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Best 3.5-inch mobile phones under ₹5,000 in India: Top 10 options for you

Last Published on Feb 09, 2024 13:55 IST
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3.5-inch mobile phones fulfil our basic requirements for a phone and are easily affordable. Let us look at some of the top 3.5-inch mobile phones in India. Read More

Man is a social animal, and a mobile phone makes us realise this now and then. If not for mobile phones, we would have found it difficult to stay in touch, send or receive texts, and store data. The advent of cell phones has normalised all these facilities that now seem basic in our lives.

3.5-inch mobile phones are a great choice for those looking for budget models that meet the essential fucntion of a phone: making and receiving calls and text messages. Moreover, these phones have a sturdy build and can survive rough handling.

Moreover, 3.5-inch mobile phones are the best choice for people who want to avoid technological distractions. For instance, students can opt for these basic models as they indicate minimal distraction from social media during academics.

Top 3.5-Inch Mobile Phones in India

Here is a list of the best 3.5-inch mobile phones in the market.

  1. KECHAODA K112


KECHAODA K112 comes with a 0.3MP primary camera and has a 6.1 centimetres (2.4-inch) display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution. It has 32 MB internal memory and supports triple SIM. It is powered by a 3200mAh lithium-ion battery. The brand provides a 1-year manufacturer warranty for the device and 6-month manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase. It supports Bluetooth Wireless communication technology and works on Symbian Operating system. The purchase includes a Handset, Battery, Earphones, Charger and Manual.


Specifications of KECHAODA K112

  1. Price: 1,728
  2. Display Size: 2.4 inches
  3. OS: Symbian
  4. Battery: 3200 mAH
  5. Camera: 0.3 MP Rear Camera
  6. Other Features: Bluetooth, Triple SIM, Expandable Memory
TRIPLE SIM optionCall sound quality
Sound quality is excellentVery weighted 
Battery life is more than 10 days 
SD Card option 

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2. IKALL K41

IKALL has been rapidly climbing the ranks of phone brands regarding overall quality and affordability. I Kall K41 comes with a 2.4-inch display for a clear and vibrant visual experience on your phone. It supports up to 4 Sims. It has a 0.3MP Camera and Power Bank Support To charge other devices. It has Memory Card Support up to 16GB. It features a Big Speaker, a Large Torch Light and Supports Vibration. It comes with a 4000 mAh Battery. The brand provides 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty for Mobile and 6 Months for Accessories. I KALL has been a big brand in the Mobile and electronic industry Since 2011. The company has tied up with 2000 Plus service centres all over India for customer help and support.

Specifications of IKALL K41

  1. Price: 1,999
  2. Display Size: 2.4 inches
  3. OS: Symbian 9.1
  4. RAM: 32 MB
  5. Memory: expandable up to 16GB
  6. Battery: 4000 mAH
  7. Network Service Provider:Unlocked for All Carriers
  8. Cellular Technology:2G

4 Sim Support Very low inbuilt memory
Power Bank Support (To charge other device)Can’t use internet 
Large Torch Light  
Big Speaker  
Vibration Support 

3. Lava Gem


Lava Gem is surely a gem on this list. With its military-grade certification and quality assurance of Lava, great storage and a strong battery, this model lets you be carefree. Lava Gem Power comes with a Wide 2.8 inch display and slim premium looks. It is equipped with a long-lasting powerful 2575 mAH battery which delivers a backup of more than 10 days on a single charge. Number talker makes dialling easier by speaking out loud any number key when pressed. It has a Super Battery mode to work at low battery. Gem Power has superior stereo sound quality with wireless FM with recording. The phone has a Military Grade certification for its strong and sturdy body.


Specifications of Lava Gem

  1. Price: 1589
  2. OS: Android 9.0, Android
  3. Battery Power Rating:2575 Milliamp Hours
  4. Display size: 2.8 inches
  5. Memory:expandable up to 32GB
  6. Dimensions:‎13.9 x 5.9 x 1.37 cm
  7. Weight: 200 Grams
  8. GPS:‎AGPS


Dual SIMA bit on the pricier side of the table, making users hesitant
32GB Expandable MemoryDoes not have a good battery backup
Auto Call Recording 
Wireless FM 

4. Motorola A10

Motorola A10 ensures power-packed performance with a Mediatek processor and expandable memory of up to 32 GB. It supports Dual SIM with an 800mAh battery that gives you a massive 10 days of standby time. The brand provides a 2-year replacement warranty on all Motorola keypad mobile phones. The phone has Modern, sturdy and Stylish Looks which you would love to flaunt. Also, entertain yourself with wireless FM with a recording feature.

