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Best luggage bags in India in Oct 2023: Travelling light and in style can be fun

Last Published on Nov 06, 2023 17:04 IST


Luggage bags are essential for a hassle-free trip in our pursuit of easy and fashionable travel. Our October 2023 list reveals the top baggage bags in India that meet traveller demands as we go through the year.

With the correct baggage, a trip may be elevated from a mere excursion to a genuinely spectacular experience. As October 2023 approaches, the desire to see the world and the want for practical but fashionable travel accessories go hand in hand. With this in mind, we set out to discover the top baggage bags available in India, opening the door to a world of stylish and economical travel. This all-inclusive handbook is your ticket to turning travel into an enjoyable experience rather than simply a necessity.

The unsung heroes of every traveller's journey are their luggage bags. They include our special trip tales in addition to carrying our possessions. Form and function come together in the ideal baggage bag, which blends useful functions with stylish designs. It expresses who we are as people and how we approach life.

You may find a variety of baggage bags that suit different demands and tastes on these pages. These baggage bags blend innovation and elegance, promising to improve your travel experience. They range from sleek and beautiful carry-ons for short journeys to roomy and sturdy suitcases for long-haul travels.

You'll learn about the most recent developments in travel gear technology as we set out on our expedition to investigate the top baggage bags in India for October 2023. Come along with us as we strive to help you arrive at your destination in comfort and elegance. Whether you're travelling alone, with your family, or for work, these baggage bags are sure to add flair and excitement to your travels, making every trip an occasion for exploration and individuality.

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MOKOBARA The Set of Polycarbonate Hardsided Luggage

This is a set of two luggage bags and can be used as a travel suitcase by men as well as women. Each bag is an 8-wheel trolley bag and is, hence, it is easy to move it. It features a hard casing and has been manufactured using German Marklon polycarbonate shell. It is a large but lightweight bag set with a 41 litre and 71 litre capacity respectively. Its smooth Hinomoto wheels ensure there is absolutely no sound. It has a USB charging socket, TSA number lock and comes with dust and laundry bag. There's a 20% discount on this item.


  • Polycarbonate Material
  • 8-Wheel Trolley
  • USB Charging (Cabin)
  • Limited Edition
  • Travel Suitcase Set
  • Beach Sunrise Design



Convenient Charging

Limited Edition Availability

American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene Black Hardsided Check-in Luggage

The American Tourister Ivy is a versatile and durable option for your travel requirements. This 68 cm medium check-in luggage bag is made of tough Polypropylene (PP), so it can withstand the rigours of travel. With a sleek black finish, it conveys classic elegance while being tough. With four smooth-rolling spinner wheels, navigating airports and terminals becomes a breeze. The built-in TSA lock adds security, allowing you to travel with confidence. This luggage bag is designed to be both stylish and functional, making it a perfect choice for both leisure and business travellers.


  • Type: Medium Check-in
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Size: 68 cm
  • Wheels: 4 Spinner Wheels
  • Lock: TSA Lock
  • Colou: Black




Durable in nature

Size is small, and that can be an issue.

Safari Pentagon 3 Pcs Set Polypropylene Cyan Hardsided Luggage

The Safari Pentagon 3 PC set in brilliant Cyan Blue is a triumphant marriage of design, durability, and affordability. This set includes Small, Medium, and Large sizes, so you'll be ready for any travel trip. These hard-sided luggage bags are made of tough Polypropylene (PP) and have four 360-degree spinning wheels to resist the rigours of modern travel while enabling seamless flexibility. This is a set for three luggage bags. These are hardsided luggage bags, made of polypropylene and is scratch- and impact-resistant, lightweight yet durable suitcase. These are a 4-wheel trolley bag. These are also stylish yet spacious two-compartment textured luggage. The three bags have the following capacities – small - 48L, medium -87L and large -123L. It has a spacious divider compartment to hold all necessary things while travelling. There is a 74% discount on this set.


