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Friendship Day 2023: Gift mesmerizing listening experience with wired earphones

Last Published on Jul 27, 2023 18:09 IST


Celebrate Friendship Day 2023 with thoughtful gifts such as wired earphones that will offer an enchanting listening experience to your loved ones. Discover top-notch options for captivating soundscapes.

As Friendship Day 2023 approaches, what better way to celebrate the bond of friendship than by gifting your loved ones a mesmerizing listening experience with wired earphones?

These audio companions not only bring a touch of elegance but also elevate the joy of sharing music and podcasts with friends. In the era of digital connectivity, wired earphones offer a reliable and high-fidelity sound experience, ensuring that every beat and melody is crystal clear. Whether your friends are music enthusiasts, avid gamers, or simply love to immerse themselves in audio content, a well-chosen pair of wired earphones can be the perfect gift that resonates with their passions and brings joy to their daily routines.

In this article, HT Shop Now presents a curated selection of top-notch wired earphones, each meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional sound quality, comfortable fit, and durability. Discover the pleasure of thoughtful gifting on Friendship Day as you present your dear friends with the gift of captivating soundscapes through these enchanting wired earphones.

1. PHILIPS Audio TAE1126

The PHILIPS Audio TAE1126 Wired Earphones offer a powerful listening experience with its 10 mm driver, delivering clear sound and impressive bass. The in-ear seal efficiently blocks external noise, while the integrated microphone and call button facilitate hands-free communication. With three interchangeable rubber ear caps, you can achieve a comfortable fit. The 1.2 m long cable is perfect for outdoor use, and the rubberized cable relief enhances durability.

Powerful bass and clear soundNo volume control on the earphone
Effective in-ear seal for noise isolation 


The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Bro Wired Earphones offer a snug fit for maximum comfort during extended wear. With its 10 mm drivers and passive noise cancellation, it delivers a pure and immersive audio experience. The 3.5 mm audio jack ensures seamless compatibility with phones and tablets. Its water-resistant feature adds durability. With an impedance of 16 Ω and a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, it delivers clear and balanced sound. The 1.2 m cable length offers flexibility. While providing a budget-friendly option, it's essential to consider its origin, which is China.

Snug fit for comfortable wearingNo in-line microphone controls
Passive noise cancellation 

3. Boult Audio BassBuds X1

The Boult Audio BassBuds X1 Wired Earphones offer a powerful listening experience with 10 mm extra bass drivers, delivering punchy bass, warm mids, and crystal-clear highs. The aerospace-grade AL alloy drivers ensure 3D HD sound. The ear fins provide a secure fit, making them ideal for active lifestyles. With in-line controls and a built-in mic, you can easily manage calls and voice commands. These earphones are lightweight, comfortable, and feature a premium metallic finish.

Punchy and deep bassNo tangle free cable
In-line controls for easy call management 

4. Mivi Rock and Roll E5

The Mivi Rock and Roll E5 Wired Earphones deliver an optimized music experience with HD sound and powerful bass. The 10 mm neodymium driver ensures immersive audio. The snug and secure fit provides comfort and stability, ideal for an active lifestyle. The built-in mic allows crystal-clear phone calls with reduced background noise. With a tangle-free braided cable and premium design, these earphones offer convenience and style.

HD sound with powerful bassEartips may not fit all ear shapes snugly
Crystal clear phone calls 

5. boAt BassHeads 100

The boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Wired Headphones offer a stylish and standout design inspired by "Hawk" attitude. These fashion-forward earphones boast a powerful 10 mm dynamic driver, delivering punchy and rhythmic audio response. The HD microphone ensures crystal-clear calls, while the user-friendly controls make music playback and call management effortless. The 1.2-metre cable adds convenience, and the impeccable fit with different-sized ear tips ensures superior comfort during extended use.

Unique “Hawk” designSound quality may not be suitable for audiophiles
Powerful 10 mm drynamic design 
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