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Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 Sale On Musical Instruments

Last Published on Sep 23, 2022 13:58 IST


The Amazon Great Indian Festival is one of India's most significant shopping events. For this year's festival, Amazon has announced that it will offer exclusive discounts on various products, including musical instruments.

It is the best time and opportunity if you are looking to buy some musical instruments. Amazon India offers exceptional musical instrument deals during the latest Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 Sale. You will get the best deals and discounts on different instruments at this sale, including guitar, keyboard, drums, piano, and even microphones.

1. Juârez Acoustic Guitar

The Juarez Acoustic Guitar brings a classic look to your living room or studio with its glossy black finish and solid construction. This innovative guitar model, with a great look and sound, is aimed at the beginner player. It has a beautiful linden wood body and a cutaway design that makes it easy to play. The bridge is plastic, allowing you to change strings and tunings easily.

It comes with 18 frets and a comfortable ebony fingerboard for quick playing. With a range of colors available, you'll be able to find a tone that suits your style!


Brand - Juârez

Top material type - Wood, Linden, Ebony

Colour - Blue

Back material - Plastic, Wood, Basswood

Fretboard Material - Ebony

Body material - Wood

Number of frets - 18

Hand orientation - Right

Size - 38-inches

Body Type - Cutaway

Classic finishMediocre quality of tuning pegs
Suitable for beginners 
Suitable for short-height users 

2. Henrix 38C Acoustic Guitar

The Henrix 38C is an acoustic steel string guitar with a cutaway for your accessible playing positions. The body is made from high-quality linden, giving you incredible sustain and tonality with top-end frequencies.

The acoustic guitar is a perfect blend of power and elegance. It comes with high-precision open gear tuners, allowing for easy tuning. The gloss body provides good durability, while an adjustable pickup offers good sound quality.


Brand - Henrix

Body material - Linden

Fretboard Material - Engineered Wood

Back material - Basswood

Colour - Blue burst

Size - 38-inches

Body Type - Cutaway

Scale - 643 mm

Number of frets - 18

Decent build qualityThick strings
Glossy finish 
Loud sound 

3. JUAREZ Electronic Keyboard Piano

Build your skills and expand your repertoire with the JUAREZ Electronic Keyboard Piano. This fantastic learning tool has an authentic range of sound, complete with 255 rhythms, eight keyboard percussions, and 255 timbres.

Its integrated learning system allows you to switch easily from a traditional piano or organ you are familiar with to a wide range of percussions for a different musical experience. This digital electronic keyboard is a simple, easy instrument to learn how to play in a few minutes without any special training. A metronome, tempo control, and more advanced features make this the perfect digital keyboard piano for learning music.


Brand - JUAREZ

Number of keys - 61

Weight - 950g

Colour - Black

Size - KRK661

Suitable for beginnersNo USB port
Good build quality 
Compact design 
Two speakers 

4. Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon

The Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon is the perfect companion to your live performance or studio setup. This Cajon has three sets of movable snare wires, a sturdy MDF shell, and a wooden top.

With a padded seat, the Clapbox Cajon is comfortable to use, and its sleek look adds to its powerful tone. It's also great for live performances and recording studios because it delivers a crisp snare, rich bass notes, and abright tone in the center of this Cajon.


● Brand - Clapbox

Weight - 4000 grams

Material - Birchwood

Colour - multicolor

Dimension - 30 x 30 x 52 cm

Sounds goodMediocre built quality
Adjustable Snare 
Simple to use 

5. SG Musical - Vivaldi Violin

The Maple Wood Violin is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate performers. This violin fiddle kit includes all the necessities to start learning how to play. With a natural glossy finish and horse hair bow, this violin is ideal for any player.

Made of durable wood with a beautiful wood finish and rich varnish, this instrument will stand the test of time. The horsehair bow is easy to use and has excellent tone quality, providing more resistance than traditional bow hair. It also helps reduce hand fatigue when playing.


Brand - SG Musical

● Body material - Maple

Instrument - Violin

Top material - Spruce

● Colour - Natural

Natural glossy finishA bit pricey
Elegant design 
Great for both advanced musicians and beginners 

6. REVEL Ukulele

The Ukulele is the perfect instrument to start your journey into music. It is a must-have for every musician. Its elegant and sober appearance, mahogany body, and 12-fret design fit well in your hands, so you can strum it and sing along to your favorite songs.

Its compact size makes it convenient to grip and play with. Its smooth, resonant sound will put a spring in your step, and once you get one in hand, you'll be strumming along with ease.