Specifications of Motorola A10

  1. Price: 1,299
  2. Battery Power Rating: 800 Milliamp Hours
  3. Display size: 1.8 inches
  4. Weight:82 g
  5. Brand: Motorola
  6. Model Name: Moto a10
  7. Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers
  8. Operating System: RTOS
  9. Cellular Technology: 2G

Good batteryVery tough for sim insertion
Good sound qualityIrritating loud ringtone
Wireless FM radio 
Automatic call recorder with dedicated folders 
Memory card support 

5. Nokia 105


Nokia means trust, which is the kind of image the brand has built over the years, and the Nokia 105 totally lives up to that. A great choice for users looking for a phone that's light on their pockets or even students looking for a no-distraction phone. It comes with a long-lasting battery and a Primary Clock Speed of 208 MHz. It has a modern, durable design with colour that lasts and a polycarbonate frame. With capacity for up to 2,000 contacts and up to 500 SMS, it has plenty of space. Get your game face on with Snake and other classic games. Listen to music, news and sports on the go with the built-in radio. Light the way with the handy built-in flashlight. The purchase includes a Nokia 105 device, a Quick start guide, and a Micro USB charger.

Specifications of Nokia 105

  1. Price: 1,399
  2. OS: Series 30+
  3. RAM: 4 MB
  4. Battery Power Rating: 800 Milliamp Hours
  5. Display size: 1.8 inches
  6. Camera: No
  7. Flash: No
  8. Dimensions:14.2 x 49.2 x 119 cm
  9. Weight:74g
Nokia phones promise a very sturdy design for rough and tough useThe lack of a camera and flashlight can make it look outdated
The phone can store up to 2000 contacts and 500 SMSsNot an ideal battery backup with only 800mAh of power

6. itel SG200

itel SG200 Keypad Mobile Phone comes with a 1200mAh Battery. It has a 1.3 MP Camera and a 1.8-inch Display. It supports UPI Pay and Crystal Clear Calls. It has 4-Hour Service, Kingvoice, Metal Finish, and is Aurora Green in colour. It comes with a Power Adapter and a USB Cable.

Specifications of itel SG200

  1. Price: 1,299
  2. Battery Power Rating: 1200 Milliamp Hours
  3. Display size: 1.8 inches
  4. Camera: Yes, 1.3 MP lens
  5. Weight:84 g
  6. Brand: itel
  7. Model Name: SG200
  8. Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers
  9. Operating System: Nucleus OS
  10. Cellular Technology: 2G

1200mAh Battery 
1.3 MP Camera  
UPI Pay and Crystal Clear Calls  
4 Hour Service 

7. Carvaan Malayalam M21

Carvaan Malayalam M21 comes with 1500 pre-loaded evergreen Malayalam songs. It has a Dual SIM with Nano SIM and Standard SIM size supported. It has a 2.4-inch Large display, 2500 mAh battery, 8 GB Memory Card, and 2GB free memory space. It features FM radio, a Digital Camera, Auto call recording, F1 Race Game, and Multi-language support. It has 2.5D PMMA Glass that is Tough and non-breakable glass. It works on an MTK Processor for power-packed performance. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting external speakers/headphones. It also features Mega Torch Light, Bluetooth, and Voice recording.

Specifications of Carvaan Malayalam M21

  1. Price: 2490
  2. RAM: 32 MB
  3. Battery Power Rating: 2500 Milliamp Hours
  4. Display size: 2.4 inches
  5. Camera: VGA
  6. Weight:160g
  7. Network Service Provider:Unlocked for All Carriers
  8. Operating System:Nucleus OS
  9. Cellular Technology:2G

Dual sim slotSound quality is not as expected
8 GB memory card Many settings/controls not working effectively
Good camera  
2-3 days battery's backup 

8. DIZO Star 500

Realme is known for offering extraordinarily unique features at a very affordable rate. And therefore, its sub-brand Dizo is no different. The Dizo Star 500 carries a simple yet elegant look and a strong battery with a strip torch.It has a 32 MB RAM and 32 MB ROM which is Expandable Up to 64 GB. It has a 7.11 cm (2.8 inch) QVGA Display and a 0.3MP Rear Camera. It features a 1900 mAh Battery and SC6531E Processor.

Specifications of DIZO Star 500

  1. Price: 1,749
  2. OS: Android
  3. RAM: 32MB
  4. Battery Power Rating: 1900 Milliamp Hours
  5. Display size: 2.8 inches
  6. Camera: Yes, VGA
  7. Flash: Yes
  8. Dimensions:‎15.6 x 8.8 x 4.6 cm
  9. Weight:190g

The reliability of Realme assures users of good and customer-friendly serviceThe speakers’ placement on the back is not something many customers fancy
The device's standby time, even with data, is 72 hours which is a great deal in times of emergenciesThe design may seem attractive but does not have much durability
Face Recognition Biometric Security Feature 

9. Lava A3 Vibe

Lava A3 Vibe comes with a Vibrate Mode for a better experience. It has a 4.495 centimetres (1.77-inch) QQVGA Display with 128 x 160 pixels resolution and 64K color support. It has an Expandable memory of up to 32GB and supports dual SIM. It has 6 days of battery backup with Smart Battery Technology (SBT). The 1750mAH lithium-ion battery provides a talk time of 27 hours and a standby time of 60 hours. The brand provides 1-year manufacturer warranty for the device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase.