  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 54 x 31 x 75 cm; 9.95 Kilograms
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Safari
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B097QPK65R
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 9 kg 950 g



Effortless Mobility

Heavier Than Soft Luggage

Genie Scarlett 79 cms Large Check-in Polycarbonate Hardsided 8 Wheel

The Genie Scarlett Large Check-in Polycarbonate Hardsided Luggage Bag will enhance your travel experience. This 79 cm masterpiece is intended to make your journeys more comfortable and stylish. It is made of tough polycarbonate and will keep your valuables safe even in the most extreme conditions. The 8-wheel system provides great manoeuvrability, allowing you to glide through airports effortlessly. Its ability to rotate 360 degrees makes navigation a breeze. This luggage, in a soothing lavender tint, is not only practical but also a fashion statement for the discerning traveller.


  • Type: Large Check-in Luggage
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Wheels: 8-wheel System
  • Dimensions: 79 cms (Height)
  • Colour: Lavender
  • Rotation: 360 Degree



Effortless Mobility

Large Sizes may pose restrictions.

Skybags Trooper 55 Cms Polycarbonate Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage

The Skybags Trooper is a small wonder in the world of luggage bags. It's the perfect compact cabin buddy for your travels, measuring 55 cm. This hard-sided suitcase is made of strong polycarbonate and will keep your valuables safe throughout your vacation. The elegant blue and white design provides a touch of class. Its four spinner wheels give excellent manoeuvrability, making navigating busy terminals a breeze. This Skybags invention is more than simply baggage; it's a travel companion that flawlessly blends style, functionality, and durability.


  • Type: Small Cabin Luggage
  • Material: Polycarbonate Hard Shell
  • Size: 55 cm
  • Wheels: 4 Spinner Wheels
  • Colour: Blue and White
  • Closure Type: Zipper



Stylish Design

Limited in terms of Capacity

6. WENGER Static-Pro Carry-on Hardside Suitcase

The WENGER Static-Pro Carry-on Hardside Suitcase, model number 612049, exemplifies the brand's famous Swiss expertise inLuggage bags. With a considerable capacity of 33 litres, this compact yet spacious bag blends sleek grey aesthetics with great utility. Precision-engineered, it embodies the ideal balance of design and utility for discriminating travellers. This Swiss-designed luggage item promises to be a loyal companion, ensuring your stuff is secure and in style on every excursion.



  • Brand: WENGER
  • Model: 612049
  • Type: Hardside Carry-on Suitcase
  • Capacity: 33 litres
  • Colour: Grey
  • Design: Swiss Engineered



Swiss Craftsmanship

Limited Colour Options

7. Aristocrat Olympus, Cabin, Medium & Large Luggage (Set of 3)

The Aristocrat Olympus collection of three luggage bags in enthralling Rose Red is designed to enrich your trip experience. These precision-crafted hardcase luggage components provide both flair and usefulness. It is simple to navigate airports and congested terminals with an 8-wheel spinning system. The permanent combination lock assures security, giving you peace of mind as you travel. These baggage bags are designed to meet the demands of both men and women, with plenty of space for your possessions. With this comprehensive set of cabin, medium, and large bags, you can up your travel game.


  • Type: Set of 3 Luggage Bags (Cabin, Medium, Large)
  • Colour: Rose Red
  • Material: Hardcase
  • Wheel Type: 8-Wheel Spinner
  • Locking Mechanism: Fixed Combination Lock



Enhanced Mobility

Weight Consideration

8. Nasher Miles Dallas Expander Soft-Sided Polyester Check-in Luggage Pink 24-inch

The Nasher Miles Dallas Expander Soft-Sided Polyester Check-in Luggage Bag in elegant pink will elevate your trip experience. This 24-inch (65cm) trolley bag blends elegance and functionality, providing plenty of room and durability for your travels. It is made of high-quality polyester and has a long lifespan, making it an outstanding choice among luggage bags.


  • Material: Soft-Sided Polyester
  • Size: 24 inches (65cm)
  • Type: Check-in Luggage
  • Colour: Pink
  • Expandable: Yes
  • Wheels: 360-degree Rotating Wheels
  • Handle: Telescopic Trolley Handle
  • Compartments: Multiple Pockets for Organization
  • Lock: Combination Lock



360-degree rotating wheels

Potential for Scuffs

9. Delsey Paris Misam 66 Cms Medium Check-in ABS Hard Sided 4 Wheels 360 Degree Rotation Luggage/Suitcase/Trolley Bag (Blue)

The Delsey Paris Misam 66 Cms Medium Check-in ABS Hard Sided Luggage in a beautiful Blue tone will elevate your travel experience. The Misam 66 Cms is a signature of Delsey Paris, which is known for creating great luggage bags. It epitomises a mix of durability, functionality, and elegance. This medium-sized bag has been precisely designed to fit the needs of modern travellers who value both style and substance. Its tough ABS hard shell protects your stuff throughout your travel, while the four multi-directional spinning wheels allow for simple 360-degree rotation, allowing for seamless movement through busy terminals.


