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The best cats harnesses and leashes you can buy online

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  • Published on Dec 31, 2022 14:44 IST
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Looking for cats harnesses and leashes for your beloved kitty? Here’s a buying guide that details prices, features, and pros and cons of the 10 best cats harnesses and leashes available online, helping you select the best.

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Unlike dogs, you cannot usually take cats on a walk with a leash. Dogs are far more receptive to leash training than cats. However, with the right harness and leash, you can take your little feline friend out on a safe but fun walk. Cats are natural explorers and love their freedom. If you have a cat, you probably let them play outside as they wish. Roaming freely outside might not be entirely safe for your cat as it exposes them to several risks such as getting hit by a car, catching infections by eating small animals, or even getting chased by a bigger animal.

As a pet parent, you want your little canine friend to be safe and healthy. Harnesses and leashes are a way for cats to explore freely but safely. With time, your cat can grow to love wearing a harness because it'll mean it's their chance to explore outside with supervision. Choosing the right harness or leash can be a tough decision to make given the wide variety of options available. To make your life easier, we bring you this comprehensive list of the top 10 cats harnesses and leashes that can be purchased right now with just a click. Read on to find the best fit for your cat and make an informed choice.

How to find the perfect cats harnesses and leashes?

When finding the perfect cat harnesses and leashes for your cat, there are 2 most important factors to consider - comfort and fit. The harness should be snug enough so that your cat cannot wiggle out of it. The trick to check if the harness is the right fit for your feline buddy is to check if you can fit one finger between the cat's body and the harness. If you can easily fit two fingers, it is a bad sign. It means there is scope for your cat to easily escape.

Another major influencing factor for finding the perfect cat harnesses and leashes is determining the purpose of the harness for your cat. If your plan is to take your kitty out for short walks or use the harness for car rides, then you have a lot of options to select from. But, if your cat will be out for longer and activity-filled durations, you need a harness of durable material that can withstand wear and tear. Besides, it is also vital that the harness be comfortable.

Best cats harnesses & leashes

1. The pets company cat harness leash set for cats & kittens

This harness and leash set by The Pets Company is designed to evenly distribute its size and pressure on the feline's neck and back. The harness set is also versatile since it can be adjusted to fit both, young kittens and adult cats. It uses an adjustable 'H' style harness with snap-lock buckles so it's easy to put on and take off. Besides, cats are more comfortable in the 'H' style harness because of its minimal covering.

To give you better control, the leash uses a D-ring and hook. The Pets Company's cat harness is most suited for cats that weigh between 2 and 6 kgs.

  • Nylon harness and leash material
  • Leash length of 45 inches
  • Leash width of 10mm
  • Neck size is adjustable between 7 and 12 inches
  • Chest size is adjustable between 9 and 14 inches
  • Adjustable "H" style cat harness
  • Snap-lock buckles
  • Priced at 185

2. PetVogue adjustable cat harness

The cat harness from PetVogue uses a silk polyester strap that is soft on the cat's body. Its POM buckles are easy and quick to use and do not inflict any stress on the kitty's throat while maintaining safe pressure on its chest. It also prevents pulling and choking, thus giving your feline friend the best outdoor experience with optimal tactile sensitivity. Overall, it is perfect for taking your cat to unfamiliar spaces.

  • Nylon strap collar and leash
  • Leash length of 47.2 inches
  • Neck size is adjustable between 7 and 10 inches
  • Chest size is adjustable between 10 and 17 inches
  • Washable with a mild detergent
  • Ideal for cats weighing under 7 kgs
  • Priced at 399

3. Qpets cat harness with leash

The stylish harness with a leash from Qpets has a two-tone design with a reflective strip for safety at night. This faux suede harness is soft, breathable, and durable. It also has a 360° swivel leash attachment to allow your cat the freedom to move without getting tangled in the leash. The harness has a D-ring leash for secure closure so the cat cannot escape it.

  • Reflective strip for safety at night
  • 360° swivel clasp for leash
  • Double D-ring design for closure
  • Leash length of 59 inches
  • Priced at 1,007

4. Buraq reflective cat harness with leash

The harness and leash set from Buraq has an eye-catching design to make your cat stand out. The reflective strip is effective for safety at night. Cats love to explore and this harness is designed to allow them the freedom to do so. The harness is light and applies minimal pressure on their shoulders neck, and throat.

  • Nylon strap collar and leash
  • Reflective strip for safety at night
  • Neck size is adjustable between 6.6 and 10 inches
  • Chest size is adjustable between 9 and 14.1 inches
  • Leash length of 47.2 inches
  • Priced at 699

5. Pups & pets vest harness and leash set

The Pups&Pets harness and leash set is soft, breathable, and durable so your cat baby can be comfortable when exploring the world in every season. The harness design is such that there is reduced tugging at the collar so you can easily control your cat when out on a walk. The adjustable chest strap gives your cat better safety and fit. It comes with a stainless steel strong lock.

  • Nylon strap collar and leash
  • 360° Reflective strip for safety at night
  • Breathable and lightweight material
  • Priced at 649

6. The dds store cat harness

The DDS Store cat harness is designed specifically for small cats that weigh under 5kg. The DDS Store harness has a standard adjustable fit that distributes the weight across the neck and back of the kitty. The harness has quick-release snaps that make it super easy and quick to put it on and remove it.