Specifications of Lava A3 Vibe Dual Sim Mobile with 1750 mAh Big Battery,

  1. Price: 1,120
  2. Battery Power Rating:1750 Milliamp Hours
  3. Display size: 1.77 inches
  4. Weight: 109 g
  5. Brand: Lava
  6. Model Name: A3 Vibe
  7. Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers
  8. Operating System: Keypad Phone
  9. Cellular Technology: 2G

Good battery Hearing is a bit tough for olders
Good picture qualityNo timer and stopwatch
Good sound quality Simcard slot too thin
Dual sim slot  
Expandable memory slot  

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10. Lava A7 Torch

Lava A7 Torch comes with a Powerful 2575 mAh battery with 10 Days Battery Backup. It has a 2.4-inch Big Display for a clear and vibrant experience and Strip Torch Superior Stereo Sound with wireless FM with recording, Bluetooth, and expandable memory up to 32 GB. It has Exceptional build quality with military-grade certification for a strong and sturdy body. Number talker makes dialling easier by speaking out loud any number key when pressed.

Specifications of Lava A7 Torch, with 2575mAh Battery, 2.4 inch Big Display

  1. Price: Rs1,449
  2. Battery Power Rating: 2575 Milliamp Hours
  3. Display size:2.4 inches
  4. Weight:190g
  5. Brand: Lava
  6. Model Name: A7 Torch
  7. Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers
  8. Operating System: Android 7.1, Android
  9. Cellular Technology: 2G

FM radioBuild quality is not good
TorchlightNo internet
LoudspeakerSlow charging
Much better battery 
Reasonable price  

Best 3 important features for customers


Feature 1Feature 2Feature 3
KECHAODA K1120.3MP primary camera2.4-inch) display 3200mAh lithium-ion battery
IKALL K412.4-inch display0.3MP Camera4000 mAh Battery
Lava GemWide 2.8" displayLong-lasting powerful 2575 mAH batteryStereo sound quality with wireless FM with recording
Motorola A10Mediatek processor800mAh batterySupports Dual SIM
Nokia 105Capacity for up to 2,000 contacts and up to 500 SMSPrimary Clock Speed of 208 MHzBuilt-in radio
itel SG2001.8-inch Display1.3 MP Camera1200mAh Battery
Carvaan Malayalam M212.4-inch Large display2500 mAh battery8 GB Memory Card
DIZO Star 5002.8 inch QVGA Display0.3MP Rear Camera1900 mAh Battery
Lava A3 Vibe1.77-inch QQVGA DisplaySupports dual SIM1750mAH lithium-ion battery
Lava A7 TorchPowerful 2575 mAh battery2.4-inch Big DisplayStereo Sound with wireless FM with recording

Best overall product

The Nokia 105 wins this case. The brand assurance of Nokia at 1,399 is undoubtedly the best buy. The build of the phone is durable and comes with unique designs and colours making it one of the best budget mobile phones on the list. This phone, fitted with Series 30+ and a super reliable 800mAh battery, is super reliable and perfect for people of all age groups.

Best value for money product

The Lava Gem does the job for you when it comes down to selecting the best overall 3.5-inch phone. It is undoubtedly the best phone on this list, considering its many features. With a great battery backup of 1750mAh and an affordable price, the Lava Gem is hard to resist option.

How to choose the right?

If you are tired of smartphones and looking for a phone with basic features, you have come to the right place. The article entails some of the best 3.5-inch screen phones available in the market that are efficient yet affordable.

These phones might look like the traditional ones we had in the 2000s, but they are still fashionable. They are also some of the most reliable pieces of technology that will work for years without any drop in performance.

So get your pens out and jot down all you need to know and suit your needs as we help you choose the best.

FAQs on 3.5-inch mobile phones under ₹5,000

No, these phones don't support a 5G network. 5G is an entirely different frequency channel. The resources required to fit in 5G connectivity would shoot up the prices of these phones, thus making them less affordable. Currently, these phones have only GSM connectivity, i.e., a 2G network.
No, these features are not absent on these phones. As mentioned earlier, these phones are built to give consumers the basic utilities of calling and listening to FM Radio at an affordable price.
It varies from device to device, depending on its internal storage. Generally, there is no limitation on the number of contacts one can save. But on these phones, one can save up to 1000-2000 contacts and 500-1000 SMSs.
It depends on the capacity of the battery and the type of charger. The phones we are discussing don't have an option to fast-charge your phones. Therefore, you can expect them to take more than an hour to charge.
Whatsapp is an application that works on phones with Android or iOS as their operating systems. Some of these phones do have Android, but not all of them. Many of these phones operate on Symbian, Java, or other company-made OS incompatible with WhatsApp. Therefore, your answer is no.
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