Material: ABS Hard Shell

Size: Medium, 66 cm

Wheels: 4 multi-directional spinner wheels

Color: Blue

Lock Type: TSA-approved combination lock

Handles: Top and side handles for easy lifting



TSA-approved lock 

Slightly heavier

10. uppercase Bullet 19100EHT1SLR Set of 3 (S+M+L) Hardsided Polycarbonate Luggage

This set, which comes in Small, Medium, and Large sizes, exemplifies both flair and usefulness. These luggage bags, which come in an attractive Silver finish, are precisely manufactured from high-grade polycarbonate, guaranteeing they can withstand the rigours of world exploration. With eight multi-directional wheels, traversing congested airports and streets becomes a breeze. The integrated TSA-approved lock and anti-theft zippers give an extra degree of security, enabling you to travel with peace of mind. Furthermore, an eco-friendly, anti-scratch coating not only increases longevity but also demonstrates a commitment to environmentally friendly design.


Material: High-grade Polycarbonate

Wheels: 8 Multi-directional Wheels for Effortless Mobility

Locking System: TSA-approved Lock for Hassle-free Security Checks

Zippers: Anti-theft Zippers for Extra Peace of Mind

Finish: Eco-friendly, Anti-scratch Coating



Enhanced Security

Price Point

Top 3 features for you


Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

MOKOBARA The Set of Polycarbonate Hardsided Luggage

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 43.99 x 26.97 x 68.48 cm 


Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 9 kg 520 g


Net Quantity ‏ : ‎ 1.00 count

American Tourister Ivy 68 cms Medium Check-in Polypropylene (PP) 

Scratch and impact-resistant material

Recessed TSA lock

Extra packing space

Safari Pentagon 3 Pc Set 55, 65 & 75 cms- Small, Medium & Large Polypropylene (PP)

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 54 x 31 x 75 cm

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 9 kg 950 g

Department ‏ : ‎ Unisex

Genie Scarlett 79 cms Large Check-in Polycarbonate Hardsided 8 Wheel 360 Degree Rotation Luggage

Spacious - Capacity 141 liters

Dimensions 79.5 cms X 55 cms X 32 cms

Department ‏ : ‎ Unisex

Skybags Trooper 55 Cms Small Cabin Polycarbonate Hard Sided 4 Spinner Wheels Luggage/Suitcase/Trolley Bag- Blue and White

Capacity: 28 liters

Weight: 2360 grams

Dimensions: 38 cms x 21 cms x 55 cms (LxWxH)

WENGER Static-Pro Carry-on Hardside Suitcase

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2 kg 860 g

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 23 x 37 x 55 cm

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Victorinox

Aristocrat Olympus, Cabin, Medium & Large Luggage (Set of 3),

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 51 x 30 x 75 cm

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 10 kg 200 g

Department ‏ : ‎ Unisex

Nasher Miles Dallas Expander Soft-Sided Polyester Check-in Luggage Pink 24-inch 

Telescopic handle

2 Year warranty 

Large bags with 360 degrees of rotation

Delsey Paris Misam 66 Cms Medium Check-in ABS Hard Sided 4 Wheels 360 Degree Rotation Luggage

Capacity: 81.51 liters

Outer Material: ABS

Dimensions: 26 cms x 47.5 cms x 66 cms (LxWxH)

uppercase Bullet 19100EHT1SLR Set of 3 (S+M+L) Hardsided Polycarbonate Luggage, 8 Wheel Antiscratch Eco Trolley Bag 

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 54 x 32 x 74 cm



Net Quantity ‏ : ‎ 1.00 count

7.9 Kilograms

Best overall product

The Aristocrat Olympus Luggage Set in Rose Red is the best overall product because of its remarkable combination of design, durability, and utility. This collection of three expertly built hard case luggage bags meets a wide range of travel demands, with cabin, medium, and ample storage options. The eye-catching Rose Red colour not only provides a touch of elegance but also makes it easier to identify crowded luggage carousels. Using an 8-wheel spinner system, navigating airports becomes a breeze, delivering unrivalled mobility. The presence of a permanent combination lock ensures security, giving travellers peace of mind throughout their excursions. Furthermore, with a 7-year warranty, Aristocrat demonstrates its faith in the longevity and quality of these luggage bags. This comprehensive set truly excels in every aspect, making it the best choice for any traveller seeking a reliable, stylish, and functional luggage solution.

