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10 best choppers to buy on Amazon with details on deals, prices

Last Published on May 10, 2023 15:58 IST


Get the best deals on chopper price in India on Amazon! Choose from top brands like Pigeon chopper and get hassle-free chopping and slicing done fast. Buy now to save when time preparing meals.

If you're in the market for a new chopper and you're looking to get the best deal available, then Amazon is the place to go! With an amazing selection of both modern and traditional styles, shoppers will be delighted to find out about the current ten best deals on choppers in India. Whether you're after a sleek, eye-catching model or something more timeless, this article will help you find the perfect one for you. With prices ranging from affordable to high-end, there's sure to be something that fits your budget. So what are you waiting for? Check out this article now and start shopping for your new chopper today!

Product List

1) Rico Japanese Technology Rechargeable Wireless Electric Chopper with Replacement Warranty

This chopper is designed with the latest in Japanese technology and provides convenience and ease-of-use in your kitchen. The rechargeable battery allows you to chop your fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts quickly and efficiently with one touch of a button. The blade is crafted out of top quality stainless steel ensuring that it stays sharp for years to come. This chopper price is available at the best price on Amazon.


  • Brand Rico
  • Special Feature Bpa Free
  • Product Dimensions 22D x 23W x 25H Centimeters
  • Colour Light Pink



High Performance None

2) Amazon Basics 300 W Electric Chopper

Make quick, easy work of any food preparation with the Amazon Basics 300 W Electric Chopper. This powerful, efficient tool offers a wealth of features to help simplify your kitchen tasks. The chopper's powerful 300 watt motor and sharp stainless steel blades make chopping vegetables, fruits, nuts and more effortless; while its non-slip base keeps it secure when in use. This chopper online easily available on Amazon.


  • 4-leaf stainless steel rust-resistant blades are placed in a double stack for effective and fine chopping.
  • Food-safe unbreakable Polycarbonate bowl with 830 ml capacity is sturdy and durable.
  • With a silent motor, this chopper is extremely comfortable to use. It makes almost no sound and works efficiently in silence.



100% copper motorExpensive 
Stylish design 

3) Crompton ChopMaxx Electric Vegetable Chopper

This Crompton amazing chopper is perfect for chopping vegetables quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. Its precision blades allow you to uniformly chop a wide variety of vegetables in just one press. It also has a built-in safety lock feature that prevents accidental cuts and provides a superior cutting experience. The lightweight construction feature makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go! This is the best chopper price in india at Rs. 1439.


  • Brand Crompton
  • Special Feature Built In Grinder
  • Product Dimensions 12D x 12W x 26H Centimeters
  • Colour Black & Golden



Twin S- Shaped Ninja Blades for Effective choppingThe build quality can be improved

4) Candes Chopper 250-Watt Electric Chopper with Double Blade (White Green)

The Candes Chopper 250-Watt Electric Chopper with Double Blade is perfect for slicing, dicing and chopping a variety of ingredients! This premium quality electric chopper features powerful 250W motor, stainless steel blades, double safety switch settings and two speed settings to help you easily control the desired texture. The removable parts are all dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean after use. This Chopper price in India is available on best price on Amazon.


  • Brand Candes
  • Special Feature Built In Grinder
  • Product Dimensions 24D x 18W x 18H Centimeters

Colour White



Easy MaintenanceNone
Stunning design 

5) CLVJ Handy Chopper, Vegetable Fruit Nut Onion Chopper

The CLVJ Handy Chopper, an essential tool for every kitchen! This powerful and easy-to-use chopper lets you quickly dice, chop, mince and puree fruits, vegetables, nuts and onions in no time. The stainless steel blades are razor sharp to provide a smooth cut. The ergonomic handle gives you superior control while chopping. This chopper is very affordable with its low price in India!


