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Top 10 best vacuum cleaners that are easy to use

Last Published on Feb 02, 2023 22:31 IST
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The 10 vacuum cleaners listed in this article are known for their easy operation module. This article also speaks about their features and specifications with their prices. Read More

Keeping your living space clean and tidy has never been easier with the right vacuum cleaner. In this fast-paced world, convenience is key, and that's why we've curated a list of the top 10 best vacuum cleaners that prioritize ease of use. 

These vacuum cleaners are designed to make your cleaning routine seamless and hassle-free, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether you're dealing with carpets, hardwood floors, or tricky corners, these vacuum cleaners offer intuitive features that simplify the cleaning process. From user-friendly controls and lightweight designs to efficient dust disposal mechanisms and ergonomic handles, these vacuum cleaners are all about making your cleaning tasks effortless. 

In our comprehensive buying guide, we'll explore the standout features of each vacuum cleaner, their specifications, and how they excel in terms of usability. If you're looking to invest in a vacuum cleaner that offers both convenience and effectiveness, our list has got you covered.

1. Irobot Roomba 692

Irobot Roomba 692 has 3 stage cleaning system. It can grab dust and rubble from the carpet and floor with the help of multi-surface brushes. It has a voice assistant feature; using google assistant and Alexa, you can run the machine. It adapts navigation through which it can navigate furniture walls or any edges. Irobot Roomba 692 comes with a home base charging station and line cord. It has two years of warranty for the appliance for any manufacturing defects and one year for the battery from the date of purchase.


Brand: Irobot

Form factor: robotic Surface

Recommendation: Hard Floor, Carpet

Power Source: Battery Powered

Item Weight: 7.8 Pounds

Excellent battery lifeBit noisy
Clean all surface type 

2. Philips PowerPro FC9352/01

Philips power pro fc9352/01 has a radius of 9m and a cord length of 6m with 1900w motor power. It can capture 25 percent more dust through a turbo brush, and a multi-clean nozzle helps clean the floor. It comes with an advanced dust container to store the dust. It is accessible because it is lightweight and compact structure. It has a large wheel to control motion. Philips Power Pro FC9352/01 contains an EPA10 filter for healthy air. You get two years warranty from the date of purchase.



Form Factor: Canister

Surface recommendation: Dual Action

Power Source: Corded Electric

Item Weight: 4500 Grams

Easy to useBit noisy
Powerful suction 

3. AmazonBasics Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Amazon basics is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner used in the home and office. It is suitable for daily use purpose. It features a blower function that helps to clean unreachable places. It can clean wooden floors, tiles, sofas, and more. It is a versatile product. It comes with extra safety with a thermostat function to protect from overheating. Amazon basics have a strong suction capacity of 200 air watts and a 20kpa vacuum and has a total capacity of 15 liters with a 3-liter dust bag.


Brand: AmazonBasics

Form Factor: Canister

Surface Recommendation: Upholstery

Power Source: Corded Electric

Item Weight: 7 kg 160 g

Powerful suctionBit heavy
Easy to use 

4. Eureka Forbes Supervac

Eureka Forbes supervac has 1600 watts motor and 21 KPA powerful suction with Vario power to control the machine. The user can set the speed as low, medium, or high as needed. It featured a cyclone system that helps to increase airflow and separates dust from the air in the dust tank. A press of a button allows easy disposal of dirt and waste. Eureka Forbes Supervac comes with an auto cord winder to protect the power cord from damage. You get one year of warranty from the date of purchase.


Brand: Eureka Forbes

Form Factor: Canister

Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor

Power Source: Corded Electric

Item Weight: 5 kg

Good suction powerHigh cost
Good mobility 

5. AGARO Regal

Agaro Regal has an 800w powerful motor with 6.5 KPA of suction power. It has a compact body. Its crevice nozzle helps to clean hard-to-reach places. It can collect 0.8 liters of dust. It comes with 5 meters long cord and has multiple cleaning brushes. Agaro regal has durable ABS. You will get one year of warranty from the date of purchase.


Brand: AGARO

Form Factor: Handheld

Surface Recommendation: Upholstery

Power Source: Corded Electric

Item Weight: 1 kg 760 g

Very lightweightOverheat
Can clean all the edges 

6. American Micronic

American Micronic is imported, which can be used as the wet and dry cleaner. It has a stainless steel body. It is an excellent vacuum cleaner for cleaning the home and office. It comes with a HEPA filter and can be used for multi-cleaning purposes. This cleaner contains a washable dust bag. It has 21 liters of capacity and 1600 watts of power with 220v power input. The vacuum cleaner includes 5 feet flexible hose pipe wet brush with two separate mouths, 2 x 1.5 f extension pipes, a floor cum carpet brush HEPA filter, and comes with a warranty card.


Brand: American Micronic Instruments

Form Factor: Canister

Surface Recommendation: Upholstery, Carpet

Power Source: ‎Electric

Item Weight: 9 kg

Powerful suctionHigh price
Good HEPA filter 

7. Karcher WD3 EU

Karcher wd3 EU is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor of 1000 watts, high suction power, and 240 volts of operating voltage. It comes with different nozzles that can be attached to the suction hose. The capacity of the vacuum cleaner is 17 liters. Karcher WD3 EU includes two suction tubes 0.5 m and 35mm in length, a crevice nozzle, a floor nozzle, a cartridge filter, and one paper bag. It comes with one year of warranty.