  • Nylon strap collar and leash
  • Suited for small cats under 5kg
  • Priced at 499

7. SR vision cat harness

Want to keep your cat comfortable when you take them outside? The SR Vision harness is the definition of comfort for canines. It is designed to offer maximum support and comfort by evenly distributing weight and pressure on your cat. The nylon leash makes it a durable option.

  • Nylon strap collar and leash
  • Spring lock
  • Neck size is adjustable between 6.69 and 10.6 inches
  • Chest size is adjustable between 8.26 and 13.3 inches
  • Leash length of 43.3 inches
  • Suited for cats under 5kg
  • Priced at 669

8. Woofy cat harness leash

The Woofy Cat harness ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to finding the best cats harnesses and leashes. It is comfortable, adjustable, snug but not tight, made of comfortable material, and is an 'H' style design. The buckles are easy to operate and quick to remove.

  • Nylon strap collar and leash
  • Snap lock buckles
  • Neck size is adjustable between 6 and 10 inches
  • Chest size is adjustable between 10 and 15 inches
  • Leash length of 43 inches
  • Suited for cats under 5kg
  • Priced at 1,149

9. Red german durable nylon cat harness leash

Cats harnesses and leashes need to be soft, comfortable, adjustable, and also look cute on your feline friend. The Red German harness falls under one of the best cats harnesses and leashes with all these qualities. It also has a small bell that hangs at the collar so it can give birds a warning and avoid casualties. Besides, it makes it easy for you to locate your cat.

  • Nylon strap collar and leash
  • Safe plastic side release buckle for quick release
  • Fluorescent collars for safety at night
  • Distinctive designs and patterns
  • Priced at 799

10. Pekdi cat leash harness set

Pekdi's cat leash and harness set is one of the best cats harnesses and leashes, especially for the breathable material that makes it comfortable to use throughout the year. The harness is adjustable and easy to wear. The D-ring attachment evenly distributes the weight when the leash is pulled to protect your cat's fragile neck. The sponge cushion is an excellent addition to the harness to keep your kitty safe from injuries.

  • Air-mesh fabric
  • D-ring leash attachment
  • Reflective strip for safety at night
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Chest size range:
    XS: 9.45 to10.24 inches

S: 1.63 to 13.39 inches

M: 13.78 to 15.35 inches

L: 15.75 to 17.72 inches

XL: 18.11 to 20.47 inches

  • Leash length of 43 inches
  • Priced at 2,710

Price list of all products

The Pets Company Cat Harness Leash Set for Cats & Kittens 185
PetVogue Adjustable Cat Harness  399
Qpets Cat Harness with Leash 1,007
Buraq Reflective Cat Harness with Leash 699
Pups&Pets Vest Harness and Leash Set 649
THE DDS STORE Cat Harness  499
SR VISION Cat Harness 669
Woofy Cat Harness Leash 1,149
Red German Durable Nylon Cat Harness Leash 799
Pekdi Cat Leash Harness Set 2,710

Best overall product

Pekdi's cat leash harness set is the best overall product in terms of the best cats harnesses and leashes. Although steeply priced, this product is available in multiple sizes so you can find the right one as per your cat's size and weight. It will ensure that the harness fits the kitty perfectly and snugly, not too tightly. Your beloved cat needs a harness that is so comfortable and light that they do not feel burdened by it and can freely explore its surroundings. With the Pekdi cat leash and harness set, your cat is sure to stay safe and explore.

Best value for money

The PetVogue Adjustable Cat Harness has the best value for money at 399. At a good budget, this harness and leash set offers a versatile product. It has an adjustable neck and chest size, making it suitable for cats of varying sizes. Besides that, it is made of a soft silk polyester strap that is comfortable on the cat's body. For cat owners, the POM buckles are quick and easy to use. The design is ideal for preventing any excess pressure on weight on the cat's delicate body parts - chest and neck.

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How do I know if my cat's harness is small for it?

It is easy to identify if your cat's harness is small for it. All you need to do is insert a finger between the cat's body and the harness. If you need to struggle to put your finger in between or if you cannot, then the harness is small.

Does my cat need a special harness?

Cat harnesses differ slightly from dog harnesses. They need harnesses that are soft, breathable, and can distribute its weight evenly across the chest and shoulders. Since cats love their freedom more than dogs, the harness should be such that there is flexibility and freedom of movement for cats.

Is a harness better than a collar for a cat?

Cats are known to have soft delicate throats. Putting them on a collar and leash could strain their necks and cause injuries or even choke them. A harness, on the other hand, is designed to evenly distribute its weight across the chest and the neck of the cat, thereby, making it a far more comfortable choice for cats. Additionally, cats can easily slip out of collars unlike with harnesses. So, for overall safety and comfort, harnesses are a better option than collars. 

Do cats like being in a harness?

Unlike dogs who are excited to wear a leash and go on a walk, cats prefer not to. It takes time and patience to get cats used to harnesses. Initially, they may be scared or feel trapped in them. Let them get used to a harness by making them wear it for a while inside the house before taking them outdoors with it.

Should I leave my cat's harness on at all times?

When introducing the concept of a harness to your cat, you may want to leave it on your feline buddy for a few days to get it accustomed to it. Once your cat is used to the harness, you need not leave it on all the time.