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Soundbars under ₹20,000: Ensure amazing sound quality

Last Published on Apr 18, 2023 18:55 IST
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Soundbars can elevate your sound experience. Read on to know our top picks under 20,000. Read More

If you're looking to enhance your audio experience without breaking the bank, soundbars offer a convenient and affordable solution. In this article, we present a curated list of the best soundbars under Rs. 20,000 that ensure amazing sound quality for your home entertainment setup. These soundbars are designed to deliver immersive and crystal-clear audio, transforming your TV viewing, gaming, and music listening into a captivating experience. With advanced technologies such as Dolby Audio, powerful subwoofers, and multiple connectivity options, these soundbars offer a wide soundstage and deep bass, bringing movies, music, and games to life. Whether you're a movie enthusiast, a music lover, or a gaming aficionado, these budget-friendly soundbars provide an excellent balance between performance and affordability. Our comprehensive buyer's guide will help you make an informed decision by highlighting key features, specifications, and customer reviews. Say goodbye to tinny TV speakers and upgrade to one of these soundbars to ensure an immersive and remarkable sound experience within your budget.

1. Sony ht-S20R 5.1

With decades of experience that started with the storied Walkman brand of music players, Sony is regarded as a pioneer in the audio and video industries. In every industry, Sony continues to rank among the most dependable companies. The Sony HT-S20R 5.1 is India's most popular and highly rated soundbar home theatre system under Rs. 20,000.


  • Connector Type: Wireless Bluetooth
  • Speaker Type: Subwoofer; Soundbar; Surround Sound
  • Audio Wattage: 400 W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 76 x 5.2 cm
  • Weight: 13 Kg
Simple plug-and-play installationAll connection behind the subwoofer could be more convenient
Excellent overall sound outputFront channel separation is poor
 The build quality of subwoofer is subpar

2. Yamaha Audio Sr-B20A

Yamaha is well known for its audio products and musical instrument manufacturing. If you're looking for the best soundbar under Rs. 20,000 that provides an immersive experience, the Yamaha Sr-B20A may be your best choice. With its robust and compact design, the Yamaha Sr-B20A distinguishes itself from its competitors.


Connector Type: Bluetooth, HDMI

Recommended Uses: Surround Sound Systems and Televisions

Mounting Type: Wall Mounted

Speaker Type: Soundbar

Product Dimensions: 96.5 x 17.8 x 13.2 cm

Weight: 3.22 Kg

A compact and lightweight designIt has some bass issues, which makes the sound odd sometimes
It offers precise technology 
Easy to install  

3. Philips TAB7305

The Philips TAB7305 2.1 Soundbar is a great option if you're looking for an upgrade from your TV's built-in speakers. It provides clear, detailed sound with a wide soundstage that creates an immersive experience. The soundbar is also Bluetooth-enabled, so you can wirelessly stream music from your devices. The soundbar was released in 2019 and quickly became one of the best-selling soundbars on the market. Because of its simple angled shape and low profile, this sound bar is a visual treat for onlookers.


Connector Type: Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, Wireless

Speaker Type: Soundbar

Product Dimensions: ‎80 x 9.5 x 6.5 cm

Weight: 9.08 Kg

Crispy sound qualityUnreliable Bluetooth connection
Affordable and reasonable pricingBuild quality could be improved
Great bass 

4. Zebronics zeb-juke bar 9700

The Zebronics ZEB-JUKE BAR 9700 Pro is a state-of-the-art soundbar that offers an immersive audio experience. It features Dolby Atmos technology and delivers superior sound quality. It also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can wirelessly stream music from your mobile device. The soundbar comes with a powerful subwoofer that creates a rich bass. The sleek and stylish design of the soundbar makes it a great addition to your home theatre setup.


  • Connector Type: Auxiliary, USB, HDMI
  • Type of Speaker: Subwoofer, Surround Sound, Soundbar
  • Speakers Maximum Output Power: 450 W
  • Product Dimensions: 25.6 x 101.6 x 45.6 cm
  • Weight: 8.2 Kg
Crystal-clear, multidimensional soundOnly 1 USB port
360-degree sound with thumping bassDoes not support TrueHD 24 Bit audio format
Remote control and wall-mountable 

5. BoAt aavante bar 1750 2.1

The boAt Aavante Bar 1750 is a great 2.1 speaker system for your home theatre. It has a powerful subwoofer for deep, rich bass. The Aavante Bar 1750 also has Bluetooth for streaming music from your smartphone or tablet. An essential, straightforward remote control is also included with the soundbar. This speaker system is a great way to improve your home theatre experience.


