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Top 9 dog house models to make your pet feel at home

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  • Published on Mar 02, 2023 12:06 IST
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Like human beings, dogs also need their private little space even if they are our pets and hence the need to have a dog house at home. This article gives a lowdown on the various types of dog houses that are available in the market today.

product info
Dog houses keep both the owner and the pet in a happy space.

These days, dog house design ideas are as distinctive as you and your dog and are customized to your requirements. The design of your dog's outside space is affected by all of these factors, as well as your dog's size, age, and health. To keep your dog content and healthy throughout the year, you'll need a dog house that meets all these requirements. Here, you'll find a wide selection of lovely and practical dog house designs, so you can find something that complements your home and your dog. Your dog will be pleased to have a new spot to lay its head after a long day of enthusiastic play!

Product List

1. Mellifluous Toy Breed Dogs Foldable House

Mellifluous's one-of-a-kind folding pet beds are constructed of plush velvet and come in a rich red-black colour. They are light and ideal for compact settings; your pet will enjoy snuggling in them. They are also machine washable and simple to clean!


Brand: Mellifluous

Colour: Grey-Black

The material used: Velvet

Weight: 1.31 kg

Dimensions: ‎41 x 44 x 45 cm

Inside is high-density foam with silky velvet fabric.Not intended for huge dogs.
Simple to clean/wash. It should be cleaned with foam, a clean towel, and a gentle brush.  


This item enhances your home's stylish and distinctive style while being perfect for your dog. The design is versatile and adjustable, making it ideal for use indoors. As a result, your pet will enjoy spending time in its new home, and you will value the sense of security and happiness it brings.



Colour: Red

Material used: ‎Velvet

Style: Foldable

It is soft and lightweight, making it easy to carry.It is proven not waterproof and may only be suitable for some seasons.
Foldable and compact 

3. Aspen Pet Petbarn Dog House

Are you looking for a roomy and comfy home for your pet? Then, the Petmate Barnhome is ideal for your pet! This pet shelter is made of high-quality plastic and is sturdy and straightforward to clean. In addition, it has a raised inner floor, air ventilation, and a rain-diverting ring to keep your pet dry and comfortable.


Brand: Petmate

Colour: Black

Material used: Plastic

Weight: 0.28 g

Dimensions: 67.3 x 45.7 x 41.9 Centimeters

Has ventilation that flows throughout.Some assembling is required. 
Snap-together construction is simple and requires no tools.  

4. XSOURCE Dog/Pet House

Whether sunny or cloudy outside, your pet can relax in style in this comfy abode. It offers a unique and practical approach to keeping your pet secure and happy. Because of its wooden frame and all-weather compatibility, it's perfect for your patio, porch, or sunroom. In addition, the raised design keeps your dog off the ground and away from moisture; they'll adore the comfort and feel perfectly at home.



Colour: Brown

Material: Wooden

Weight: 4 Kg

Dimensions: 68.1 x 63.2 x 66.8 Centimeters

  • A strong wooden frame for everyday usage outside supports this dog house's weather-resistant build.
  • It can be used everywhere, indoors or outdoors.

5. Foodie Puppies Soft & Light Weight & Foldable dog Tent/Kennel

Are you trying to find a place for your pet? Then, take into account this tiny tent/kennel. Your dog will appreciate this collapsible indoor dog home, made in a soft, fluffy fabric and provides a cosy, comfortable space for your best friend to rest and unwind. This adorable small house is the perfect solution for your pet's needs because it is easy to assemble and requires no special tools.


Brand: Foodie Puppies

Colour: Multi-colour

Material used: Polyester

Weight: 640 Grams

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 55 Centimeters

Pros Cons
It makes an excellent present for any dog lover.The size may not fit all dogs
It is proven comfortable for all seasons. 

6. Mellifluous Soft Velvet Cave House

This Mellifluous pet product is the perfect fusion of comfort and style. Soft, cosy, stylish, and modern describe these velvet pet beds. The small size is ideal for dogs, and the combination of brown-cream is chic and neutral. The only suggested methods of product care are machine and hand washing. The item weighs 1.42 kg and is lightweight and hassle-free to carry around.


