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10 finest Exide tubular batteries to boost your inverters

Last Published on Mar 20, 2023 17:22 IST
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Get a reliable power backup and uninterruptible power supply for your homes and power systems with these 10 Exide tubular batteries. Read More

The heart of our civilization is driven by energy. From running that mixer-grinder to watching television or working on laptops, be it the digital or physical world, nothing can work without electricity, the most potent form of energy. Speaking of which, have you heard about Exide Tubular batteries? Apart from being light on your pocket, these batteries are extremely dependable and a good pick for your inverter.,

So, what are inverter tubular batteries? They are lead-acid-based batteries for power backup and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. They are well-known for their dependability, longevity, and low maintenance requirements. They also resist deep discharge and can be used in wide temperature conditions. Exide is the industry pioneer brand from which you may purchase your subsequent trustworthy tubular battery.

Product list

1. Exide IMTT1500 Battery, 150mAh (Red)

This 12 Volts lead Acid battery comes with advanced tubular technology. It is tough built and provides high performance with the help of the input AC MCB that provides protection. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Sine-wave output devices like LED TVs and tube lights. With its requirement for minimum maintenance and long backup performance, this tall tubular battery is a great pick for your energy needs.


Model: IMTT1500

Capacity: 150 mAh

Dimension: 50.2 x 19.1 x 44 Cm

Weight: 55 Kg

Quick recharge featureIt is a large battery that can be difficult to install in certain places
Works well with sensitive devices 

2. Exide Technologies TM500 Tube Master Tubular Battery, 150 Ah

Exide Tube Master is a lead-acid tubular battery for inverter systems and other high-end power backup applications. Exide's Tube Master Battery line can manage discharge conditions using short frequencies. In addition, this Exide tubular battery is extremely low maintenance, has minimum water topping-up requirements, and has a sturdy and long-lasting container. These characteristics make the Exide Tube Master a dependable, long-lasting power backup solution.


Model: TM500

Capacity: 150 Ah

Dimensions: 25.4 x 22.9 x 35.5 Cm

Weight: 40 Kg

Requires only periodic topping up of waterRequires higher charging voltage
High discharge and recharge efficiency 

3. Exide Solar C10 Tubular Battery - 150Ah Inverter Battery

Exide Solar Tubular batteries are lead-acid batteries specifically intended for use in solar power systems. It has a tall positive tubular plate design that makes for better performance and longer life than traditional flat plate batteries. This Exide tubular battery is intended to offer dependable backup power during power outages or when the solar panels do not generate enough energy. In addition, the battery has a high cycle capability, allowing it to discharge and recharge multiple times without compromising performance. This is significant since solar power systems frequently deplete and replenish the battery.


Brand: Exide

Model: 6LMS150L

Capacity: 150 Ah

Dimensions: 50 x 18.7 x 42.1 Cm

Weight: 60 Kg

Resistance to physical damageA bit heavy
Longer service life 

4. Exide Technologies Exide 150Ah Instabrite Inverter Ups Battery

This battery is a great pick, especially if you reside in an area with frequent power cuts. The innovative tubular design enables these batteries to withstand long and frequent power cuts. Not only that, but these batteries can also withstand overcharging better than many of their contemporaries. It is lightweight and has a three-year warranty.


Model: IBRFP5000

Capacity: 150 Ah

Dimensions: 50.8 x 22.2 x 25.7 Cm

Weight: 42 Kg

Prevent overchargingFrequent checking of water level is required
Good Customer Service 

5. Exide Solar C10 Tubular Battery - 100Ah Inverter Battery 6LMS 100L

This low-maintenance lead acid battery comes with a 60-month-long warranty. It is superior built and ensures extended life. It has an electrolyte capacity of 100 ml and is designed for solar applications. Therefore, with this battery and a solar inverter, you can proudly say "Goodbye to your Grid Day" and become truly energy independent.


Model: 6LMS 100

Capacity: 100 Ah

Dimensions: 50 x 18.7 x 42.1 Cm

Weight: 55 Kg

Does not require too much maintenanceAmount of electrolytes could be increased.
Compatibility with solar energy 

6. Exide Express XP1000 100AH Battery

Upgrade your truck with this heavy-duty 12-volt alkaline battery. It is truly multipurpose and has a capacity of 100 AH. The polypropylene casing has strengthened ribs that help it withstand jolts and bumps common in rough roads. The hybrid alloys ensure high-temperature resistance. It quickly recharges itself and has microporous filter discs that prevent the escape of acid fumes and arrest spark propagation. As a result, it requires low maintenance and is delivered ready to be used.


Model: XP 1000

Capacity: 100 Ah

Dimension: 9 x 9 x 8 Cm

Weight: 2 kg

Leak-resistant design Incompatible with home inverters. 
Requires low maintenance and needs topping after every 6 months.  

