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Top room heaters in India: Stay cosy all winter

Last Published on Sep 13, 2023 11:22 IST


As the chilly winter months approach, finding the perfect room heater becomes essential for a comfortable and warm living space. This article presents a comprehensive guide to the best room heaters available in India, ensuring you stay snug throughout the season.

Winter in India can be both enchanting and bone-chilling, depending on where you live. With temperatures dropping and frosty winds knocking at your door, there's nothing more comforting than a reliable room heater to keep you warm and toasty. To make your winter cozier, we've scoured the market to bring you the ultimate guide to the best room heaters available in India.

From energy-efficient options to models equipped with cutting-edge technology, our comprehensive review covers it all. Whether you're seeking a compact heater for your bedroom or a powerful one to heat a larger living space, we've got you covered.

In this article, we'll explore the top room heaters on the market, considering factors like heating capacity, safety features, energy efficiency, and user-friendliness. Plus, we'll provide expert tips on selecting the right heater for your needs, ensuring you can relax in warmth and comfort throughout the winter months. Say goodbye to shivers and hello to cosy evenings with the best room heaters in India.

Hilton Quartz Heater 400/800-Watt ISI 2 Rods Multi Mode Heater Long Lasting Quick Heating Extremely Warm (Grey)

The Hilton Quartz Heater is a versatile winter companion that packs a punch. With its 400/800-Watt power, it swiftly warms up any room. The ISI certification ensures safety, while the two quartz rods deliver quick and efficient heating. The sleek grey design blends seamlessly with any decor. Its multi-mode functionality lets you customize warmth as needed. It's perfect for those chilly mornings and frosty evenings. However, it's worth noting that it's more suitable for smaller rooms. For a budget-friendly, fast-heating option that keeps you snug, the Hilton Quartz Heater is a solid choice.


Power: 400/800-Watt

Heating Element: Quartz Rods

Certification: ISI Certified

Color: Grey

Modes: Multi-mode

Budget-friendly option.Best for smaller rooms.
Quick and efficient heating.Limited heating range for larger spaces
Stylish grey design. 

Havells OFR - 9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Room Heater with Fan (Black,Oil Filled Radiator)

The Havells OFR 9-Fin Room Heater is a powerhouse in winter warmth. With a robust 2400-Watt PTC heating element and an oil-filled radiator, it ensures efficient, long-lasting heating. The built-in fan distributes warmth effectively. Its sleek black design adds elegance to your room. Featuring three heating modes and a thermostat control, it offers customizable comfort. However, it's a bit on the heavy side and may not be as portable as some other heaters. For those seeking reliable, powerful heating during the winter, the Havells OFR is a top choice.


Power: 2400-Watt

Heating Element: PTC

Type: Oil Filled Radiator

Color: Black

Heating Modes: 3

Powerful 2400-Watt heating element.May take up more space due to its design
Fan for even heat distribution.Heavier and less portable than some other heaters.
Customizable heating with three modes. 
Stylish black design. 

STARVIN Model –S-11 Sun Heater Energy- Saving Limited Edition ||1000-Watt Smart Room Heater with Instant Heating Feature || Make in India || R458

The STARVIN Model S-11 Sun Heater is a remarkable 1000-Watt Smart Room Heater with Instant Heating Feature, proudly made in India. It impresses with its quick heating capability, instantly warming up your space. The energy-saving design ensures cost-efficient operation. Its compact size and portability make it versatile for any room. However, some users may find it lacks advanced features like thermostat control. For those seeking an affordable, efficient, and proudly Indian-made room heater, the STARVIN S-11 is a solid choice.


Power: 1000-Watt

Heating Element: Not specified

Made in India: Yes

Additional Features: Instant Heating

Quick and efficient heating.Lacks advanced features like thermostat control.
Energy-saving design.Limited information on the heating element used
Compact and portable. 
Proudly made in India. 