  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, HDMI, Wireless
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Recommended Uses: Televisions, Smartphones/Tablets and Computers
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.8 x 94 cm
  • Weight: 5.34 Kg
Entertainment EQ modesOnly a single USB port
Wireless subwoofer 
Wall mounting 

6. Creative Stage 360 2.1 240W Soundbar

Creative Stage 360 2.1 240W Soundbar is often known for its extraordinary, immersive sound effects and modern design. Furthermore, the soundbar has Dolby atmos technology that gets you simulated three-dimensional sound intensity made by Dolby Atmos surround technology. The technology can provide accurate positional audio for lifelike sound portrayals. In addition, the product has multi-connectivity options that enable the connection of various devices. The soundbar also features an HDMI ARC port, two HDMI 2.0 ports, optical-in, and Bluetooth 5.0 technology to fulfil all your entertainment requirements. Therefore the soundbar is completely fit for your living room.


Brand: Creative

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 56.5 x 7.5 Cms

Colour: Black

Special Feature: Dolby atmos technology

Finish Type: Christmas

Outstanding modern designOperate manually
Compact size 

7. Carvaan Saregama Musicbar

The Carvaan Saregama Musicbar is a powerhouse soundbar that brings the joy of music and karaoke right into your living room. With its 120W 2.1 channel setup, it delivers immersive sound and a rich audio experience. Sing along to your favourite tunes using the karaoke function and make it a memorable gathering with two included microphones. With 1000 preloaded songs and FM/BT/Aux in connectivity options, you'll never run out of entertainment choices. The wired subwoofer enhances the bass response, adding depth to your audio. HDMI and co-axial ports ensure seamless connectivity with your devices. The sleek Cosmos Black design adds a touch of elegance to your home decor.


Brand: Carvaan

Colour: Cosmos Black

Special Feature: Subwoofer

Finish Type: Polished

Karaoke functionCan be smaller for some gatherings
1000 pre-loaded songs 

8. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Juke BAR 9450 PRO

The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Juke BAR 9450 PRO is a powerful 5.1 soundbar that elevates your audio experience to new heights. With its Dolby Audio technology, it delivers immersive and cinematic sound quality. The impressive 525 Watts output ensures room-filling audio that brings your movies, music, and games to life. The dual rear satellites provide surround sound, creating a truly immersive environment. The 16.5 cm powerful subwoofer adds depth and richness to the bass. It offers multiple connectivity options including HDMI ARC, optical, and Bluetooth v5.0, allowing you to connect to various devices effortlessly. The LED display adds a stylish touch, while the wall mount feature helps save space.


Brand: Zebronics

Colour: Black

Special Feature: 5.1 soundbar

Finish Type: Black

Excellent sound qualityMaterial quality can be improved
5,1 surround sound 

9. Honeywell Moxie V1000 Soundbar

Honeywell Moxie V1000 Soundbar is popular for its ultrasound quality and durable material. The sound bar supports not only various devices such as TV, smartphone, and laptops but also its wide range Bluetooth connectivity is totally outstanding, which is 10 metres. The product supports the latest version of Bluetooth. Apart from this, the soundbar has Premium 5.0 Channel Stereo Sound with 52mmX2 powerful drivers, which deliver an immersive audio and gaming experience to the user. Moreover, the soundbar also comes with its durable and High Performance 1200mAh li-ion battery that supports up to 15hrs of nonstop music. Furthermore, its 4 Play Modes give distortion-free music through BT, SD Card, 3.5mm AUX & USB.


Brand: Honeywell

Product Dimensions: 31 x 6.2 x 6.1 Cms

Colour: Black

Special Feature: Wide range connectivity

Finish Type: Black

Digital LED displayLimited period warranty
High-quality material 

10. Artis BT-X9 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Artis BT-X9 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar comes up with an extraordinary design that helps the user to enjoy music and gives suitable comfort with its luminous look that adds extra value to your living room. Furthermore, the product comes with its compact size, and its powerful Bluetooth connectivity attracts most folks. Moreover, the soundbar has 4 inbuilt speakers and 1 woofer to provide clarity across a broad frequency range with crisp highs and deep bass. Apart from this, the product's Integrated USB port enables playback of MP3/WMA files directly from compatible media, making it easier to operate the soundbar effectively.


