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Best dog perfume: 10 options to keep your furry pal smelling awesome

Last Published on Sep 25, 2023 10:38 IST
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Best dog perfumes are ones that have a long-lasting fragrance. Get your furry friend some amazing set of perfumes to keep him happy.  Read More

When it comes to pampering our beloved four-legged friends, we often focus on their grooming, feeding, and playtime. But why not add a touch of luxury to their daily routine with the best dog perfume? Just as we indulge in fragrances that make us feel special, our canine companions deserve to bask in the delightful scents that enhance their charm.
When it comes to selecting the perfect dog perfume, there are several essential factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, fragrance longevity is crucial. You want a scent that will stay with your dog throughout the day, keeping them smelling fresh and delightful. Consider the ingredients and formulation as well; opt for products that use natural and non-irritating ingredients to avoid any potential allergies or sensitivities.

The packaging and application method of the perfume should also align with your preferences. Some come in convenient spray bottles, while others offer roll-on options. Choose the one that suits both your dog's needs and your ease of use. Additionally, budget-friendly options are available for those who want to pamper their pups without breaking the bank.
Much like how a spritz of perfume can boost our confidence, the right dog perfume can enhance your canine companion's charm. Whether they're attending a special event, joining you on a stroll through the park, or simply cuddling at home, a pleasant scent can make your dog even more irresistible.
In this comprehensive buying guide, we'll delve into the enchanting world of dog perfumes, highlighting the finest options available. From long-lasting scents to gentle formulations, we've scoured the market to bring you the top picks. This buying guide has some of the best dog perfumes listed below. Take a look at the selections below.

VetSafe Dog and Cat Cologne

General Description: This dog perfume by VetSafe is a must-have for pet owners who want their furry friends to smell as fresh as a daisy. With its 200ml capacity, this pet perfume spray offers long-lasting fragrance, making it perfect for both dogs and cats. It's not just a deodorant; it's a natural dog deodorizing spray that refreshes your pet's coat and the surrounding area. Say goodbye to unpleasant odours and urine smells with this effective deodorizer cologne. Plus, it's formulated to be gentle on your pet's skin, ensuring they stay comfortable while smelling divine.


  • Size: 200ml
  • Suitable for Dogs and Cats
  • Deodorizes and Refreshes
  • Odour and Urine Smell Remover
  • Gentle on Skin

Basil IRIS Pet Cologne Spray

General Description: This dog perfume by Basil IRIS is designed to leave your pets smelling refreshingly delightful. Available in a convenient 100ml size, it offers a long-lasting fragrance that will keep your dogs and cats feeling and smelling their best. Beyond its pleasant aroma, this pet perfume spray also works to soften your pet's coat, leaving it shiny and healthy. With this product, you can say goodbye to unpleasant odours and hello to a happier, more fragrant pet.


  • Size: 100ml
  • Suitable for Dogs and Cats
  • Long-Lasting Fragrance
  • Softens and Shines Coat

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Captain Zack Scent’sationally Yours

General Description: This pet perfume by Captain Zack is a delightful choice for pet owners of all breeds. Infused with the enticing scent of jasmine, this 100ml dog and cat cologne is alcohol-free, ensuring it's gentle on your furry friend's skin. Not only does it remove unpleasant smells, but it also keeps your pet fresh and happy for daily use. Say goodbye to worries about odour, and embrace the natural pet perfume spray that your pet deserves.


  • Size: 100ml
  • Suitable for Dogs and Cats
  • Jasmine Scent
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Daily Use

Wiggles Odopro Dog Deodorant Perfume Spray

General Description: This dog perfume by Wiggles Odopro is a game-changer for pet owners dealing with smelly dogs. With a generous 200ml size, this puppy freshening deodorizer spray effectively eliminates unpleasant odours while moisturizing your pet's skin. The long-lasting formula ensures your furry friend stays fresh and fragrant, even after an active day of play.