Best value for money

The Safari Pentagon 3 Pc Set in Cyan Blue is, without a doubt, the pinnacle of value in the luggage business. This precisely crafted set comes in Small, Medium, and Large sizes to ensure you're prepared for any travel situation. These hard-sidedluggage bags are made of strong Polypropylene (PP) and are designed to resist the most difficult journeys. The addition of four 360-degree rotating wheels ensures effortless mobility even in packed terminals. What genuinely distinguishes this set is its excellent price-to-quality ratio. Despite its luxury features, such as a TSA-approved lock, anti-theft zippers, and a scratch-resistant coating, the Pentagon Set is surprisingly inexpensive. This means you're not only investing in long-lasting, secure, and fashionable luggage, but you're also getting the most bang for your buck, making it an outstanding value-for-money product in its category.

How to find the best luggage bags?

In order to choose the finest baggage bags, you must take into account a number of things to make sure they complement your travel preferences and style. Here is a guide to assist you in finding the ideal travel bags:

  • Luggage Type: Choose the kind of baggage that best fits your way of travel. Carry-on bags, checked-in suitcases, backpacks, duffel bags, and speciality baggage like garment bags are among the options.
  • Size: Choose the right size for the length and method of transportation of your journey. While bigger luggage is suitable for longer travels, smaller carry-ons are best for shorter ones.
  • Sturdiness: Search for baggage bags composed of sturdy materials such as ABS plastic, ballistic nylon, or polycarbonate. Make sure your bags have strong handles, reinforced corners, and zippers to survive the rigours of travel.
  • Wheels: Choose suitcases with strong, rotating spinner wheels for effortless mobility, particularly in congested rail or airport terminals.
  • Handles: For easy handling, look for retractable, telescopic handles with many height options.
  • Compartments: If you want to pack and arrange your items efficiently, think about choosing baggage with many pockets and compartments.
  • Security Features: To assure the safety of your items while in transportation, look for zippers that can be locked or integrated locks.
  • Weight: Take note of the luggage's actual weight. Not only are lightweight bags more manageable, but they also optimise your luggage allowance.
  • Design and Style: Select a suitcase that captures your sense of style. There are many of alternatives, ranging from sophisticated and traditional patterns to striking and contemporary ones.

Price of luggage bags at a glance:

MOKOBARA The Set of Polycarbonate Hardsided Luggage 23,999.00
American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene Black Hardsided Check-in Luggage 7,900.00
Safari Pentagon 3 Pcs Set Polypropylene Cyan Hardsided Luggage 30,335.00
Safari Ray Polycarbonate 65 cms Midnight Blue Hardsided Check-in Luggage 7,535.00
Skybags Trooper 55 Cms Polycarbonate Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage 6,825.00

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FAQs on luggage bags

Depending on your travel requirements, you may choose between hard-shell and soft-shell baggage bags. While soft-shell bags are often more pliable and extensible, hard-shell bags provide superior protection for breakable articles. Make your selection based on the kind of trip you undertake most often.
The length and nature of your journey will determine the appropriate size and capacity. A carry-on bag works well for short trips, while bigger checked baggage works better for longer ones. For information on weight and size limitations, it's crucial to review the airline's luggage policies.
Indeed, security features like sturdy zippers, TSA-approved locks, and built-in locks may improve the security of your possessions. When travelling both inside India and outside of it, these characteristics might provide peace of mind.
Elegant baggage bags come in an array of patterns and hues. While making sure the bag satisfies your practical travel demands in terms of size, practicality, and durability, take into account your style and tastes.
Indeed, there are baggage bags made for many kinds of travel. You could pick a business travel carry-on that looks professional and has laptop pockets. Sturdy and weatherproof alternatives are best for adventurous travel.
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