7. Exide Inva Master IMTT2000 Tall Tubular Battery

The Exide Inva Master battery is a tall tubular battery developed for inverter systems. It is a lead-acid battery with a strong, long-lasting tubular positive plate design, providing excellent durability and reliability in long and frequent power outages. Special tubular positive spines are cast at 100 bar pressure to improve corrosion life in harsh environments. In addition, the tubular battery price is minimal. Hence, homes and businesses often use it to provide continuous and dependable power backup.


Model: ‎IMTT2000

Capacity: 200 Ah

Dimension: 40 x 20 x 36 cm

Weight: 3 kg

Durable ConstructionRequires professional installation
Good backup for a longer time  

8. Exide Tubular Battery EL150L

Exide Technologies manufactures the Exide EL150L tubular battery. It is a lead-acid battery intended for industrial and commercial use. The number 150 in the name refers to the battery's nominal capacity in Ah. It is made with Exide's Torr Tubular technology and boasts a strong, tall tubular battery with thicker plates for difficult conditions.


Brand: Exide

Model: EL150L (C10)

Capacity: 150 Ah

Quantity: 1

Low to Zero maintenanceNot apt for shorter duration usage
Higher capacity 

9. Exide Tall Tubular Battery Inva Red 500 Plus

Exide Inva Tall Tubular Battery is a lead-acid battery used in inverters and home UPS systems. This battery is available in various configurations, the most notable of which is the Exide tubular battery, which has a battery cell composition of Aluminium Oxygen. It is a maintenance-free battery with a tall tubular shape that lasts longer and performs better than ordinary flat-plate batteries. In addition, the metal housing protects the battery from corrosion, making it a durable and dependable option for backup generator equipment.


Brand: Exide

Model: IR 500+

Capacity: 150 Ah

Quantity: 1

High Reserve Capacity Availability can be an issue
Easy to use 

10. Exide Technologies IMST1500 150mAh Inva Master Jumbo

This tubular battery comes with a 36 months warranty. It has a capacity of 150 Ampere hours and is perfectly suitable for deep discharge. It has a superior design with thicker plates and 20 per cent more electrolytes that can withstand prolonged load-shedding scenarios. What's more, it requires very low maintenance.


Model: IMST 1500

Capacity: 150 mAh

Dimension: 53.5 x 22.2 x 29 Cm

Weight: 43 Kg

Capable of deep DischargeLifetime could have been improved by making it a bit more durable
Provided with thick plates 

value for money

Compared to typical flat plate batteries, the Exide 6LMS Solar Tubular battery's tall tubular positive plate architecture improves performance, particularly during deep discharge cycles. Furthermore, the battery is constructed with a sturdy, durable plastic case that protects it from environmental damage and extends its lifespan. In addition, the battery requires little maintenance, with only minor water topping-up required to keep it operational. In short, the Exide Solar Tubular battery is among the most affordable alternatives for those searching for a stable and long-lasting power backup solution for their solar power system.

Best overall battery

Compared to ordinary flat plate batteries, the Exide Inva Red 500 Plus's tall tubular positive plate design provides dependable performance during long discharge cycles. Secondly, the battery is constructed with a sturdy, durable plastic shell that protects it from environmental damage and extends its longevity. The tall tubular positive plate shape also aids in preventing sulfation, which can shorten the battery's life. Furthermore, the Exide Inva Red 500 Plus is compatible with various inverter systems and power backup applications, making it the best overall tubular battery on the market.

How to find the perfect tubular battery

Purchasing a tubular battery lets you decide more about your project and power requirements. However, before investing, bear the following points in mind:

First, check that the battery's capacity satisfies your power requirements.

Check that the battery's voltage, current, and terminal configurations are compatible with your system.

Finally, examine the length and terms of the manufacturer's warranty.

Consider the manufacturer's reputation, including its track record of delivering high-quality batteries and its level of customer service.

Please ensure you know any maintenance requirements, such as topping up the electrolyte or balancing the charge, and that you can meet them.

Consider the battery's environmental impact, including the materials used in its manufacture and disposal procedures.

Finally, consider the tubular battery price and compare all the functionalities and price ranges before investing.

Finest Exide tubular batteries to boost your inverters

A tubular battery is a lead-acid battery with a cylindrical positive plate.

A tubular battery has higher energy density, a longer service life, better performance in high-temperature conditions, and superior resistance to the deep drain.

Numerous industries, such as standby power systems, telecommunication, and automotive, frequently use tubular batteries.

Compared to other forms of lead-acid batteries, tubular batteries offer a higher energy density, allowing them to store more energy in a smaller space.

Tubular batteries require regular electrolyte topping up and charge equalization to ensure optimal performance. In addition, follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations to elongate the battery’s life.

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