  • Size: 200ml
  • Suitable for Dogs
  • Long-Lasting
  • Moisturizes Skin
  • Smell Good Bath

PETVEDA Ayurvedic Deodorant Perfume

General Description: This Ayurvedic dog perfume by PETVEDA is a luxurious choice for pet owners who appreciate natural fragrances. Infused with cedarwood essential oil, this 250ml alcohol-free natural fragrance spray maintains your pet's healthy coat and fur. It's sulphate and paraben-free, ensuring a gentle and safe grooming experience. Treat your furry friend to a pet perfume that combines tradition and modern pet care.


  • Size: 250ml
  • Suitable for Dogs and Cats
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Sulphate and Paraben-Free

GEELEE MITTI Safe 100% Natural Dog Perfume

General Description: This natural dog perfume by GEELEE MITTI offers a safe and refreshing scent for your furry companion. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Rose Water, and Lavender essential oil, this perfume is free from alcohol, chemicals, and parabens. It's a grooming deodorant spray that ensures your pet not only smells great but also enjoys a chemical-free experience. Choose natural, choose GEELEE MITTI.


  • Safe and Natural
  • Aloe Vera, Rose Water & Lavender Essential Oil
  • No Alcohol, Chemicals, or Parabens

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TOPDOG PREMIUM Peach Dog Perfume Spray

General Description: TOPDOG PREMIUM presents this Peach Dog Perfume Spray, a 100ml fragrant delight for your furry friend. This pet perfume offers a refreshing and long-lasting scent that will keep your dog feeling and smelling fresh. Give your pet the premium treatment with this delightful fragrance.


  • Size: 100ml
  • Suitable for Dogs
  • Peach Scent

Hey Buddie Citrus Paradise Natural Dog Cologne

General Description: Hey Buddie's Citrus Paradise Natural Dog Cologne is a 100ml premium chamomile-scented perfume body spray designed for dogs. It's alcohol-free and crafted with essential oils, ensuring a gentle and enjoyable experience for your pet. Let your dog revel in the refreshing scent of citrus while maintaining their freshness.


  • Size: 100ml
  • Premium Chamomile Scented
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Made with Essential Oils

PAWSfx Pet Cologne for Dogs & Cats

General Description: PAWSfx offers this pet cologne for dogs and cats in a calming lavender fragrance. This 150ml product is perfect for daily grooming to maintain freshness. It's alcohol and paraben-free, ensuring your pet's comfort and health while keeping them smelling delightful.


  • Size: 150ml
  • Suitable for Dogs and Cats
  • Lavender Fragrance
  • Alcohol and Paraben Free

Three best features for you

Product Name

Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

VetSafe Dog and Cat CologneNatural deodorizing sprayOdour and urine smell removerSuitable for both dogs and cats
Basil IRIS Pet Cologne SprayLong-lasting fragranceSoftens and shines coatSuitable for dogs and cats
Captain Zack Scent’sationally YoursAlcohol-freeJasmine scentSuitable for all dog breeds
Wiggles Odopro Dog Deodorant Perfume SprayLong-lasting fragranceMoisturizes skinIdeal for smelly dogs
PETVEDA Ayurvedic Deodorant PerfumeAlcohol-freeCedarwood essential oilMaintains healthy coat, fur, and hair
GEELEE MITTI Safe 100% Natural Dog PerfumeSafe and naturalAloe Vera, Rose Water, and Lavender essential oilNo alcohol, chemicals, or parabens
TOPDOG PREMIUM Peach Dog Perfume SprayLong-lasting fragrancePeach scentSuitable for dogs
Hey Buddie Citrus Paradise Natural Dog ColognePremium chamomile-scented perfume body sprayAlcohol-freeMade with only essential oils
PAWSfx Pet Cologne for Dogs & CatsLavender fragranceOdor removerAlcohol and paraben-free, suitable for daily grooming
Pet Mankind Fondapet Dog Body SprayRefreshing FragranceSuitable for DogsConvenient Size