Brand: KENT

Form Factor: Handheld Surface

Recommendation: Upholstery

Power Source: Corded Electric

Item Weight: 2 kg 340 g

Wet and dry cleanerPlastic quality
Good suction power 

8. Dyson V8 Absolute Cord

Dyson v8 absolute cord has advanced filtration; it produces up to 115 air watts and spins up to 110000rpm. It has two power modes powerful mode and max mode. It is easy to clean in high places. It is a lightweight machine that helps in a smooth motion. To remove the dirt from the machine, you must push the button to drop the dirt into the bin. Dyson v8 absolute cord comes with five tools and three motorized attachments like quick release soft roller cleaner head, quick-release combine tool, quick-release motor cleaner head, quick-release crevice tool, quick-release adapter tool, quick release low reach adapter tool charger, and docking station.


Brand: Dyson

Form Factor: Handheld

Surface Recommendation: Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is suitable for multiple floor types

Power Source: Battery Powered

Item Weight : 3 kg

Good performanceCan improve the size of the dustbin


The ELECTROLUX CompactGo Canister Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful cleaning solution for your home. With a 2-year standard warranty, it offers advanced features for efficient cleaning. The 2-step dust emptying system minimizes spills during disposal. Its cyclonic technology ensures thorough cleaning, making your home and car sparkling clean. The 6-steps filtration system captures micro dust particles, promoting a healthy living environment. The vacuum's portable, compact design is complemented by XL wheels for easy 'movability'. The combination nozzle feature optimizes dust extraction, ensuring no corner is left untouched. With 1600W power, this vacuum is your go-to for quick and effective cleaning.


Power: 1600W

2-Step Dust Emptying System

Cyclonic Technology

6-Steps Filtration System

Portable & Compact Design

XL Wheels for Easy Movability

Combination Nozzle Feature

Efficient dust disposalNeeds cooling after continuous usage
Powerful cyclonic cleaning 

10. Tineco Floor One S3

Tineco floor One S3 is a wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner with a sensor that can detect dirt and adjust the suction. It has a led display that shows battery levels and cleaning reminders. It has self-clean technology and powerful performance. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Tineco Floor One S3 monitor dust and clean it instantly.


Brand: Tineco

Form Factor: Upright

Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor

Power Source: Battery Powered

Item Weight: 8 kg 370 g

Easy to cleanBit costly
Led display  

Three best features for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Product DimensionItem Weight Capacity
Irobot Roomba 69234L x 34W x 9.5H Centimeters3 kg 540 g0.6 litres
Philips PowerPro FC9352/0141L x 28.1W x 24.7H Centimeters4500 Grams1.5 litres
AmazonBasics14L x 14W x 19.3H Centimeters7 kg 160 g1.5 litres
Eureka Forbes Supervac16.1L x 10.4W x 9.4H Centimeters5 kg2 litres
AGARO Regal5.9L x 5.9W x 19.7H Centimeters1 kg 760 g0.8 litres
American Micronic22.7L x 15W x 16H Centimeters9 Kilograms21 litres
Karcher WD3 EU38.8Lx34Wx50.3H Centimeters1 kg 760 g0.8 litres
Dyson V8 Absolute Cord22.4L x 25W x 126.6H Centimeters2.6 Kilograms0.54 liters
Electrolux CompactGO42.2L x 28.6W x 31H Centimeters6 kg 800 g1.6 litres
Tineco Floor One S368L x 31W x 34H Centimeters8 kg 370 g0.6 litres

Best value for money

Agaro regal is the product which comes in 1,665. It is straightforward to use. It cleans every corner of the surface. Because of its lightweight, it is easy to work with. If you see a product for cleaning the edges of the window, sofa, car seats, or other places, agaro regal is the best choice. Still, it is pretty challenging to clean the whole floor and has much less capacity.

Best overall product

IROBOT Roomba 692, is the best of all products because of its innovative cleaning technology and the power to monitor dust. It has a voice assistance feature; you can assist it through Google Assistant or Alexa. It has excellent suction power and can clean every floor type and capture tiny particles of dust best thing is that it is an effortless and time-saving machine.

How to find the perfect vacuum cleaner

It is easy to find a good vacuum cleaner; you need to know the requirement, and based on that, you have to find the best product which provides all the essentials you expect. The best vacuum cleaner can be found by knowing the product's features and examining it by reaching your nearby stores where you can get more knowledge of the product. Still, if you are busy, you can search for the product by watching videos or reading articles.

best vacuum cleaners that are easy to use

There are three types of vacuum cleaners

      1. Canister vacuum cleaner comes with many attachments.

      2. Handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a few attachments.

      3. Robotic vacuum cleaners with significantly less attachment.

A  canister vacuum cleaner can perform every activity. For example, it can capture heavy dust and clean the wet floor; at the same time, the handheld vacuum cleaner can clean small areas like sofas and corners of the windows and floor. The robotic vacuum cleaner also has its plus side; it can capture small dust particles and can make efforts to clean frequently.

All the vacuum cleaner listed here comes with 1-2 years of warranty from the date of purchase.

The vacuum cleaner is more hygienic compared to a broomstick. It doesn't allow dust to float in the air and helps to avoid allergic reactions

It suits someone who wants effortless cleaning and has a dust allergy. A vacuum cleaner also saves time in cleaning the object, whether it is wet or dry. It also cleans all types of dust and dirt.

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