Warmex 400 Watts Electric PTC Heater/Wall Mount Heater/Fan Heater/Room Heater MINI BONFIRE with 15-45°C Variable Temperature Setting & 30 Seconds Time Lapse

The Warmex Mini Bonfire is a versatile 400-Watt Electric PTC Heater that impresses with its wall-mountable design. With a variable temperature setting (15-45°C) and a rapid 30-second heat-up time, it delivers efficient and customizable warmth. This heater's compact size and wall-mount feature make it an excellent choice for space-conscious individuals. However, the lower wattage may not be suitable for heating larger rooms, and it may not have the power some users seek for extreme cold. For spot heating and convenience, the Warmex Mini Bonfire is a smart choice.


Power: 400-Watt

Heating Element: PTC

Temperature Settings: 15-45°C

Heat-Up Time: 30 seconds

Mounting: Wall Mount

Variable temperature settings for customized comfort.May not provide sufficient heat for larger rooms.
Quick 30-second heat-up time.May not be suitable for extreme cold conditions
Wall-mountable design saves space. 
Compact and convenient for spot heating. 

Warmex Home Appliances 1000/2000 Watts Electric PTC Heater/Fan Heater/Tower Heater/Room Heater ZEAL+ with Touch Control Digital Display & Temperature Setting Upto 49°C - Black

The Warmex ZEAL+ Tower Heater is a powerhouse with its 1000/2000 Watts of heating capacity. It boasts a sleek black design and features a touch control digital display for easy operation. With temperature settings that can go up to 49°C, it ensures you stay comfortably warm in colder weather. While it offers impressive heating capabilities, its relatively larger size might not suit smaller spaces. However, for larger rooms and those who prefer precise temperature control, the Warmex ZEAL+ is a reliable choice.


Power: 1000/2000 Watts

Heating Element: PTC

Temperature Settings: Up to 49°C

Control: Touch Control Digital Display

Color: Black

Powerful heating capacity.May be too large for smaller spaces.
Precise temperature control with a digital display.Higher power consumption at 2000 Watts
Sleek black design. 
Suitable for larger rooms. 

Inalsa Room Heater For Home Neon V2 With 800 Watt Power |Cool Touch Body| 2 Heating Rods With Grill Protection| Safety Tip Over Switch| Noiseless Room Heater |Isi Certified |Made In India, White

The Inalsa Neon V2 Room Heater is a reliable choice for winter comfort. With 800 Watts of power, it efficiently warms up your space while maintaining a cool touch body for safety. Equipped with two heating rods and grill protection, it offers even heat distribution and protection against accidental touches. The safety tip-over switch adds an extra layer of security. This noiseless room heater, proudly ISI certified and made in India, is perfect for those seeking a compact, dependable, and budget-friendly heating solution.


Power: 800 Watts

Heating Element: 2 Heating Rods

Safety Features: Cool Touch Body, Grill Protection, Safety Tip Over Switch

Certification: ISI Certified

Color: White

Efficient heating with 800 Watts of power.May be best suited for smaller spaces.
Safety features, including a tip-over switch.Limited heating capacity for larger rooms
Noiseless operation. 

Kenvi US single Rod Type Heater || Priya Smart single Rod Electric Room Heater 1000 Watt Ideal for small to medium room/area || Make in India || W23

The Kenvi US Single Rod Type Heater, also known as the Priya Smart Single Rod Electric Room Heater, offers efficient heating for small to medium-sized spaces. With 1000 Watts of power and a 'Made in India' label, it brings warmth and affordability to your home. However, its single rod design may limit its heating capabilities for larger rooms. This heater provides a cost-effective heating solution for those seeking simplicity, ease of use, and a touch of Indian craftsmanship.


Power: 1000 Watts

Heating Element: Single Rod

Suitable Room Size: Small to Medium

Origin: Made in India

Model: W23

Cost-effective heating solution.Limited heating capacity for larger spaces.
Proudly made in India.Basic design and features
Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. 