Brand: ‎Mellifluous

Colour: Brown-Cream

Material used: Velvet

Weight: 1.42 Kilograms

Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 46 cm

The bed is designed for comfort.There is no way to secure the detachable cushion within the house.
Natural design that blends perfectly with your home's décor. 

7. Mellifluous Foldable D Shape House/Hut for Dogs

Do you have a dog that enjoys sleeping on the couch in a fluffy ball? Then, the Mellifluous Folding House for Dogs is perfect for you if so! This great little item is ideal for providing your dog with a comfortable lay-down spot while keeping them amused and contained. In addition, the house can withstand a lot of wear and tear because it is composed of tough, flexible, and durable fabric. Also, it is simple to store when not in use due to its foldable shape. Thus, Mellifluous Folding House is the ideal option for a cosy and practical way to keep your dog secure and happy.


Brand: Mellifluous

Colour: Grey-Cream

Material used: ‎Velvet

Weight: 1.6 Kilograms

Dimensions: 61 x 50.8 x 50.8 Centimeters

Pros Cons
It’s made of soft and comfy material.It might only be fit for some dog breeds.
The pet house's balcony, rest room, and side stairs give ample space for playing and resting. 

8. Amit Brothers Pet House for Dogs/Puppies

You might be thinking of something for your pet to be cosy and rest happily if you need quiet time or run errands. It's crucial to provide a comfy home for our animal friends. In particular, if we have a big or multi-pet family, we know the difficulty in finding the perfect home for our pet. Therefore this pet house is an excellent way to keep your dog safe and healthy and the perfect environment for a dog to live.


Brand: Amit Brothers

Colour: Pink

Material used: Polyester, Fabric

It's comfortable and suitable for all kinds of weather.The material used can be better.
A pet mat or blanket can be placed inside to serve as a comfortable bed for your pet. 

9. Shark-Shaped House Pet cave

The superb fleece brushed fabric and Oxford cloth of the Sanvpwsan pet bed is odourless and relaxing. It is easy to maintain and clean. Dogs will be safe and comfortable thanks to the non-skid and moisture-proof material used for the bottom. It may be folded into a cute pet tent or a closed bed and doubles as a pet cot. It has a sturdy construction and is well-made.


Brand: Sanvpwsan

Colour: Grey

Material used: pp cotton plush fabric

Weight: 440 g

Dimensions: 29.5 x 37.8 x 8 Centimeters


Fine craftsmanship and a robust framework.

The bottom has an anti-skid and moisture-proof construction to prevent movement

Some assembling is required. 

Best 3 features

 Products feature 1 features 2 features 3
 Mellifluous Toy Breed Dogs Foldable House It includes a core pillow for increased comfort. It has a removable roof makes it seem more stylish It’s Simple to clean/wash
 PILA BRASILEIRO Pet House Smooth fabric that is simple to clean and has adequate stuffing Easy-in slanted entry and incredibly comfortable foam stuffing. Luxurious velvet for the pets' ultimate comfort
 Aspen Pet Petbarn Dog House Tough and robust plastic design that will not decay in the weather decay in the weather. Construction of the dog house is entirely plastic, which keeps fleas away It is also available in various sizes to fit dogs weighing between 15 and 90 pounds.
 XSOURCE Dog/Pet House This dog shelter is upholstered with splash-proof flooring Thick padding for a pleasant sleeping area for your pet buddy. It is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs.
 Foodie Puppies Soft & Light Weight & Foldable dog Tent/Kennel It is very convenient to assemble and store High-quality polyester ensures product longevity. Optimum pet comfort is ensured by soft foam.
 Mellifluous Soft Velvet Cave House Bed With an anti-skid base, it's ideal for dogs. It contributes to the atmosphere and is suitable for all weather and everyday use Integrating natural design into your home's interior
 Mellifluous Foldable D Shape House/Hut for Dogs All alignments are adequately given for simple assemble Includes a top that can be removed to make it simple to transport while travelling. High-density foam is used to construct the walls.
 Amit Brothers Pet House for Dogs/Puppies Easy-in slanted entry and incredibly comfortable foam stuffing ideal for dogs of small, medium, and large breeds The perfect design for creating a doggie sleeping corner in your home.
 Shark-Shaped House Pet Bed Simple to disassemble and clean It is exceptionally strong and long-lasting, with precision sewing and a solid seam. Anti-skid and moisture-proof design

