways - cleansing as well in hydrating the skin, to leave it glowing and feeling fresh all-day long. It contributes in balancing skin's pH.

The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Toner

This toner, enriched with white Lupine seeds, works in wonderful ways - it brightens, moisturizes as well as nourishes. This toner has many amazing ingredients that work wonders for the skin - Niacinamide (refines pores and improves tone), White Willow Bark (boosts radiance), The White Daisy (evens skin tone and texture) and White Lupine seeds (provide hydration).

Minimalist PHA 3% Alcohol Free Face Toner

Here's another good option in face toners - apart from removing grime and tightening pores, it also works in mildly exfoliating the skin. What's more is that it also hydrates the skin, making it glowing and feel soft. It can be used by person of any skin type - oily, acne prone, sensitive and normal. This non comedogenic toner does more - it also provides ultraviolet protection.

TONYMOLY Moisturising Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner

This toner which comes enriched with ceramides (known to provide a skin barrier that prevents moisture loss), this toner hydrates, replenishes and strengthens skin natural barrier and results in supple and youthful complexion. It contains Panthenol (vitamin B5) and Hyaluronic acid which penetrate deep into the skin to nourish skin and provide lasting hydration.

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