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Buying guide for top 7 bluetooth-enabled keypad phones

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  • Published on Mar 23, 2023 21:07 IST
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This article highlights the top bluetooth-enabled keypad smartphones on Amazon, along with the suggestions on which model will best meet your needs.

product info
Bluetooth-enabled keypad phones blend functionality and technology seamlessly.

In today's world, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, with their advanced features and capabilities. However, many people still prefer the simplicity and reliability of a keypad phone. While traditional keypad phones may seem outdated, the addition of Bluetooth technology can bring a whole new level of convenience and functionality. In this fast-paced world, where staying connected is crucial, a Bluetooth-enabled keypad phone can offer a perfect blend of simplicity and modern-day features. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or someone who values ease of use, a Bluetooth-enabled keypad phone could be the perfect device for you. Let’s have a look at our top 7 picks.

Product list

1. Nokia 110 Dual sim Keypad Phone with Wireless FM Radio, Free Earphone, Snake Game, Auto Call Recording, 1 Year Replacement Guarantee | Cyan

The Nokia 110 Dual Sim Keypad Phone is a dependable, reasonably priced mobile phone that offers a ton of features that make it a terrific option for users that value simplicity and ease of use. It has a tactile keypad and a 1.77-inch colour display, which make typing on it comfortable and responsive.

One of this phone's most notable features is its wireless FM radio, which enables you to tune in to your preferred radio stations without the use of headphones or an extra antenna. To make it even simpler to listen to your music and radio programs on the road, the phone now includes a complimentary earbud.


  • Brand: Nokia
  • Model Name: 110 Dual SIM
  • Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers
  • OS: S30+
  • Cellular Technology: 2G
The phone comes with a pair of free earphonesNo 3G or 4G Connectivity

2. Motorola a10 Dual Sim keypad Mobile with 1750 mAh Battery, Expandable Storage Upto 32GB, Wireless FM with Recording - Dark Blue

Stylish and dependable, the Motorola A10 Dual Sim Keypad Mobile has a number of functions to keep you connected while you're on the go. This phone combines functionality with style. You can stay connected for extended stretches of time without having to continuously recharge thanks to 1750 mAh battery. Also, the phone can increase its storage space up to 32GB, providing you extra room for your pictures, videos, and music. Also, you may record your favourite shows and listen to your favourite radio stations while on the go, thanks to its wireless FM radio. In general, the Motorola A10 is a superb option for people looking for a dependable and inexpensive mobile phone with a range of useful features.


  • Memory Storage Capacity: 32 GB
  • Brand: Moto
  • Model Name: Moto a10
  • Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers
  • OS: Android
  • Cellular Technology: 2G
Long-lasting 1750 mAh batteryCamera is only 0.3 megapixels

3. 2700 Classic by HMD Global-N o k i a with 2 Mega Pixel Camera, FM, Bluetooth - (Black)

The HMD Global Nokia 2700 Classic is a stylish and useful smartphone that has several features to keep you occupied and connected. This phone is attractive and useful with its chic black style. You can take excellent pictures and videos while you're on the road, as it has a 2-megapixel camera on this device. Its FM radio and Bluetooth features also make it simple to access music and other audio content. It l is a good option if you're seeking a dependable cell phone for regular use or a straightforward gadget for special occasions.


  • Brand: Generic
  • Model Name: 2700 Classic
  • Network Service Provider: Vodafone
  • OS: Series 40
  • Cellular Technology: 3G
A 2-megapixel camera allows you to capture high-quality photos and videosLimited internal storage
Supports 3G

4. Nokia 215 4G Dual SIM 4G Phone with Long Battery Life, Multiplayer Games, Wireless FM Radio and Durable Ergonomic Design | Cyan Green

A dependable and reasonably priced phone, the Nokia 215 4G Dual SIM 4G Phone has several features to keep you interested and connected. This phone is useful and attractive because of its sturdy ergonomic design and chic cyan-green hue. You may stay connected longer without needing to recharge as it has longer battery life. The phone also has built-in multiplayer games that are entertaining and exciting to play, and it has a wireless FM radio that lets you listen to your favourite stations while you're on the road.


  • Brand: Nokia
  • Model Name: Nokia 215 4G
  • Network Service Provider: Unlocked
  • OS: Series 30+
  • Cellular Technology: 4G
Battery is long-lastingNo hybrid sim slot

5. PHILIPS Xenium E209 Premium Multimedia Feature Keypad Mobile Basic Bar Phone with Dual SIM Card, Vivid Display, Rear Camara, Dual LED Torch, Music Player, FM, Bluetooth, SOS Enabled (Black, 2.4 inch)

The Premium Multimedia Feature of the PHILIPS Xenium E209 Keypad Mobile is a dependable, feature-rich mobile phone that provides several useful daily operations. This phone is functional and fashionable thanks to its sleek black appearance and dual SIM card slots. The phone's vivid 2.4-inch screen offers sharp, colourful images, and its back camera lets you take pictures and videos while on the road. In addition, the phone's dual LED flashlight serves as a practical light source in dimly lit areas. Your favourite audio content is easily accessible thanks to the built-in music player and FM radio, and Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect to other devices for a richer audio experience. Also, the SOS function on the phone adds an extra layer of security and safety during crises.


