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Aquarium fish bowls: 6 best options in 2023

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  • Published on Apr 12, 2023 18:06 IST
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This article lists the top 6 aquarium fish bowls and the best price for them with a comparison to help you choose the best fish bowls.

aquarium fish bowl
Aquarium fish bowls are an ideal home for your pet.

Aquarium fish bowls beautify the ambience of an indoor setting. Fish bowls are unique decorative pieces that give a modern look and style. So, are you up for exploring the fascinating underwater world that awaits you? Just imagine returning to a stunning, lively fish bowl that grabs your attention, helping you forget about your day's worries. With an aquarium fish bowl, not only will you add a stylish touch to your home, but you'll also enjoy a peaceful, easy-to-maintain, and educational hobby. Get ready to uncover the beauty of life beneath the water as you start this rewarding journey, where watching elegant fish swim around will bring a sense of calm and happiness to your everyday life. There is a wide variety of aquarium fish bowls available, but choosing the right one can be challenging. Here is a list of the 6 best aquarium fish bowl options to choose from.

Product List

  1. PetCrux premium wall mounted aquarium fish bowl

The Petcrux acrylic wall-mounted aquarium fish bowl is a sturdy and attractive fish bowl which is unbreakable in nature. This one-of-a-kind fish bowl comes in different colours like royal blue, steel grey, pearl pink, snow white and aqua green. It is also available in different sizes, which are 6 inches (Rs. 425), 9 inches (Rs. 575), 12 inches (Rs. 725) and 15 inches (Rs. 1025). This bowl can be used for multiple purposes, but mostly as an aquarium fish bowl. It can be kept both indoors and outdoors and is perfect for gifting.

Product specifications

  • Target species: fish
  • Brand: Petcrux
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 centimetres
  • Special feature: rust resistant
  • Weight: 200 grams (depends on size)
  • Material: Acrylic
Easy to cleanColour differs
Available in different sizesSome unstable parts
Rust resistant  

2. C Aquarium fish bowl

This fish bowl is the most commonly selected aquarium bowl. It is simple and made of an unbreakable material called Polypropylene. This bowl is designed for easy handling which is why it is light in weight. It is also easy on the pockets as it costs comparatively low. It is available in 3 sizes Small (2 liters), Medium (4 liters), and Large (8 liters) and the cost ranges from Rs.265 – Rs. 394.

Product specifications

  • Target species: Fish
  • Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 17 centimetres
  • Weight: 190 grams
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Tank volume: 2 litres
  • Special feature: Rust resistant
Rust resistantCan get scratches or dents

3. White acrylic wall mounted fish bowl

This bowl is ideal for small fish or live plants. An eye-catching home décor which is multipurpose. Made of acrylic, which is unbreakable. It is a widely selected item. It is light in weight and is best for saving space in small homes. It is ideal for small fish but can also be used for live plants or simply as a décor piece indoors. It has a feeding hole for fish and a screw hole which is to be fitted as a wall mount. Its strength and versatility are what make it unique and ideal.

Product specifications

  • Country of origin: India
  • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 22 centimeters
  • Material: Plastic
  • Target species: fish
  • Color: White/transparent
  • Shape: Oval
Light weightSmall size
For fish and plantsUnstable
Saves space 

4. Transparent round zig-zag neck aquarium bowl

The transparent wavy neck aquarium fish bowl is the most durable and long-lasting. It is easy to clean and maintain having a rust resistant qualities. This bowl is made of lead-free clear glass, which is also dishwasher safe and can be filled with any liquid, gemstones etc. It is perfect to be kept indoors and outdoors at home or office. The price of this bowl ranges from Rs. 349 – Rs. 388 as it is available in different sizes 6 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Glass
  • Special feature: Rust resistant
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20 centimetres
  • Weight: 700 grams
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Volume: 3 liters
  • Shape: round
Rust resistantFragile

5. Crystal clear glass round bowl with metal stand

A one-of-a-kind aquarium fish bowl with stand. It is perfect for small fish like beat fish or snails. Very easy to clean and maintain, this bowl can be accommodated anywhere at home or office. It gives a 360 view of its contents. The only care that needs to be taken with this is while cleaning it to avoid any scratches or fading of colour. It is available in 2 sizes, 6 inches and 8 inches, the price of which differs depending on the size.

