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3 best Titan smartwatches for men: Buyer's guide

Published on Mar 15, 2023 20:29 IST
By: Affiliate Desk
best titan smartwatches for men to try in 2023


Titan smartwatches are known for their sleek design and efficient performance. They are worth the investment. Check out our top picks. Read More

Are you tired of constantly checking your phone for notifications, missing important calls, or struggling to stay motivated during your workouts? The Titan smartwatch can solve all these problems and more. Not only does it look stylish, but it's also a powerful tool that can enhance your daily routine in ways you never thought possible.

Imagine tracking your fitness goals, monitoring your heart rate, and receiving real-time notifications on your wrist without having to take out your phone. With the Titan smartwatch, all of this is possible and more. Its sleek design and durable build make it the perfect accessory for any occasion, whether you're hitting the gym or heading to a business meeting. With features like voice commands, music control, and GPS tracking, it's no wonder why it's quickly becoming the go-to choice for those seeking a premium smartwatch experience. Let’s check out our top 3 picks to get the best among too many options.

Product List

1. Titan Talk S with 1.78" AMOLED Display Smartwatch

The 1.78 AMOLED display on the Titan smartwatch offers a crystal clear, immersive view with a high pixel resolution of 368x448 to give you a fantastic experience. As it features a music storage capability, you may save your playlist on the watch and go for a run while listening to music without dragging around your phone. The wristwatch offers an advanced Bluetooth calling feature that lets you talk through your wrist by connecting your phone just once and enjoy hands-free talking. All of your party guests can listen to your tunes on your watch by connecting their audio equipment, whether it's a set of headphones, earbuds, or that beatbox speaker. You may download fresh animated watch faces for your watch, and there are more than 100 options.


Band: Colour Black

Band Material: Silicone

Band Width: 22

Bezel Function: Stationary

Bezel Material: Aluminum

Brand: Titan

Calendar Type: No Calendar

Case Diameter: 46.9

The watch comes with an in-built stress monitor No GPS tracker 
It has a rotating functional crown smooth navigation experience 
Talk through your wrist. Connect your phone once and have a hands-free calling experience on the go 
Our Pick cellpic

Titan Talk S with 1.78" AMOLED Display|Advanced BT Calling|Music Storage with Wireless Audio Connect|100+ Sports Modes|Animated Watchfaces|5 Days Battery|IP68 Water Resistant|Stress & Mood Monitor

2. New Titan Talk Smart Watch

Titan talk smartwatch gives you a great experience of hands-free talking from your wrist through a Bluetooth calling feature. A 1.39 AMOLED display offers a crystal clear display with a screen resolution of 454x454 and music storage where you can store and listen to your playlist without dragging around your smartphone. With a single tap, you can connect your phone to Hello Google or Hey Siri. If you are a sportsperson, track your sports activities with twenty multi-sport modes. Beat your boredom with the in-built game on the Titan Talk smartwatch. You can track your health with the help of SpO2 Tracker, a 24x7 heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, breathing exercise, and a woman health tracker. This smartwatch has a long battery life of up to 5 days on a single charge.


Brand: Titan

Model Name: Talk

Style: Modern

Colour: Gold Black

Screen Size: 1.39 Inches

Band Material: Silicone

Band Width: 22 Millimeters

Bezel Function: Stationary

Bezel Material: Aluminum

BT calling gives you hands-free crystal clear calls from your wristNo stress monitoring
Music Storage to Store and listen to your playlist on the go, One tap to connect to Hello Google or Hey Siri 

Titan Talk Fashion Smartwatch with BT Calling|1.39" AMOLED Display|Immersive 454x454 Resolution|Music Storage with TWS Connect|AI Voice|Animated Watchfaces|Multiple Sports Modes|24x7 HRM|SpO2|IP68

3. Titan Smart 2 Fashion Smartwatch

A 1.78 AMOLED display of Titan Smart fashion offers a fantastic experience. The smartwatch has an excellent battery life which lasts up to 7 days with a single charge. This watch comes with a complete health suite that is perfect for your health goals with built-in features such as SpO2 Tracker, heart rate monitor, and female health monitor. It has a multi-sports mode with a 3 ATM water resistance level for all sporty adventures. Match your mood & style; it has interchangeable straps. Keep an eye on your sleep health. It has a sleeping track. Don't tense over your stress levels; let the watch determine it for you with active stress patterns.