Brand: Artis

Product Dimensions: 93 x 10 x 7 Cms

Colour: Black

Special Feature: Integrated USB port

Finish Type: Polished

Extraordinary lightLimited features
4 inbuilt speakers 

Price of soundbars at a glance:

Sony HT-S20R 5.1Rs. 15,990
Yamaha Audio Sr-B20ARs. 17,550
Philips TAB7305Rs. 16,990
Zebronics ZEB-JUKE BAR 9700Rs. 14,999
boAt Aavante Bar 1750 2.1Rs. 9,999
Creative Stage 360 2.1 240W SoundbarRs. 15,999
Carvaan Saregama MusicbarRs. 10,990
Zebrics Zeb-Juke Bar 9450 ProRs. 14,999
Honeywell Moxie V1000 SoundbarRs. 1,999
Artis BT-X9 Wireless Bluetooth SoundbarRs. 9,999

Three best features for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Sony HT-S20R 5.1Simple installationHighly ratedExcellent sound output
Yamaha Audio Sr-B20AA compact designEasy installationClear sound
Philips TAB7305Crispy audio qualityReasonable priceGreat bass
Zebronics ZEB-JUKE BAR 9700Remote control and wall-mountableCinematic experienceMultidimensional, balanced sound
boAt Aavante Bar 1750Wall mounting120 W RMS boAt signature soundMultiple connectivities
Creative Stage 360 2.1 240W SoundbarDolby atmos technologyStunning designUltra-comfortable
Carvaan Saregama MusicbarSubwoofer1000 pre-loaded songsKaraoke
Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9450 ProExcellent sound5.1 soundbarWall mount
Honeywell Moxie V1000 SoundbarWide range connectivityStunning lookLovely design
Artis BT-X9 Wireless Bluetooth SoundbarIntegrated USB portStunning soundUltra-comfortable

Best overall products

Choosing one soundbar from the above list is really a hard task. However, if there is no other choice to choose one from the list then we would suggest boAt AVANTE Bar 2050. Its outstanding look and wide range of various device connectivity make it top among all. Furthermore, the brand is also popular for its high-quality product at a reasonable price. Moreover, the product comes with its master remote control device, which helps you to operate the soundbar wirelessly and makes it easier to enjoy amazing audio.

Best value for money

If you are looking for a soundbar that has extraordinary quality at an affordable price then the Yamaha YAS-109 120 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar where you can get mesmerising sound quality as well as its luminous look adds more value to your living room. Furthermore, the product’s material is made with durable material, and its Alexa voice feature gives you full access to operate easily. The soundbar can support the latest version of Bluetooth with its X virtual 3D surround sound that adds more value to your living room.

How to find the perfect soundbar?

The popularity of soundbars has increased ever since they first came into the picture because of their special sound effects. The way a soundbar utilises a small space to provide you with maximum entertainment is truly exceptional. A good sound bar will be making your TV sound awesome, particularly with respect to dialogue. When it comes to buying a soundbar then it should be a good choice, choosing the right one often becomes a daunting task. There are certain parameters you should keep in mind while going to buy it. That includes the number of USB ports, Bluetooth version, connectivity range, Alexa or other AI support, can operate wireless, design, and look. Furthermore, it should be according to your TV or another device type. Therefore, one should consider those parameters while going for buying a soundbar that has amazing quality and durability.

At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority.

Soundbars under Rs. 20,000

if you buy an active soundbar then no need to have a receiver. However, yes if you buy a passive sound bar. 

 It depends on what type of soundbar you would like to buy. In fact, some of the newer soundbars come with additional speakers as part of the system which gives you real home theatre sound. The one and only other way you can add wireless rear speakers is if the soundbar is multi-room capable.

Again it also depends on the particular type of soundbar. In fact, many soundbars have already come with a subwoofer or more than one subwoofer. It also depends on the woofer port availability for adding an extra subwoofer.

Most sound bars have a unique feature called cinema sound which they say mimics actual home theatre sound. It simply means those types of soundbars adds a fractional echo just like reverb. Therefore, the feature is amazing, but you have to pay extra.

Generally they are not used as a speaker. However, some soundbars like passive soundbars can be used as a speaker. However, it’s not designed for that purpose.

Disclaimer: At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so ... we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority. Read more

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