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Philips hair dryers: 5 best options to have on your radar

Last Published on Aug 12, 2023 09:41 IST
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Discover the best Philips hair dryer options tailored to your needs. From quick drying to ionic care, HT Shop Now's team has reviewed the top 5 models for a salon-worthy finish. Ensure a frizz-free, shiny look every time. Read More

The Philips hair dryer range stands out in the world of personal grooming, marrying technology with utility. One of the most recognized brands globally, Philips has consistently offered products that prioritize the health and appearance of your hair. In a world where every moment counts and looking presentable is synonymous with feeling confident, having a reliable hair dryer at your disposal is not just a luxury but a necessity.

A Philips hair dryer ensures not just quick drying but also protection against excessive heat, often a hidden villain behind hair damage. Women, irrespective of which age group they belong to, must always have a hair dryer handy. We all will agree how during lockdown, hair dryer instantly helped us look presentable for all the impromptu meetings. A good hair dryer is indeed like a trusted companion. And besides, it makes way for more good hair days too.

In this listicle, we've handpicked the top 5 Philips hair dryers based on factors like wattage, functionality and user feedback. Let's dive deep and discover which model suits you the best.

Philips Foldable Hair Dryer BHD308/30

The Philips BHD308/30 stands out for its smart foldable design, making it an ideal travel companion. With 1600W power, it ensures efficient blow drying at a safer, lower temperature. It emphasizes hair health by utilizing the Thermoprotect feature, which provides the optimal temperature balance, ensuring efficient drying without the risk of hair damage. Furthermore, the ergonomic design ensures easy handling, and its lightweight construction reduces arm fatigue during extended use. For those frequently on the move, this hair dryer marries convenience with performance.

Philips HP8100/60 Compact Hair Dryer

Compact yet powerful, the HP8100/60 is designed for versatility. Its 1000 Watts power output, combined with 2 flexible heat settings, allows users to tailor their drying experience to their specific needs. The built-in ThermoProtect technology ensures optimal temperature distribution, preventing overheating and ensuring that your hair remains shiny and free from heat-induced damage. Its vibrant blue colour gives it a modern aesthetic, while its ergonomic design ensures it's easy to handle and store.

Philips Essential Care Hair Dryer (HP8120/00)

Drying hair quickly yet gently is the hallmark of the HP8120/00. It boasts a 1200 Watts power output, ensuring rapid drying, while the three distinct heat and speed settings provide a customizable experience, catering to various hair types and styles. Its Thermoprotect feature, alongside the power, ensures hair isn't just dried, but also retains its natural shine and health. The pink hue adds a touch of femininity, making it a stylish addition to your grooming toolkit.

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

This model, while more understated than its counterparts, still embodies Philips' commitment to quality and hair health. It offers an effective drying experience, emphasizing hair protection and consistent results. Its lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability, making the drying process more comfortable. The precise details might be limited, but its performance and efficiency are in line with Philips' standards.

Philips Essential Care Hair Dryer (BHD356/10)

Touted as the powerhouse in the Philips hair dryer range, the BHD356/10 comes with an impressive 2100 Watts output. It's designed for those who seek salon-quality results at home. Its 6 heat and speed settings offer a wide range of styling options. However, what truly sets it apart is the advanced Ionic care, which releases negative ions to reduce static, resulting in smooth, frizz-free hair. The Thermoprotect feature ensures that while the power might be high, hair remains protected from potential heat damage. The sleek black design exudes sophistication, making it not just a functional tool, but also a stylish accessory.

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