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10 Best hamster cages this season

Last Published on Dec 21, 2022 11:42 IST


Hamsters need more space per their size, and their cage comes with a food cup, playroom, exercise wheel, water bottle, etc. The distance between the bars should be a minimum of 0.5 inches. The hamster will be your pet's tiny home. Different brands provide different designs of hamster cages.

Choosing a good quality, sturdy cage for your pet isn't easy. To solve your issues, we bring you the top ten hamster cages that consider the brand, review, pros, and cons.Right from finding the right brand to the most affordable price, we got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Get your beloved hamster a new cage today!

How to find the best hamster cage?

Before making the final choice, it's wise to check your requirements and budget. If you have small pets, you should buy a portable hamster cage to easily clean and place anywhere in your home.

Some hamster cages come with multiple features and additional support for your pet. They will enjoy every game and fun task, fulfilling their daily cardio needs. A higher-rated cage with a decent warranty period is preferable over cheaper cages that may break easily.

Best hamster cages in the market today:

1. Cage or playhouse for dwarf Hamster

This cage for dwarf hamsters is a good choice for gerbils or mice. It has four stages: a feeding bowl, a playroom, and a water bottle with an exercise wheel. Different doors help you reach every step of your hamster when you need to clean them. The cage is also equipped with ladders and spinning wheels, where the hamsters can play all day long. It is available in multiple colours and offers excellent durability.


• Brand Name: Generic

• Item Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm

• Target Species: Mouse, Gerbil, Hamster

• Unique feature: 4 stages

2. KSK Wooden Wood House for Small Animals Hamsters

KSK's wooden house is suitable for small animals, like mice, gerbils, hamsters, etc. Inside the wooden house, they can hide, rest, or eat in peace. This wooden cage may be the perfect buddy for your hamster or small pet and will provide a safe, cosy spot that is just theirs.


• Brand: ‎KSK

• Target Species: ‎Mouse, Gerbil, Hamster

• Product Dimensions: ‎22.5L x 14.8W x 14H Centimeters

• Material: Wood

• Colour: Wood

• Item Weight: ‎1020 Grams

3. Lovely PET'S Kingdom-Cage/Playhouse

Lovely PET'S Kingdom-Cage always takes into account your pet's comfort without compromising on style or design. It is a small cage and perfectly suitable for gerbils, mice, or hamsters. Inside the enclosure are a food bowl, water bottle, exercise wheel, and ladder cage. Through the different doors, you can easily clean this cage. The hamster can play and exercise through the ladder and spinning wheel.



• Target Species: Mouse, Gerbil, Hamster

• Colour: May Vary

• Unique feature: 4 stages

4. 24x7 eMall Hamster Habitat Hamster Cage

The 24x7 eMall hamster habitat hamster cage is portable and has only two floors. Inside the cage, you can see a feeding bowl, a water bottle, and a pink exercise wheel. Your pet can eat, sleep and play inside this cage comfortably. Multiple doors are there to help you in cleaning the cage. Moreover, the cage has a good breathable design to make the hamster feel safe and cosy.


• Manufacturer: ‎24x7 eMall

• Item weight: 790 Grams

• Package Dimensions: ‎28 x 20.4 x 10 cm;

5. Savic Martha small hamster cage

This cage is specially designed for hamsters. It comes with a feeding bowl, an exercise wheel, and a drinking bottle. The cage is available in different colours, is quite durable, and is made of high-quality plastic.


• Brand: Savic

• Target Species: Hamster

• Product Dimensions: 46.5L x 29.5W x 21H Centimeters

• Material: Plastic

• Colour: White, Grey, Silver

6. Sage square cage for hamster

This plastic hamster cage is suitable for small animals. You can detach the 1st-floor food tray, exercise wheel and water bottle. This brown-coloured cage has protective encasing and ample room for hamster movement, and it is simple to clean and assemble. It is portable and easy to clean.


• Brand: Sage Square

• Target Species: Mouse, Gerbil, Hamster

• Material: Plastic

• Colour: Brown

7. KSK Hamster Wooden House

The KSK brand Hamster Wooden House is a modern cage design for small animals like mice, gerbils, and hamsters. It is made of wood. The eco-friendly material has no toxic chemicals, protective encasing, and a smooth surface, giving your pet a comfortable place to stay.


• Target Species: Mouse, Gerbil, Hamster

• Material: Wood

• Brand: KSK

• Colour: Natural wood

8. MidWest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage

The Arcade Hamster Home has a deep base to hold hamster bedding, a handy top entrance for quick access to your hamster, and a detachable top cover for simple cleaning. It features a multi-level play space, water bottle, exercise wheel, food bowl, and nesting nook. You can clean every part as they are easily detachable. And what more? The product comes with a one-year warranty.


• Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets

• Target Species: Hamster

• Product Dimensions: 54L x 29.5W x 46H Centimeters

• Material: Plastic

9. Soobu Small Pet Out Cage

This small, lightweight cage is extremely portable. Through the 180-degree window, you can watch your pets enjoy their time in it. It saves space as the size is relatively compact, and you can carry it on the go.


• Brand: Soobu

• Age Range: All Life Stages

• Material: Polypropylene

• Colour: Orange

10. PetNest Wood House for Small Animals

This hamster cage is a two-story wooden hut with a feeding trough. It is odourless and non-toxic. This eco-friendly cage requires no installation at all. The hut offers stairs and ventilation for the hamster to play, climb, and roam. Cleanup is simple as well.


• Brand: PetNest

• Material: Wood

• Colour: Pink

• Item Weight: 0.5 Kilograms

• Target Species: Hedgehog, Mouse, Gerbil, Hamster

Best value for money

KSK Hamster Wooden House is one of the best value for money if you plan to buy a hamster cage for your pets. With its contemporary design, it is suitable for tiny animals. This cage is composed of environmentally safe wood with a smooth surface and no hazardous additions. This cage may be moved to any location inside your home where your pet can sleep, play, and rest.

Best overall

The MidWest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage is one of the best hamster cages of all the designs and brands. This hamster cage features a multi-level play area, and you can observe your hamsters' every move from the outside while taking in the view. Hamster Home comes with many more free extras so your pet can enjoy and feel at home, such as a play tube inside, water bottle, feeding bowl, nesting nook, and workout wheel. This lightweight plastic cage comes with a one-year warranty.

Price list

Best Hamster CagePrice (In Rupees)
Cage or playhouse for dwarf Hamster 2500
KSK Wooden Wood House for Small Animals Hamsters 699
Lovely PET'S Kingdom-Cage/Playhouse 1900
24x7 eMall Hamster Habitat Hamster Cage1499
Savic Martha tiny hamster cage 3135
Sage square cage for hamster3590
KSK Hamster Wooden House 499
MidWest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage 13736
Soobu Small Pet Out Cage 1582
PetNest Wood House for Small Animals 399

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10 Best Hamster Cages this Season

Never let your hamster alone for more than 48 hours at a time.

Making the most of the space provided, a multi-level cage with several platforms will give your hamster different places to play. They may exercise by climbing the cage's bars and have a lot of different activities to occupy themselves.

If you have one pet within your cage, it's best to clean it once each week. You will need to clean twice a week if you have several pets. You should frequently inspect the cage to ensure cleanliness.

As animals that are mainly active at night, hamsters travel great distances in the wild. They require the biggest cage you can provide. But it shouldn't be overly packed. This cage can be kept in a quiet area of your house.

For the first few times, 15 to 30 minutes is advised. Your hamster could become lost in a more extensive habitat, and extended free-roaming could stress it out.

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