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Best oil for hair growth: 5 options that promise great nourishment

Last Published on Sep 08, 2023 11:16 IST
dot By: Shreya Garg


You can unlock the secret to healthy and luscious locks with the help of a good hair oil. HT Shop Now’s list of top 5 oils for hair growth come with that extra dose of  nourishment. Read More

Ever wondered why your grandmother used to insist time and again to oil your scalp with a good hair oil? That's because a good hair oil can be the secret to your luscious and voluminous locks. The whole exercise of massaging your scalp with a good hair oil not only proves to be therapeutic, but also has many benefits in terms of boosting overall hair health. From strengthening your roots, arresting the problem of hair fall, lending shine to your strands to promoting hair growth, a champi with hair oil can do all of that and much more. The use of hair oil is an age-old tradition that has withstood the test of time. You can get a desirable length of hair if you are consistently giving your scalp and hair a good dose of nourishment. Hair oils formulated with natural actives are essential for a lengthy and healthy mane.

In this buying guide, we have listed solutions that cater to a variety of hair types and concerns. Massaging your scalp with these oils will foster hair growth. Discover the power of these oils in the list below, and take the first step towards nourishing your hair naturally.

Hampa Hemp Bhringraj Hair Oil
This hair oil is a potent formulation infused with the goodness of pure hemp, Bhringraj and Cedarwood oil. it's rich in Omega 3 and 6 and vitamin E that help in nourishing hair from the roots to tips. Struggling with hair fall and dandruff? Try this oil and you will soon be able to unlock healthier and strong hair.

Cliganic USDA Organic Jojoba Oil

This 100% pure and cold pressed hair oil serves as an excellent choice for your hair. It can also be used on the face. Massage your scalp with the goodness of this oil and you will feel instantly relaxed. A perfect way to unwind, feel at ease and at the same time grow your hair, this hair oil provides natural nourishment for your hair. It is rich in moisturising and rejuvenating properties. Make this a part of your hair care routine and reap umpteen benefits.

Nourish Mantra Cosmic Sutra Hair Oil

This hair oil is made with a blend of natural ingredients like vitamin E, Gotu Kola and Argan oil. All of them work in tandem to arrest the problem of hair fall. Suitable for both women and men, this oil is free of sulphates and chemicals. A gentle solution, it works wonders for all hair types. It will also foster hair growth by many folds.

Top Secret Ayurvedic Hair Oil
This Ayurvedic formulation is made from a blend of natural ingredients that is designed to foster hair growth and boost overall hair health. Massage your scalp with the nourishing goodness of this oil to reap results. You will look forward to your ‘champi’ sessions and that's a given. Add this to your haircare routine tight away.

Hairfall Control Hair Oil
Hairfall is a commonplace problem and men and women across age groups these days are struggling to deal with it. Well, this hair oil could be the solution that can end your hair-related woes. It comes packed with natural and potent ingredients that will not only arrest hair loss, but also infuse strength in strands. At this price, you must definitely give it a try. Your hair will thank you for it. 

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