  • Brand CLVJ
  • Product Dimensions 10L x 10W x 8H Centimeters
  • Material Plastic
  • Colour BLACK AND RED



Silent operationAverage customer support

6) Pigeon Handy Chopper Pro XL

Pigeon Handy Chopper is a versatile kitchen tool is designed to make chopping and mincing food easier than ever. The Handy Chopper Pro XL has a powerful motor and sharp stainless steel blades that make short work of vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices and more. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time. This Chopper price in India at Rs. 349.


  • Brand Pigeon
  • Product Dimensions 14.8L x 12.8W x 16.1H Centimeters
  • Material Plastic
  • Colour Multicolor



The item comes with 15 days return policyAverage customer support

7) Amazon Brand - Solimo 15-in-1 Stainless Steel Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper, Green

The Amazon Brand - Solimo 15-in-1 Stainless Steel Multipurpose Chopper is a essential kitchen tool and It features a powerful, stainless steel blade that allows you to quickly and efficiently chop, dice, mince, slice and julienne any type of fruit or vegetable. Its 15 interchangeable blades provide you with great versatility and each one can be quickly attached depending on the size or texture of your ingredients.


  • Brand Amazon Brand - Solimo
  • Product Dimensions 27.3L x 11W x 10.7H Centimeters
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Colour Stainless



Price is decentNone 
Made with food safe materials 

8)R2E2-Stainless Steel Hand Press Onion Vegetable Cutting Chopper

Make quick work of any onion-chopping task with the R2E2 Stainless Steel Hand Press Onion Vegetable Cutting Chopper. This chopper easily slices and dices onions, garlic, potatoes, fruits and vegetables in seconds. With its stainless steel blade and ergonomic handle design for easy gripping, this chopper is perfect for everyday tasks. And with a low price in India, it's an affordable tool that you'll reach for time and time again.


  • Material Alloy Steel
  • Colour Silver
  • Brand R2E2
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 1 x 1 x 1 Millimeters



Easy to clean None
Easy to use  

9) E-COSMOS Food Chopper 900ml, Steel Large Manual Hand-Press Vegetable Chopper

E-COSMOS Food Chopper 900ml, the perfect kitchen accessory for anyone who wants to make chopping food quick and easy. This steel large manual hand-press vegetable chopper is a must-have for any aspiring chef or home cook looking to take their meal prep to the next level. With its powerful blades, it can chop almost anything with ease, from fruits and vegetables to nuts and spices.


  • Brand E-COSMOS
  • Special Feature Manual
  • Product Dimensions 17D x 12W x 12H Centimeters
  • Colour Multicolour



Smooth performance



10) Ganesh Plastic Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper Cutter Grater Slicer, Green

This Ganesh Plastic Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper Cutter Grater Slicer is a great way to quickly and easily chop vegetables, fruits, cheese, nuts and more! The 3-in-1 design includes powerful blades for chopping, slicing, grating or julienne. It is easy to use and clean with its ergonomic handle. And it's perfect for small kitchen spaces too! The chopper price in India makes it an affordable choice.


  • Brand Ganesh
  • Product Dimensions 29.5L x 10.8W x 12.8H Centimeters
  • Material Plastic
  • Colour Green



Large break resistant containerNone
Stylish and elegant look 

Best 3 features for you


feature 1

feature 2

feature 3

Rico Japanese Technology Rechargeable Wireless Electric Chopper with Replacement Warranty


Easy to use

Stainless Steel Connector

Amazon Basics 300 W Electric ChopperLight-weightUSB ChargingPremium look
Crompton ChopMaxx Electric Vegetable ChopperCompactComes with one year warrantyFast and Slow Gear
Candes Chopper 250-Watt Electric Chopper with Double Blade (White Green)Good performanceElegant lookingLight-weight
CLVJ Handy Chopper, Vegetable Fruit Nut Onion ChopperEasy to use and cleanstylish designAesthetic design

