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8 must-have puppy toys for playtime in 2023

Last Published on May 30, 2023 16:28 IST


Do you have a puppy at home? Then, this article is for you – it talks about the top eight must-have puppy toys, available on Amazon, along with the best deals and suggestions.

If you have a puppy, you know how lovable and amusing they can be. However, taking care of them and keeping them happy and healthy requires effort and attention. One way to provide your puppy with the necessary physical and mental exercise is by playing with toys. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of puppy toys available to suit different breeds and preferences. From chew-resistant rubber toys to soft and fluffy toys, you can choose what works best for your pup. These toys not only provide entertainment but also aid in teething, promote dental hygiene, and improve cognitive development. It's important to select safe and age-appropriate toys for your dog and supervise playtime to prevent any accidents or choking hazards. Overall, buying dog toys is an excellent way to bond with your furry companion and give them the stimulation and exercise they need.

Product list

  1. Foodie Puppies Dog Rope Combo of 4 Chewing Teething Fetching Durable Toy | Cotton Rope Chewing and Playing for Puppies and Small to Medium Size Dogs (2Knot + 3Knot + Ball + 2knotBall) (Color May Vary)

The Foodie Puppies Dog Rope Combination of 4 Chewing Teething Fetching Durable Toy is a collection of entertaining and long-lasting toys for small to medium-sized dogs and puppies. This collection of toys, constructed of tough cotton rope that can survive hours of play and biting, comprises the 2Knot, 3Knot, Ball, and 2KnotBall toys. These toys are excellent for fetching and cooperative play in addition to being ideal for teething puppies. This toy set's assortment of textures and shapes will guarantee a pleasurable chewing experience and support oral health. Also, the bright design gives your pet's collection of toys a lively touch.


  • Non-toxic material used
  • Release anxiety
  • Protect and clean teeth
  • Do exercise
Pros Cons 
Variety Not Suitable for Heavy Chewers

2. Foodie Puppies Natural Latex Rubber Squeaky (Blue Bull) Dog Toy | Small to Medium Dogs & Puppy | Durable, Animal Design, Fetch & Chew Safe Play Toy | Reduce Separation Anxiety

For tiny to medium-sized dogs and pups, the Gourmet Puppies Natural Latex Rubber Squeaky (Blue Bull) Dog Toy is a fun and tough plaything. This toy, which is made of natural latex rubber, is strong, secure, and gentle on your pet's teeth and gums. It is a fun addition to your pet's toy collection and ideal for interactive play and fetching thanks to its animal design and squeaky sound. The texture and shape of the toy can also make your pet feel less anxious about being separated from you by giving them a pleasant and familiar something to play with.


  • Natural latex rubber
  • Funny squeaky toy
  • Easy to clean
  • Relieve anxiety
Pros Cons 
Good for reducing Separation AnxietySqueaker can be too loud sometimes 

3. The Dogs Company The Pets Company Natural Rubber Spiked Ball Dog Chew Toy, Puppy Teething Toy, 3 Inches

The Canine Company For puppies and tiny dogs, The Pets Company Natural Rubber Spiked Ball Dog Chew Toy is a tough and entertaining plaything. This toy, which is made of natural rubber and is a great option for teething puppies, is safe and soft on your pet's teeth and gums. As a result of the texture and excitement that the spiked ball design offers, it encourages good chewing behaviors and discourages harmful chewing behaviors. This chew toy, which has a 3-inch diameter and can be used for fetch or solitary play, is the ideal size for little mouths. The Dog's Company's enduring and appealing design The Natural Rubber Spiked Ball Dog Chew Toy from The Pets Company is a great option for pet owners wishing to give their canine friends a fun and safe playtime experience.


  • Colour ‎: Red
  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Pattern: Rubber Spiked Ball
  • Item Weight: ‎125 Grams
  • Net Quantity: ‎1.00 count
  • Item model number: ‎SP153
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 7 cm; 125 Grams
Pros Cons 
VersatileLimited Variety

4. The Pets Company Puppy Chew Toy, Squeaky Dog Toy, Pineapple

For puppies and small dogs, The Pets Company's Puppy Chew Toy, Squeaky Dog Toy, and Pineapple are pleasant and entertaining toys. This chew toy is a fantastic option for teething pups because it is composed of non-toxic, sturdy rubber material that is soft on your pet's teeth and gums. The adorable and practical pineapple shape gives your pet something to gnaw on that has texture and stimulation. The toy also has a squeaker inside, which provides your furry buddy with more excitement and fun. This chew toy, can be used for retrieval or solitary play and is the ideal size for little mouths.