Best value for money

The most reasonable choice is the Mellifluous Toy Breed Dogs Folding Home. It provides exceptional quality, usability, and comfort at a reasonable cost. Also, it is superior in quality to those that are more affordable.

Best overall product

On the other hand, the Shark-Shaped House Pet cave must be the undisputed champion. This product offers the full package, including great quality and comfort. It is the best item on our list due to its practicality, superb quality, and customizability. Not only does this pet cave act as a dog house, but it also provides comfort for your pet to sleep in it.

How to choose the best dog house

Before starting your search, check the weather. These factors affect the purchase or how to upgrade its features for the highest level of safety and security. The best dog houses have durable roofing and good ventilation. Your dog can breathe more easily, and the odour of the house is kept at bay with proper airflow. A sturdy roof should keep out sunlight, precipitation, and snow. The same rule applies regarding size and dog houses: your pet should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie comfortably within.

Product Price
Mellifluous Toy Breed Dogs and Cat Foldable House/Hut Length 41 cm Width 44 cm Height 45 cm (S, Grey-Black) ₹ 1,323
PILA BRASILEIRO Pet House Soft & Light Weight Designer Luxurious Foldable Waterproof & Resversible Pet House for Dog and Cat ₹ 1,049
Aspen Pet Petbarn Dog House Snow and Rain Diverting Roof Raised Floor No-Tool Assembly 4 Get Price
XSOURCE an Cat House Dog House Pet House for Dogs Large Wooden Dog House for Small Medium Dog Foldable Pet House Wooden Dog House Cat House with Foldable Mat and Roof (Big) Get Price
Foodie Puppies Soft & Light Weight Designer Luxurious Foldable Pet Tent Kennel Den House for Puppies & Dogs (Army Print Den House, 50cm X 50cm X 55cm) ₹ 1,599
Mellifluous Soft Velvet Cave House Bed for Toy Breed Dogs and Cats | 3 Months Warranty | Length 58 cm Width 58 cm Height 46 cm (Medium, Brown-Cream) ₹ 1,520
Mellifluous Foldable D Shape Velvet Fabric Dual Colour House/Hut for Dogs & Cats Length 24 inch Width 20 inch Height 20 inch (M, Grey-Cream) ₹ 1,667
Amit Brothers Ultra Comfortable Multicolor Pet House for Dogs/Puppies(Size-51 X 82 X 64 cm) ₹ 1,149
Shark-Shaped House Pet Bed with One Cushion and One Warm Kennels, Cat Bed Small Cat and Dog Cave Comfort Bed, Removable Pet Bed(Light Grey) ₹ 4,076

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top 9 dog houses for a cosy and stylish home

What materials are required to construct a doggie house from scratch?

The most common materials used in dog homes are wood or plastic. Wood is the most famous building material, and most directions include examples of a building using lumber. This is because wood is inexpensive and straightforward. 

What are some dog home decoration ideas?

A dog home might be decorated with bright paint or paw prints. These graphics may be painted with weather-resistant paint on the roof of the dog home. In warmer areas, water-resistant stickers can be used. Finally, paint a cartoon dog on the exterior of your pet's house to give it a touch of fun.

Do dogs prefer to live in indoor dog houses?

An indoor dog house is a fantastic way to give your pet a place to relax and recharge. After all, dogs appreciate having their area. 

What materials should be used to insulate a dog house?

Applying fibreglass insulation would greatly help your dog's house. While it is more expensive than the other materials on our list, it is simple to install and will make your dog's home considerably cosier.