Product specification

  • Target species: fish, snail
  • Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 25 centimetres
  • Material: Bowl: glass, Stand: metal
  • Weight: 550 grams
  • Color transparent
Comes with standHeavy

6. Clear glass wine shape fish bowl

This unique wine-shaped aquarium fish bowl is eye catching. Its shape is similar to that of a wine glass but is large in size and has a capacity of up to 11 liters. This bowl is easy to clean, but utter care must be taken to clean this to avoid scratches and colour fading. It is best to clean it with dry cotton or muslin cloth. It comes in 3 sizes, 8 inches (Rs. 352), 10 inches (Rs. 559), and 12 inches (Rs. 459). The capacity/volume of the bowl differs depending on the size selected.

Product specifications

  • Material : glass
  • Shape: wine shape
  • Volume: 11 liters
  • Dimensions: 30 x 28 x 30 centimeters
  • Special feature: self-cleaning
  • Targeted species: fish
  • Weight: 2000 grams
Large capacityFragile
Easy to clean 
Unique shape 

Best 3 features for you

ProductsFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
PetCrux premium wall mounted aquarium fish bowlRust resistantSaves space Comes in different colors
C Aquarium fish bowlSimple lookMultipurposeUnbreakable material
White acrylic wall mounted fish bowlComes in different sizesEasy to cleanWall mounted
Crystal round wavy neck fish potLight weighRust resistantMultiple purpose
Crystal clear glass round bowl with metal standMultipurposeMetal stand includedFor fish, snails and beta fish
Clear glass wine shape fish bowlUnique and modern styleLarge capacityMultiple purpose

Best value for money

The Petcrux premium wall mounted aquarium fish bowl is to be considered for the best value for money aquarium fish bowl even though it might seem on the expensive side it is worth every penny. The quality and durability of the product is quite worth it. It is easy to clean, appealing to look at, and multipurpose. It comes in different colours and sizes so the buyer can select it conveniently. The bowl can serve multiple purposes, which is an attractive feature of the wall-mounted fish bowl.

Best overall product

The C aquarium fish bowl is the best overall product. Aquarium fish bowls differ in quality and durability, as does the price. This particular product is considered the best as it is not so expensive and is also of good quality. Its non-breakable material makes it durable and long-lasting. The C aquarium fish bowl does not need high maintenance and is easy to clean. Very ideal for keeping anywhere indoors or outdoors. The sturdiness of the product is remarkable and is considered very convenient.

How to find the perfect aquarium fish bowl?

Finding an aquarium fish bowl that is convenient and the best value for money can be challenging. Having a wide variety to choose from, it is difficult to select the best one. However, depending on the use of the bowl, size, and price, one can shortlist a number of aquarium fish bowls and select the best one considering the features as each one has its unique features. The best one can also be selected according to where it needs to be kept; some are suited outdoors and some indoors. A lot of the features of the fish bowls can be considered while selecting the best one, whichever suits the ambience and purpose to be fulfilled.

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aquarium fish bowl

How to hang the Petcrux aquarium fish bowl on the wall?

On the top of the bowl is a small hole to mount it on the wall. A screw can be nailed on the wall, and this aquarium bowl can be hung on it.

What is the height and capacity of the C aquarium fish bowl?

This fish bowl is 17 centimetres in height and 2 liters in capacity which is the small size. It comes in 3 different sizes, so the height and capacity varies according to the size.

Is the transparent zig-zig neck aquarium fish bowl made with plastic or glass?

The transparent fish bowl is made of crystal clear glass and is not plastic or acrylic.

How to clean the acrylic wall mounted fish bowl?

A mixture of vinegar and dish washing liquid can be used to clean the fish bowl after reminding it carefully from the wall mount. Use a soft cloth to clean to avoid any scratches.

How many sizes is the crystal clear fish bowl with metal stand available in?

This fish bowl with stand comes in 2 sizes, 6 inch bowl of price is Rs. 539 and an 8 inch bowl is Rs. 779.