  • Brand: PHILIPS
  • Model Name: Xenium E209
  • Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers
  • OS: Android 7, Android 9.0
  • Cellular Technology: 2G
Dual LED torchSmall screen size makes it difficult to read and understand
SOS feature does provide the phone added safety and security

6. Lava A1 2021(Blue Silver), Bluetooth Support, Smart AI Battery, Military Grade Certified,4 Days Battery Backup, Keypad Mobile

A sturdy and dependable mobile phone with several functions for daily usage is the Lava A1 2021 (Blue Silver) Keypad Mobile. This phone is both functional and fashionable with its sleek blue-silver design and military-grade certification. With Bluetooth support, connecting to other devices is made simple, and the phone's Smart AI battery technology provides a long battery life of up to 4 days on a single charge. Moreover, the phone's keypad makes typing simple and pleasant, and its straightforward design makes it simple. It is an excellent option if you're searching for a backup device for emergencies or a basic mobile phone for everyday usage.


  • Style name: Lava A1 2021
  • Brand: Lava
  • Model Name: A1 2021
  • Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers
  • OS: Android 8.1, Android
  • Cellular Technology: 2G
Battery life of up to 4 days on a single chargeCamera is not specified

7. Lava A3 (Dark Blue) - Dual Sim Mobile with 1750 mAh Big Battery and 32 GB Expandable Storage

A dual-SIM smartphone with several features created for daily usage is the Lava A3 (Dark Blue). The phone's large 1750 mAh battery guarantees long battery life, and its 32 GB of expandable storage lets you keep all of your favourite pictures, videos, and songs. The phone's dual-SIM capability enables you to use two separate numbers on the same handset, and its dark blue colour gives it a sleek and fashionable appearance.


  • Style name: Lava A3
  • Brand: Lava
  • Model Name: A3
  • Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers
  • OS: Android 4.0
  • Cellular Technology: 3G
It has a very sleek and stylish designThe processor is not very powerful

Three best features for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Nokia 110 Dual sim Keypad Phone High quality 1.77” screen1 years replacement guaranteeCarry thousands of songs with the MP3 player & built in memory card slot
Motorola a10 Dual Sim keypad Mobile Dual Sim with big 1750mAh battery2 Years replacement warranty Memory upto 32 GB
2700 Classic by HMD Global-N o k i a Bluetooth2.0MicroUSB 2.0Stereo FM radio
Nokia 215 4G Dual SIM 4G Phone DurabilityLong-lasting battery lifeEasy-grip edge and a curved back
PHILIPS Xenium E209 Premium Multimedia Feature Keypad Mobile 32MB RAMVivid 2.4 inch DisplayDual LED Torch for better visibility
Lava A1 2021(Blue Silver), Bluetooth Support, SmartDisplay Size- 1.77InchBattery- 800MAhRAM/ROM- 32MB/24MB
Lava A3 (Dark Blue) - Dual Sim Mobile 0.3MP primary cameraExpandable memory up to 32GB1750mAH lithium-ion battery

Best overall product

One excellent selection for a basic keypad phone with Bluetooth capability is the PHILIPS Xenium E209 Premium Multimedia Feature Keypad Mobile Basic Bar Phone. Those who want to segregate their personal and professional phone numbers or those who travel frequently will find its dual SIM card functionality to be excellent. A basic keypad phone with an amazing 2.4-inch display and rear camera, as well as a dual-LED flashlight that may be used in emergency or low-light circumstances. Users may enjoy music and connect to other devices like wireless speakers or headphones thanks to the phone's Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and music player. The SOS Enabled function is a crucial safety feature that enables users to contact for assistance urgently.

Best value for money

When it comes to Bluetooth keypad phones, the Lava A1 2021 offers outstanding value for the money. This phone has several features that make it a dependable option for those looking for a low-cost gadget. The Lava A1 2021 has several noteworthy features, including its Smart AI Battery, which offers up to 4 days of battery backup, making it a great choice for people who need a durable phone. The phone is also Military Grade approved, indicating that it is robust and resistant to adverse situations. It is a flexible gadget because it supports Bluetooth, which enables users to connect to other devices like wireless speakers or headphones. The keypad is simple to use and navigate, making it great for people who prefer a traditional keypad.

How can you find the perfect Bluetooth-enabled keypad phone for yourself?

The most crucial step is to carefully evaluate a few keypad phones offered in the category, that support Bluetooth, are within your chosen budget, and use their most recent features and attributes. Select the item from this trimmed-down list that strikes the best balance between price, utility, and design. As the market is the best enabler, look at the complaints and reviews people have written on numerous websites. For reliable reviews, browse YouTube videos. Select a product with a resoundingly high percentage of favourable reviews and the fewest customer complaints. To avoid paying for maintenance any time soon, think about purchasing equipment with a long guarantee.


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