  • The squeak dog toy has a built-in squeaker
  • The grooves help dogs clean their teeth
  • Made of food-grade rubber
  • Flexible design
Pros Cons 
Fun DesignVery limited variety

5. BarkButler x Fofos Latex Bi Pig Squeaky Dog Toy, Pink(S)|for X-Small-Small Dogs(0-10kgs)|Soft Texture|Gentle On Teeth & Gums|Squeaker Inside|100% Natural Latex|for All Breeds|Fetch, Chew

The adorable and dependable BarkButler x Fofos Latex Bi Pig Squeaky Dog Toy, Pink(S), is made for X-Small-Small dogs weighing between 0 and 10 kg. This chew toy is an excellent option for both retrieval and chew play because it is made from 100% natural latex material, which is gentle on your pet's teeth and gums. Thanks to the toy's plush feel and internal squeaker, your pet's pal will be more engaged and excited. This squeaky toy is ideal for pet owners looking for a secure and amusing method to occupy their furry pals because it suits all breeds.


  • Durable dog toy
  • Squeaky sound-producing toy
  • Made from 100% Natural Latex
  • Ideal for X-Small-Small dogs (0-10kg).
  • For Cuddle Buddy
Pros Cons 
It has a very soft textureSome puppies might be Latex sensitive

6. DOGGIE DOG Attractive Cotton Poly Chew Dog Toys Rope for Teething Suitable for Adult, Small, Puppy & Medium Puppies with eBook & Jute Printed Pouch(Bob Barker Blue (6 in 1 Combo) (Pack of 1))

For dogs of all sizes, involving older dogs, tiny puppies, and medium puppies, the DOGGIE DOG Attractive Cotton Poly Chew Dog Toys Rope is a premium chew toy. Pets can chew on it safely because it is comprised of a mixture of cotton and polyester materials, neither of which are harmful. This toy is ideal for teething pups since it helps to calm their gums while preserving the health of their teeth. The toy comes in a single bundle and comes with an eBook and a storage pouch made of jute. The Bob Barker Blue (6 in 1) Combo is a great addition to your dog's toy collection because of its appealing and eye-catching style.


  • Pet toy type: ‎Chew Toy
  • Brand: DOGGIE DOG
  • Colour ‎Bob: Barker Blue (6 IN 1 Combo)
  • Material: ‎Nylon
  • Pattern: ‎Rope and Dumbell Form
  • Item Weight: 400 Grams
  • Scent: ‎Unscented
Pros Cons 
Appropriate for dogs of all agesIt could eventually fray or unravel

7. BLACKDOG Animal Series Natural Soft Rubber Durable chew Toys for Puppies & Adult Small Dogs Latex Toy with Squeaker Puppy Toy Pack of 4 Design

Four premium latex toys from the BLACKDOG Animal Series Natural Soft Rubber Durable Chew Toys are packaged together for puppies and adult small dogs. These toys are long-lasting and robust since they are composed of natural, supple rubber. Each toy has a built-in squeaker, which gives your pet an additional level of entertainment. Your pet's attention will be drawn to the toys' animal designs, which include a pig, elephant, cow, and frog. These designs will also pique their playful impulses. These are the perfect toys for encouraging tooth health and occupying your dog for hours.


  • Brand: BLACKDOG
  • Cartoon Character: Dog
  • Usage‎: Indoor
  • Colour: ‎multiple colored
  • Material: ‎Natural Rubber
  • Pattern: ‎Pack of 4
  • Model Name: ‎BDC S005
  • Item Weight: 200 g
Pros Cons 
The toys' aesthetically appealing animal patterns encourage your pet's playful inclinations.Necessitate frequent cleaning.

8. Goofy Tails Natural Rubber Dog Toys| Non-Toxic Rubber Toy for Dogs| Dog Bone Toy for Dogs| Ideal Dog Toy for Small Dogs and Puppies (Classic Dog Bone, Small)

A non-toxic dog toy made of premium natural rubber is the Goofy Tails Natural Rubber Dog Toys. This specific toy is ideal for tiny dogs and pups and has the traditional dog bone shape. Your pet can play for hours on end without risk of injury because it is made to be both sturdy and safe. The item is perfect for preserving the strength and health of your pet's jaws and teeth. It's a wonderful addition to your pet's toy collection and a great method to keep your furry friend engaged and cognitively challenged.


