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Best hair conditioners help repair damaged hair, make it soft and smooth

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  • Published on Feb 13, 2023 17:46 IST
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Hair conditioners aren't just another product we apply after a wash - they do much more. Read on to know all about them alongwith some of the best ones available in the market today.

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Hair conditioners nourish, hydrate and smoothen strands.

Hair conditioners are a crucial part of hair care routine. They are used to nourish, hydrate, and smooth the hair strands, making them soft, manageable and shiny. They work by depositing a thin film of ingredients such as oils, silicones and moisturisers on the hair shaft, which helps to improve the hair's texture, reduce frizz and add shine. Hair conditioners are available in various forms, including rinse-out, leave-in, and deep-conditioning treatments.

Rinse-out conditioners are used after shampooing and are typically washed out of the hair after a few minutes. Leave-in conditioners are designed to be left in the hair to provide ongoing nourishment throughout the day. Deep-conditioning treatments are designed for use once or twice a week to deeply hydrate and repair damaged hair.

It's important to choose a hair conditioner that's right for your hair type, as some may be too heavy for fine hair, while others may not provide enough hydration for curly or oily hair. Additionally, some hair conditioners may contain ingredients that are not suitable for those with sensitive scalps or certain hair conditions, such as dandruff.

We have curated a list of some of the best hair conditioners available on Amazon. Do take a look and go ahead and buy some too.

Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Repair Conditioner

This conditioner is a nourishing hair care solution that's free of parabens and dyes. Infused with Nutri-Lock Serum, it helps repair hair damage, strengthen hair fibres and promotes thicker-looking hair. Ideal for those with dry and brittle hair, this formula helps restore the natural health and shine of your hair. With its rich and creamy texture, this conditioner provides a luxurious experience for your hair.


This hair conditioner is specially formulated for weak and thinning hair. It is enriched with nourishing ingredients that revitalize and fortify nutrient-starved hair, making it stronger and less prone to hair fall. This 200 ml bottle of conditioner is easy to use and provides long-lasting results, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthy, strong and full of life. Whether you're dealing with hair loss or just want to give your hair a boost, this conditioner is the perfect choice for you.

Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco CONDITIONER

Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco's conditioner is a nourishing hair treatment that helps to repair and strengthen damaged locks. Infused with Argan oil, the formula deeply moisturises to leave hair smooth and frizz-free. It is free of parabens and colourants, making it a gentle choice for all hair types. With 400 ml of product, you'll have plenty of conditioning treatments to help revive your locks.

WOW Skin Science Coconut & Avocado Oil No Parabens & Sulphate Hair Conditioner

This conditioner is a nourishing formula for healthy and shiny hair. Infused with Coconut oil and Avocado oil, it deeply moisturises and repairs hair, leaving it smooth and manageable. It is free from parabens and sulphates, making it a gentle, safe choice for all hair types. With 300 ml in every bottle, it provides long-lasting hydration and protection, making your hair look and feel its best.

St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Conditioner

This is a nourishing blend of Moroccan Argan oil, Avocado oil, Olive oil, and silk protein that smoothens dull, dry, and frizzy hair. The 300ml bottle of this paraben and sulphate-free conditioner is vegan and cruelty-free, making it a safe and ethical choice for your hair care routine. The rich blend of natural ingredients deeply moisturises and repairs hair, leaving it silky, shiny, and manageable.

Product Price
Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Repair Conditioner, No Parabens & Dyes, With Nutri-Lock Serum for Thicker Looking Hair, 380 ml ₹ 374
THE EARTH COLLECTIVE Hair Conditioner For Weak And Thinning Hair, Makes Nutrient-Starved Hair Stronger And Fights Hair Fall, 200 Ml ₹ 795
Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco CONDITIONER- For Hair Repair and No Frizz- No Paraben, No Colorants, 400 ML ₹ 440
WOW Skin Science Coconut & Avocado Oil No Parabens & Sulphate Hair Conditioner, 300mL ₹ 330
St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Conditioner 300ml with Moroccan Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil & Silk Protein to Smoothen Dull, Dry & Frizzy Hair | Paraben & Sulphate Free | Vegan & Cruelty Free ₹ 318

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