Brand - REVEL

Top Material - Mahogany

Colour - Black

Back material - Mahogany

Size - 21-inches

Hand orientation - Ambidextrous

Number of frets - 21

Weight - 900 gms

Dimension - 61 x 21.7 x 7 Cms

Decent qualityNot for advanced musicians
Great tonal quality 

7. Juarez Harmonica

This instrument is built to last with its high-quality chromed silver nickel plated metal cover. The cover is constructed of an ABS plastic material that's lightweight and moisture-resistant for better playability and durability.

This is the ideal harmonica for you to allow your kids to explore the musical world and love learning music. The harmonica comes in a stylish black flip-top box that is simple to store and carry. The high-quality material and professional design have made it one of the most loved instruments by all harmonica lovers.


Brand - Juarez

Instrument key - C

Weight - 110 gms

Style - Classic

Colour - Silver

Material - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Great build qualityA bit small
Beginner friendly 

8. Harmonium 9 Stopper

This harmonium is an impeccable instrument, perfect for everyone, be it beginners or advanced users. It produces an excellent sound quality, and the structural integrity is superior. The wooden body makes it durable, and the pump organ has a good action that's easy for beginners. It's also designed to keep your fingers safe from getting tired from pressing keys repeatedly during practice sessions. It comes with a cover for added protection against dust particles.


Brand - Jyotaksh Store

● Material - Wood

Colour - Natural

Dimension - 56L x 28W x 28H Cms

Weight - 12Kg

Good sound qualityLittle heavy
Beginner friendly 
Polished surface 

Best 3 Features For You

PorductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Juârez Acoustic GuitarClassic finishSuitable for beginnersSuitable for short-height users
Henrix 38C Acoustic GuitarDecent build qualityGlossy finishLoud sound
JUAREZ Electronic Keyboard PianoCompact designGood build qualityTwo speakers
Clapbox Adjustable Snare CajonSounds goodAdjustable SnareSimple to use
SG Musical - Vivaldi ViolinNatural Glossy finishElegant designExcellent for both skilled and beginning performers
REVEL UkuleleDecent qualityGreat tonal qualityBudget-friendly
Juarez HarmonicaGreat build qualityInexpensiveBeginner friendly
Harmonium 9 StopperGood sound qualityBeginner friendlyPolished surface

Best Value for Money

If you are looking for a violin fiddle kit with a beautifully crafted design and quality materials to produce an excellent sound, look no further. SG Musical's Vivaldi Violin is the best value-for-money musical instrument in the latest Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 Sale.

The SG Musical violin kit is an elegant, attractive, and very durable violin. It is an excellent instrument for both beginners and advanced musicians. It has a sturdy maple wood body with a natural glossy finish and a horsehair bow. It also aids in reducing hand fatigue while playing.

Best Overall

Revel's Ukulele is the perfect match if you are looking for a cheap yet good musical instrument in the latest Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 Sale. Ukulele is made of high-quality materials with a robust finish that will endure for many years. Thanks to its sturdy mahogany body, it boasts excellent sound quality. The strings are evenly spaced on this instrument, and they never go out of tune while they make the user's playing experience pleasant!

How to Find the Perfect Best musical instruments in Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 Sale

The latest Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale is among the most significant online shopping events that occur every year. Now, you can find numerous items of various brands and manufacturers under different categories such as electronics, home, kitchen, and toys at this Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2022.

You will discover many items with up to 70% discounts if you purchase contemporary musical instruments online during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

However, choosing the best musical instruments in the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale can be challenging. By filtering the product list, you can search for incredible deals and offers based on your preferences. Once you shortlist the musical instruments, select the best product after comparing all the features and functionalities that meet your needs, suit your preferences, and match your budget.

Products Price list

Sl. No.ProductPrice
1.Juârez Acoustic Guitar 2,190
2.Henrix 38C Acoustic Guitar 2,899
3.JUAREZ Electronic Keyboard Piano 2,999
4.Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon 5,499
5.SG Musical - Vivaldi Violin 3,790
6.REVEL Ukulele 1,369
7.Juarez Harmonica 313
8.Harmonium 9 Stopper 8,400

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Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 Sale On Musical Instruments

Customers may purchase and save money with the Great Indian Festival Sale. The sale is on numerous product categories. It provides customers with special discounts and offers and help them save ample money.

The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale begins on September 23rd for regular Amazon customers. 

Amazon's Great Indian Festival Sale 2022 is for both Prime and non-Prime members. However, Amazon Prime subscribers will get one extra day, which means the Great Indian Sale begins on September 22nd, 2022, only for Prime members.

The Adjustable Snare Cajon by Clapbox is one of the best cajons on sale with 62% off.

Heavily discounted; Vivaldi Violin by SG Musical has 68% off on Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2022. 

Disclaimer: At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so ... we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority. Read more

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