Pros and cons for each products

Product Name



VetSafe Dog and Cat Cologne1. Natural deodorizing spray. 
2. Suitable for both dogs and cats.
1. Some may prefer a different fragrance. 
2. 200ml size may not be sufficient for larger pets.
Basil IRIS Pet Cologne Spray1. Long-lasting fragrance. 
2. Softens and shines coat.
1. Limited to dogs and cats. 
2. 100ml size may run out quickly for larger pets.
Captain Zack Scent’sationally Yours1. Alcohol-free.
 2. Suitable for all dog breeds.
1. Limited to jasmine scent. 
2. 100ml size may not last long for frequent use.
Wiggles Odopro Dog Deodorant Perfume Spray1. Long-lasting fragrance.
 2. Moisturizes skin. 
3. Suitable for smelly dogs.
1. Limited to dogs. 
2. 200ml size may not be suitable for frequent use on large dogs.
PETVEDA Ayurvedic Deodorant Perfume1. Alcohol-free. 
2. Contains cedarwood essential oil. 
3. Maintains a healthy coat, fur, and hair.
1. Limited to dogs and cats. 
2. Some may prefer different fragrances.
GEELEE MITTI Safe 100% Natural Dog Perfume1. Safe and natural. 
2. Contains Aloe Vera, Rose Water, and Lavender essential oil.
 3. No alcohol or chemicals.
1. Limited to dogs. 
2. Some may prefer a different scent.
TOPDOG PREMIUM Peach Dog Perfume Spray1. Long-lasting peach fragrance. 
2. Suitable for dogs.
1. Limited to peach scent. 
2. 100ml size may not be suitable for larger dogs.
Hey Buddie Citrus Paradise Natural Dog Cologne1. Premium chamomile-scented perfume. 
2. Alcohol-free. 
3. Made with essential oils.
1. Limited to dogs. 
2. Some may prefer different scents.
PAWSfx Pet Cologne for Dogs & Cats1. Lavender fragrance. 
2. Alcohol and paraben-free. 
3. Suitable for daily grooming.
1. Limited to lavender scent. 
2. 150ml size may not be sufficient for large dogs.
Pet Mankind Fondapet Dog Body Spray1. Refreshing fragrance. 
2. Suitable for dogs. 
3. Convenient 150ml size.
1. Limited to dogs. 
2. Some may prefer different fragrances.

Best value for money

Among the products listed, Pet Mankind Fondapet Dog Body Spray offers the best value for money. It provides a refreshing fragrance, is suitable for dogs, and comes in a convenient 150ml size, all at an affordable price point. This makes it an excellent choice for pet owners looking for an effective and budget-friendly dog perfume.

Best overall product

Captain Zack Scent’sationally Yours stands out as the best overall product in the category. It is alcohol-free, suitable for all dog breeds, and offers a delightful jasmine scent. This natural pet perfume spray not only keeps your pet fresh but also ensures their comfort and well-being.

How to find the best dog perfume?

When choosing the best dog perfume, consider the fragrance that suits your pet's preferences and your own. Look for options that are safe for your pet's skin and coat, and if you have cats, ensure the product is cat-friendly. Pay attention to the size of the bottle, especially if you have a large dog that may require more frequent application. Ultimately, the best dog perfume is one that keeps your pet smelling fresh and is convenient for your needs.

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FAQs on dog perfume:

Prices vary, but most dog perfumes range from affordable to moderately priced, depending on the brand and size of the bottle.
Some products are safe for both dogs and cats, but it's essential to check the product description for compatibility with cats.
Many of these perfumes offer long-lasting fragrance, but the intensity may vary. Read product reviews for insights into scent strength.
Most of these perfumes are designed to be safe for pet skin, but it's advisable to do a patch test first to ensure your pet doesn't have any adverse reactions.
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