Brand: Titan

Model Name: Titan Smart 2

Style: Up to 7 Days Battery

Colour: Black

Screen Size: 1.78

Band Colour: Black

Band Material: Silicone

Get up to 7 days of battery lifeBluetooth calling is not available.
The perfect companion for your health goals, Multi-Sports mode with 3 ATM Water resistance 

Titan Smart 2 Fashion Smartwatch, 1.78 Bright AMOLED Display Premium Metallic Body 24x7 Stress & Heart Rate Monitor SpO2 Sleep Tracker 100+ Watchfaces Upto 7 Days Battery 3 ATM (Black)

Three best features for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Titan Talk S with 1.78' AMOLED Display SmartwatchAMOLED Display of 1.78” with 368 x 448 high pixel resolution Advanced BT Calling Talk tThree ATM Water resistance levels
New Titan Talk Smart WatchComplete Health Suite with a SpO2 Tracker, 24x7 Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Breathe exercise and Women’s Health TrackerOn a single charge, the battery long-lasting for up to 5 days Stress & Sleep Monitoring
Titan Smart 2 Fashion SmartwatchThree ATM Water resistance levelsExciting features such as Music Control, Camera Control, Phone Finder, and Built-in CalculatorUp to 7 days of battery life with a single charge

Best overall product

The Titan Smart 2 Fashion Smartwatch is the best overall product in the smartwatch market due to its sleek and stylish design, powerful performance, a wide range of features, compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, and competitive price point. It's the perfect choice for anyone seeking a premium smartwatch that combines fashion and technology without compromising functionality or value.

Best value for money

The Titan Talk S with 1.78" AMOLED Display Smartwatch comes with a large 1.78" AMOLED display that provides clear and vivid visuals, making it easy to read and navigate. The smartwatch is powered by a quad-core processor, ensuring smooth and responsive performance. It also has 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, which is more than enough to store your music, photos, and apps. It has features that make it a versatile tool for daily use. It comes with a heart rate monitor, GPS tracking, and fitness tracking that help you stay on top of your health and fitness goals. Additionally, it has voice commands, music control, and NFC payment support, which makes it easy to use and convenient. The battery life of this smartwatch is impressive, with a long-lasting battery that can last up to 2 days on a single charge. Despite its premium features and performance, it is priced competitively compared to other smartwatches in its class.

How to find the perfect smartwatch?

Numerous brands on the market have introduced their smartwatches with various features at various price points. Look at the display before purchasing a smartwatch because various displays are available, including OLED, LCD, and AMOLED. Although a smartwatch is a little gadget, it can run thousands of programs with an OS or IOS. Choose the fitness tracking features that you deem necessary. Although most users continue to express dissatisfaction with battery life, there have been significant recent improvements in this area with an extended battery life feature of five-day single-charge battery life.

Best Titan smartwatches for men to try in 2023

If you want to save your phone's battery, buying a smartwatch is worth it. It is a fact that your mobile can consume a lot of battery life throughout the day using a wide range of apps, listening to music, getting directions, answering text messages, or any other. 

Depending on the manufacturer and model, you may get two to five years of use out of a smartwatch or even more. However, ultimately, longevity needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Some features of Titan smartwatches include a colour touchscreen display, heart rate monitor, GPS, step tracker, music controls, voice assistant integration, and water resistance. They also come with different watch faces and customisable bands.

To connect your Titan smartwatch to your smartphone, you need to download and install the Titan smartwatch app on your phone. Then, enable Bluetooth on both devices and follow the pairing instructions in the app. Once paired, you can access notifications, make calls, and control other smartwatch features from your phone.

Yes, Titan Smartwatches are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The Titan Smartwatches use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone and offer a wide range of features, including notifications, music control, and GPS tracking. However, it's important to check the compatibility of the specific Titan Smartwatch model with your smartphone before making a purchase.

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