Pigeon Handy Chopper Pro XL


Good brand

Easy to Use

Low maintenance

Amazon Brand - Solimo 15-in-1 Stainless Steel Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper, GreenPremium materialEasy to useComes with lifetime warranty
R2E2-Stainless Steel Hand Press Onion Vegetable Cutting ChopperWaterproof DesignSilent operationBrand is good
E-COSMOS Food Chopper 900ml, Steel Large Manual Hand-Press Vegetable ChopperQuality is goodDecent Priceeasy to use
Ganesh Plastic Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper Cutter Grater Slicer, GreenSmooth performanceGood brandAffordable

Best overall product

Amazon Brand - Solimo 15-in-1 Stainless Steel Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper, in green. This innovative chopper is designed to make food preparation simple and fast. With its 15-in-1 design, you can chop, dice, julienne, slice and more in one go! The sharp stainless steel blades are perfect for effortless cutting through tough produce like potatoes or carrots.

Value for money

The Pigeon Handy Chopper Pro XL is the ultimate kitchen tool for busy cooks. This versatile chopper offers incredible value for money with its durable construction and generous capacity. It quickly chops vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and more - perfect for making delicious soups, salads or sauces in no time! The sharp stainless steel blades make the job easy and efficient while the reinforced ergonomic handle gives you maximum control.

How to find the perfect chopper price in India

1. Determine your budget: Before you even begin your search for the perfect kitchen chopper in India, it’s important to determine a budget that is suitable for you. Kitchen choppers come in all different types and sizes, ranging from affordable all the way up to expensive. You should also consider if any additional accessories such as replacement blades or storage containers are necessary, which might increase the overall cost of the chopper but can also add convenience and longevity of use down the road.

2. Research online: Once you have set a reasonable budget for yourself, start researching online! Take some time to browse through available products on sites like Amazon India – this can provide invaluable information regarding prices and features associated with each product. Be sure to read reviews from actual customers who have used these items and take their feedback into consideration when making your decision. Some websites may even offer discounts or special deals that could save you money in the long run as well!

3.Compare prices & features: Finally, once you’ve researched both online stores and visited physical homegrown ones too (as applicable), it's time make comparisons between various offerings within your chosen price range - checking out specifications & features across different models side by side will help narrow down choices where necessary until reaching an ideal solution suited best just for yours needs.

FAQs on chopper

A food chopper is a tiny appliance or kitchen item that is ideal for quick, uncomplicated meal prep operations and smaller dishes. A smaller bowl with a single, multi-purpose blade that can chop, puree, or mix is typical of an electric food chopper.

A food processor is a kitchen tool designed to make food preparation tasks easier. It can chop, grate, or slice vegetables and fruits into uniform pieces in a matter of seconds. By contrast, a food grinder is used to cut, crush, and mash the food items into a much finer texture that is often unrecognizable and looks like mush. This grinding process breaks down the ingredients while preserving their nutritional value, allowing them to be used in recipes which require thorough blending or smooth textures. With the help of a food grinder, you can make your own fresh sauces, purees, pastes, and more with ease.

If you're looking for an efficient way to prepare your vegetables in the kitchen, investing in a vegetable chopper is definitely worth it. Not only do these handy tools help you quickly and easily chop up your veggies into bite-sized pieces, but they can also help you get the most out of your meals nutritionally - making them ideal for someone who is trying to lose weight or keep track of their carb intake. A vegetable chopper not only makes food preparation easier, but it also helps ensure that you're getting the most nutritional value out of every meal.

Electric choppers are little food processors. They are wonderful for rough chopping, just like manual choppers, but they can also make small amounts of puree. They are simpler to use than manual choppers because you simply push a button to pulse or puree.

 A mini chopper is an incredibly useful kitchen tool that can help you quickly and easily chop, mince, purée, mix and blend a variety of ingredients in a matter of seconds. It offers an affordable alternative to the more expensive food processor, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious cooks who don't want to sacrifice quality or functionality. Read our expert review to help you determine which mini chopper offers the best features for your kitchen needs.


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