INALSA OFR Room Heater|Combust 11F |3 Heat Selection I 11Fins with Turbo Fan I Variable Temperature Control I Tilt Over Switch SafetyICord StorageICaster Wheel I Made in India Warranty 2year,Black

The INALSA OFR Room Heater, known as Combust 11F, offers efficient heating with 11 fins and a turbo fan. It provides three heat settings and variable temperature control for customized comfort. Safety features include a tilt-over switch and cord storage, ensuring peace of mind. The caster wheels enhance mobility. Proudly made in India with a 2-year warranty, this heater is a reliable choice. However, its large size may not suit smaller rooms, and the turbo fan can be a bit noisy at times.


Heat Settings: 3

Fins: 11

Safety Features: Tilt-Over Switch

Cord Storage: Yes

Warranty: 2 years

Color: Black

Efficient heating with 11 fins and turbo fan.May be too large for smaller rooms.
Variable temperature control for customized warmth.Turbo fan can produce some noise
Safety features like the tilt-over switch. 
Cord storage and caster wheels for convenience. 

Warmex FH09 1000/2000 Watts Fan Heater (Beige)

The Warmex FH09 Fan Heater is a versatile and effective heating solution. With dual power settings of 1000 and 2000 Watts, it caters to different heating needs. Its beige design blends well with any room decor. The built-in fan ensures efficient heat distribution. However, it lacks some advanced features like a thermostat for temperature control, which might be important for some users. Overall, the Warmex FH09 Fan Heater is a straightforward choice for quick and reliable heating.


Power: 1000/2000 Watts

Heating Element: Fan Heater

Color: Beige

Dual power settings for flexibility.Lacks advanced features like thermostat control.
Efficient heat distribution with a built-in fan. 
Neutral beige design. 

Best 3 features for you

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Feature
Havells OFR 9-Fin Room HeaterRobust 2400-Watt PTC Heating ElementEfficient Oil-Filled RadiatorEffective Heat Distribution with Fan
Warmex ZEAL+ Tower HeaterPowerful 1000/2000 Watts Heating CapacityPrecise Temperature Control with DisplaySleek Black Design
Inalsa Neon V2 Room Heater Efficient 800-Watt Heating PowerCool Touch Body for SafetySafety Tip-Over Switch for Added Security
Hilton Quartz HeaterQuick and efficient heating.ISI certification ensures safety.Versatile multi-mode operation.
STARVIN Model –S-11 Sun Heater Quick and efficient heating.Energy-saving design.Compact and portable.
Warmex 400 Watts Electric PTC Heater/Wall Mount HeaterVariable temperature settings for customized comfort.Quick 30-second heat-up time.Wall-mountable design saves space.
Kenvi US single Rod Type HeaterCost-effective heating solution.Proudly made in India.Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms.
INALSA OFR Room HeaterSafety features like the tilt-over switch.Cord storage and caster wheels for convenience.Made in India with a 2-year warranty
Warmex FH09 1000/2000 Watts Fan HeaterDual power settings for flexibility.Efficient heat distribution with a built-in fan.Neutral beige design.

Overall best product

Among the room heaters discussed above, the best overall product is the Havells OFR 9-Fin Room Heater. It offers robust heating with a 2400-Watt PTC heating element, efficient oil-filled radiator for long-lasting warmth, and effective heat distribution with a fan. These features make it suitable for larger rooms, and its safety features add to its overall appeal.

Best value for money product

The best value for money product is the Inalsa Neon V2 Room Heater. Despite its lower 800-Watt heating power, it efficiently warms small spaces, ensuring safety with its cool-touch body and tip-over switch. It provides essential heating features at an affordable price, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking warmth in smaller rooms.

FAQs on room heater

It's generally not advisable to leave a room heater on overnight for safety reasons. Instead, consider using a heater with a timer function to turn it off automatically after a set duration or using a thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep. Always prioritize safety when using room heaters.
The ideal room size depends on the heater's wattage and type. Smaller heaters (800-1000 Watts) are suitable for small to medium-sized rooms, while larger ones (2000 Watts or more) are better for bigger spaces. Check the manufacturer's recommendations for specific guidance
Room heaters can be safe if used responsibly. Look for heaters with safety features like cool-touch exteriors, tip-over switches, and overheating protection. Always keep heaters out of the reach of children and pets, and never leave them unattended while in operation.
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