  • Brand: Goofy Tails
  • Recommended Uses: ‎Playing, Chew , Fetch
  • Material: ‎Natural Rubber
  • Pattern: ‎Classic Bone- Small
  • Item Weight: ‎45 Grams
  • Special Feature: ‎Waterproof, Easy to Clean, Durable
  • Model Name: ‎Classic Bone-Small
  • Net Quantity: ‎1.00 count
Pros Cons 
Puppies find the traditional dog bone shape very appealing.some dogs find them less alluring than toys with built-in squeakers. 

Top 3 Features for you


Feature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Foodie Puppies Dog Rope Combo of 4 Chewing Teething Fetching Durable Toy Cotton toys are made of soft and durable cotton materialHelps keep teeth & gums clean & healthy Cleans teeth and massages gumsNon toxic cotton even with some synthetic floss can't obstruct the intestinal tract.
Foodie Puppies Natural Latex Rubber Squeaky (Blue Bull) Dog ToyComes with a fun squeaker insideSafe materials and non-toxicWashable material makes it easier to clean
The Dogs Company The Pets Company Natural Rubber Spiked Ball Dog Chew Toy, Puppy Teething ToySatisfies dogs natural urge to chewNearly indestructible dog toysMade of hard natural rubber
The Pets Company Puppy Chew ToyProduct Dimensions ‎25.4L x 20.3W x 12.7H CentimetersAllergen Information ‎Allergen-FreeMade of food grade rubber
BarkButler x Fofos Latex Bi Pig Squeaky Dog Toy, Pink(S)Made from 100% Natural Latexunique soft texture which is comfortable for puppies to chewRecommended for puppies who like to tug, snuggle, fetch and chew mildly
DOGGIE DOG Attractive Cotton Poly Chew Dog Toys (Bob Barker Blue (6 in 1 Combo) (Pack of 1))Item Dimensions LxWxH- 17 x 200 x 6 CentimetersIncludes an eBook and an organising pouch made of juteConstructed with a safe and harmless mixture of cotton and polyester fabrics.
BLACKDOG Animal Series Natural Soft Rubber Durable chew ToysAn integrated squeakerItem Dimensions LxWxH- 15 x 10 x 5 CentimetersResilient and lasting
Goofy Tails Natural Rubber Dog Toy (Classic Dog Bone, Small)Package Dimensions ‎13.2 x 6.4 x 3 cm; 45 GramsIt is BPA freeEncourage your dog to chew to maintain dental health

Best overall product

Because it provides a fantastic combination of qualities that make it suited for all sorts of play and for dogs of different sizes, the Foodie Puppies Dog Rope Combo of 4 Chewing Teething Fetching Durable Toy is the greatest overall product. The assortment of toys in the bundle, which include 2Knot, 3Knot, Ball, and 2KnotBall, offer options for teething, fetching, and chewing. Since the toys are made of sturdy cotton rope that can resist frequent use, they will last a very long time. They are also good for promoting dental health because chewing helps to strengthen your pet's jaws and clean their teeth. The combo pack comes in a range of colours, giving both pet owners and their four-legged pals something fun and exciting.

Best value for money

The Goofy Tails Natural Rubber Dog Toy (Classic Dog Bone, Small) delivers a fantastic combination of qualities at a reasonable price, making it the best value for money item. The toy is safe for your pet to play with because it is constructed of premium, non-toxic rubber. With a rough surface that helps clean your pet's teeth and gums while they chew, the toy is made to encourage dental wellness. Additionally, it is strong and long-lasting, so your pet can use it for a very long time. It is perfect for small dogs and pups due to its small size and traditional dog bone shape, and because it is simple to clean, your pet may always use it.

How to find the perfect toy for your little puppie?

Finding the ideal toy for your small puppy can be an enjoyable and exciting experience, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about the age, breed, and size of your puppy because these factors will influence the right kind of toys for them. Look for safe, non-toxic toys, and stay away from anything that could cause a choking danger. Also a terrific option are toys with rough surfaces or strong construction that are intended to enhance teeth health. Finally, take your puppy's personality and preferred methods of play into account when selecting toys, and look for toys with exciting qualities like music, movement, or interactive elements.

FAQs on toy for puppies

Puppies who are teething benefit greatly from toys that are soft and chewable, such as plush or rubber toys. Puppies can have a lot of fun with interactive or tactile toys, which can also help with dental hygiene.

No, it's vital that the toys you provide your puppy are secure and toxic-free. Always keep an eye on your puppy when they are playing with toys and steer clear of anything that could choking a puppy.

Replace your puppy's toys regularly, especially if they exhibit indications of  wear and tear. Damaged or torn toys can pose a choking hazard or be ingested, leading to health problems.

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