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Get these aquarium fish tanks for your fish

Last Published on May 30, 2023 19:45 IST


This article is a guide to help you find the best aquarium fish tanks for your fish. It covers all shapes, sizes and price points so that you have a plethora of options to select from.

An aquarium fish tank can offer numerous benefits to both individuals and their living spaces. Aquariums serve as a unique and visually appealing focal point, adding a sense of tranquility and beauty to any room. They can also become a relaxing and rewarding hobby, as maintaining a thriving aquatic environment requires attention, care, and patience. Studies have shown that observing fish swimming in an aquarium can help reduce stress, anxiety, and lower blood pressure, providing a calming effect on one's well-being. Additionally, aquariums can be educational, offering an opportunity to learn about aquatic life, ecosystems, and the responsibility of caring for living creatures. With hundreds of options, hundreds of different types of fishes and aquatic pets, looking for an aquarium fish tank may seem like a daunting task. Whether you are looking for a classic rectangular glass tank or a contemporary finish acrylic fish tank- we bring to you some options. From reasonable options to pricier options- from aquarium fish tanks that double up as décor pieces to tanks that are functional and have it all. take a look at these eight options curated especially for people just like you- on the lookout for the best option for your aquatic pets!

Product Details

  1. Glass Fishbowl Small Snow Mountain Goldfish Aquarium

This handmade aquarium is made of high definition glass with a light transmission of 97%. It has a dome shaped design in the middle that looks like a snow mountain which makes it more attractive. It is perfect for small fishes of all kinds. This elegant glass fishbowl features a unique snow mountain design at the bottom, providing a stunning visual effect and an exciting environment for your goldfish to explore. The aquarium is made of high-quality, crystal-clear glass, ensuring that your aquatic pets can be enjoyed from every angle. Ideal for small goldfish or other aquatic pets, this exquisite fishbowl is perfect for desktops, offices, or as a stunning decorative piece in any room.


  • Colour: Clear
  • Brand: EWEIGEER
  • Material: Glass
  • Product dimensions- 15 X 15 X 10 cm
  • Weight- 420 grams
  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Package includes- Set of 1 fish tank.
User friendly and made of quality glass.   It is a bit expensive for its size.  
Great as a home décor piece, as gifts or for personal use.   

2. VPS Pets World Dolphin KWZONE Aquarium Tank

This fish tank aquarium from VPS is a very practical and functional fish tank aquarium that comes with its own filtering system, a light and a transformer. This spacious tank features a curved glass front, offering an uninterrupted panoramic view of your underwater paradise. The tank is equipped with a highly efficient filtration system to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your aquatic pets. It is perfect for hobbyists looking to elevate their aquatic setup with a sleek and modern design.


  • Colour: Clear with black accents.
  • Brand: VPS Pets World
  • Material: Glass
  • Product dimensions- NA
  • Weight- NA
  • Capacity: 5.6 litres
  • Package includes- Aquarium fish tank 3 in 1 kit includes crystal clear tank, filtering system and LED light with 12v transformer.
It has an optional remote control with 5 colour options available for LED light colour change.Needs to be constantly near a power source for all of its functions to work. 
The light system can be dimmed down to specific preference.   

3. Milscat Betta Fish Tank Acrylic Material Mini Desktop Aquarium Goldfish Mini

This uniquely designed fish tank aquarium has a space for the filter system that allows you to put any filter equipment in your tank. It also has a three slot- apartment designed especially for small fish like Betta allowing them to stay together yet have their own space as well. Crafted from high-quality, durable acrylic material, this aquarium is lightweight, easy to clean, and offers excellent visibility of your underwater friends. Its compact size makes it a great addition to any office or small living space, while the colorful background and playful design create a lively and engaging environment for your aquatic pets.


  • Colour: Clear
  • Brand: Milscat
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Product dimensions- 28.8 X 14.6 X12 cm
  • Weight- 1.1 kilograms
  • Capacity: 24 litres
  • Package includes- 1 fish tank, 1 removable segregation board.
It is made of good quality acrylic that has the transparency of glass and is sturdy.  It is quite expensive for a tank.  
It is perfect to be kept in houses, offices, stores or gardens.  

4. Flow 15 Aquarium with LED Light.

This acrylic aquarium fish tank is supposed to be 10 times stronger than a glass tank and is 50% lighter and 93% transparency. It comes with five stages of filtration and LED lights that make it a complete kit in itself. With a 15-gallon capacity, this spacious aquarium is perfect for a variety of aquatic species, while the integrated LED light system creates a beautiful, energy-efficient, and customizable environment for your underwater friends. The sleek, minimalist design and advanced filtration system make it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced aquarists.


  • Colour: Transparent.
  • Brand: BiOrb
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Product dimensions- 30.5 X 20.3 X 31.8 cm
  • Weight- 3 pounds
  • Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Package includes- Aquarium fish tank, filter cartridge.
Made of very sturdy and durable acrylic.  Limited colour options.  
Has LED lights that perform even in low voltage.   

5. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

This handset from Xiaomi has a 6.5 inch full HD display with 90 Hz refresh rate. It also has an ultra-wide camera lense and portrait modes that are great for taking photos. This high-quality aquarium kit includes a durable glass tank, an energy-efficient LED lighting system, and a powerful filtration unit to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your aquatic pets. It also comes with essential accessories such as a fish net, water conditioner, and a detailed setup guide, making it easy for anyone to create a beautiful underwater world. Perfect for both beginners and experienced hobbyists, this versatile aquarium kit offers a simple and elegant way to showcase your aquatic pets.


  • Colour: transparent, grey
  • Brand: Marina
  • Material: Glass
  • Product dimensions- 32.8 X 26 X 51.3 cm
  • Weight- 7.87 kilograms
  • Capacity: 10 gallons
  • Package includes- Aquarium fish tank, marina slim s15 clip with quick change filter cartridges.
It is an elegant yet classic design with features like filter and LED light.  The price is expensive.  
It has everything you may require for a fish tank.  

6. JAINSONS PET PRODUCTS Aquarium Glass Tank Aquarium Tank for Home with Light and Filter Aquarium Tank Set

The JAINSONS PET PRODUCTS Aquarium Glass Tank - a complete aquarium tank set designed to bring the beauty and tranquility of underwater life into your home. This versatile and stylish tank features a durable glass construction, providing a crystal-clear view of your aquatic pets from any angle. The aquarium comes equipped with an energy-efficient LED lighting system, casting a soothing and vibrant glow that highlights the vibrant colors of your fish and aquatic plants. The integrated filter ensures a clean and healthy environment for your aquatic friends, effectively removing impurities and maintaining optimal water quality.


  • Target Species: Fish
  • Material: Glass
  • Tank Volume: 22 Litres
  • Special Feature: Durable
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 36 x 22 x 37 Centimeters
All-inclusive setLimited customisation
Compact design 

Best 3 features for you

ProductsFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3

Glass Fishbowl Small Snow Mountain Goldfish Aquarium 


It is scratch resistant.It is a great fit for living rooms, offices, gardens and any other place.


It has a very aesthetically pleasing curved design that is unique.

VPS Pets World Dolphin KWZONE Aquarium TankIt has a 3 in 1 kit and you don’t need to invest in additional filters or light systems for your aquarium.It is extremely functional.It can be used in any space like personal or offices and shops.
Milscat Betta Fish Tank Acrylic Material Mini Desktop Aquarium Goldfish MiniIt has reserved holes for adding lamps.It is very durable.It is easy to assemble, operate and clean.
Flow 15 Aquarium with LED Light.It has biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization and oxygenation functions in built in the aquarium fish tank.It is more durable than glass tanks.It has its own lighting system.
Marina LED Aquarium KitIt comes with a quick changeable cartridge for filters.It is perfect even for first time fish owners.It can house a variety of fishes.
JAINSONS PET PRODUCTS Aquarium Glass Tank Aquarium TankDurable glass constructionVersatile and stylish designAll-inclusive aquarium set

Best value for money

Among the listed products, the Marina LED Aquarium Kit offers the best value for money. This all-inclusive aquarium kit not only provides a durable glass tank, but also includes an energy-efficient LED lighting system, a powerful filtration unit, and essential accessories such as a fish net and water conditioner. The comprehensive package makes it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced aquarists, ensuring a hassle-free experience when setting up a beautiful and functional underwater environment. It's combination of quality, convenience, and affordability make it the top choice for those seeking the best value in an aquatic setup.

Best overall product

The Flow 15 Aquarium with LED Light stands out as the best overall product among the listed options. Its contemporary and stylish design is perfect for modern living spaces, while its 15-gallon capacity provides ample room for a variety of aquatic species. The integrated energy-efficient LED light system not only enhances the visual appeal but also allows for customizable lighting conditions to suit your aquatic pets' needs. In addition, the advanced filtration system ensures a clean and healthy environment, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced aquarists who prioritize aesthetics, functionality, and a spacious environment for their underwater friends.

How to find the best aquarium fish tank?

Finding the best aquarium fish tank depends on various factors tailored to your specific needs and the types of fish you plan to keep. Firstly, consider the size and capacity - this should be based on the number and species of fish you wish to house. Some species require more space or particular configurations for healthy living. Secondly, material is important; options typically include glass or acrylic, each with its own benefits. The design and aesthetic appeal should also be considered, particularly if the tank is to be a focal point in your space. Lastly, look for tanks that come with or are compatible with necessary equipment like filters, heaters, and lights. Reading reviews and doing thorough research can also be invaluable in making the best choice.

FAQs on fish tank

Yes, acrylic is a safe option for keeping fish- acrylic is lighter, sturdier and has a transparency of 90% and more. So it is like glass but less fragile. 

Yes, the divider or the baffle of the Milscat betta fish tank is removable and the tank itself can be used without it. It is there if you wish to keep your fishes in the same tank but in different sections. 

The filtration system ensures that the fishes are getting filtered and clean water. Normally, fish tanks have to have a filter system that regulates the water by removing the impurities. These days, some tanks like the marina fish tank, Flow aquarium fish tank and RS electrical fish tanks etc come with an inbuilt filter system.

The parko fish tank is made of 6 mm high quality glass.

The glass fishbowl from EWEIGEER is the best option for keeping one or two goldfish as it is a mini fish tank and perfect for small fishes like goldfish.

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