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Top 10 picks for gas chimneys for Indian kitchens

Last Published on Mar 06, 2023 20:49 IST


This article will give you all the relevant information on good quality gas chimneys, available on Amazon, along with item descriptions, the best-value products and those suitable for the modern Indian kitchen.

A kitchen gas chimney is one of the essential components of the modern Indian kitchen. Installed right above the cooktop, it sucks smoke and the smell in as soon as they are released. It also removes the greasy particles and makes the kitchen look cleaner and safer. In the present day, there are a plethora of options available in the market to choose from. From different specifications and sizes to different top-rated brands, we have compiled a detailed list of the 10 best gas chimneys model to save you from all the hassles of choosing from a vast sea of choices.

Product List

Faber 90 cm Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

The Faber Everest Chimney is mostly known for its high-grade quality. It comes with auto-clean technology, which makes it possible to clean the chimney with just one touch. The curved glass design makes it a stylish look that will catch your eye. The oil collector cup collects oils and other residues, making it easy to clean the chimney. The wall-mounted metallic black finish chimney has a suction capacity of 1200m3/hr. It is ideal for a kitchen size from 100 to 200 sq ft and is also suitable for some heavy frying and grilling.


Brand: Faber

Size: 90cm

Control type: Touch and Gesture

Voltage: 220

Material: Glass

Color: Black

It has a compact designIt is noisy
Comprises of heat auto clean technology with oil collector. 

2. Elica 90 cm 1425 m3/hr Filter less Auto Clean Chimney

The Elica 90 cm kitchen chimney has filterless technology, ensuring powerful suction capacity. It efficiently sucks in the unhealthy smoke, pollution and fumes. This filters your kitchen air and gives it a neat look. It gives a warranty of 5 years on the motor and 1 year from the date of purchase; this product comes with Auto-heat clean technology. It enhances the overall look of your kitchen as this appliance has 2 LED lamps that provide high efficiency. These lamps are designed to ease your cooking experience. The black matte finish and robust design make it a product that’s worth your penny.


Brand: ELICA

Product Dimension: 22.2D x 35.4W x 20.1H Centimeters

Control Type: Touch + Motion Sensor Control

Finish type: Christmas

Voltage: 220 volts

Color: Black

Touch and Motion Sensor ControlSuction power could be better.
Innovative auto-clean feature 

3. Elica 90 cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney with 15 Years Warranty

The brand Elica brings you this elegant and very efficient kitchen chimney with motion-sensing technology that enables the user to easily operate the chimney with a simple wave of your hand. Featuring a baffle filter that enhances the utility by removing the unhealthy smoke and greasy things from your kitchen, it keeps the kitchen smoke-free. Another feature of this chimney is that it is extremely user-friendly, easy to clean and maintain. Elica products are ergonomically designed keeping in mind the quality material, safety and electric consumption.


Brand: Elica

Product Dimensions: 56.5 x 90 x 51 Centimeters

Voltage: 220 Volts

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Black

Improvised motion sensing technologyIt is heavy.
Provides 15 years of warranty 

4. INALSA 60 cm, 1050 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney Enya BKBF with Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

The INALSA pyramid-style stainless-steel kitchen chimney is one of the best-suited kitchen chimneys for Indian Kitchens. The side wall mounting Kitchen chimney is ideal for 2 to 4-burner stoves and has a warranty of 5 years. This kitchen chimney is ideal for heavy-duty cooking needs such as boiling, braising, frying, sautéing and searing. In addition, the chimney has a powerful ventilation system that draws out the potentially carcinogenic cooking fumes.



Item Dimensions: 50 x 60 x 64.4 Centimeters

Voltage: ‎230 Volts

Control console: Push Button

Material: Steel

Color: Black

Proven to be energy-efficientThe chimney sound is loud.
Provides great value for the cost 

5. Glen Senza 90 cm 1050 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

Glen Senza is a great pick for your kitchen as it comes with a curved glass auto-clean feature in Black Finish. With the Glen kitchen chimney, you can now save yourself from all the hassle of filter cleaning, and the 1050m3/h suction does away with the smoke and odour from your kitchen. With Motion Sensor technology, you can also control your chimney with simple gestures. Another prominent feature that would make this product a high ranker in this category is the auto-clean technology that cleans the gas kitchen chimney only at the touch of a button.


Brand: Glen

Item Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 47 Centimeters

Voltage: ‎230 Volts (AC)

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Pros Cons
Great motion sensing and touch controlsSuction power could be improved.
Produces less noise. 

6. Whirlpool 60 cm 750 m³/hr Kitchen Chimney

The Whirlpool Kitchen Chimney can be considered one of the appropriate choices for an Indian Kitchen as the chimney is equipped with a layered cassette filter that efficiently drains the smoke out of your kitchen. It is also very lightweight and ensures comfortable cleaning. With a capacity of 750m3/hr, this chimney absorbs oily fumes and makes your kitchen look cleaner. It is appropriate for kitchens with 2 to 4 burner stoves. One of the best features of this chimney has a capacitive Touch control with a LED display. It lets the user control all the programs with a simple fingertip touch.


Brand: Whirlpool

Item Dimensions: 60 x 48 x 58 Centimeters

Voltage: ‎220 Volts

Control Console ‎Push Button

Color: Black

In-built with LED lampsIt has low suction power compared to other chimneys
Very Lightweight  

7. Sunflame Bella 60 cm Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

The ergonomically designed Sunflame Bella curved glass chimney has a stainless-steel baffle filter and pure copper winding motor. With a powerful suction capacity of 1100m3/hr and noiseless functioning, the sun flame Bella kitchen chimney is operated with a powerful motor that prevents the smoke from escaping the chimney which keeps the kitchen fresh, clean and smoke-free. In addition, its stainless-steel baffle filter forces oil and other residues to settle inside the baffle, letting the air move freely between the filters.


Brand: Sunflame

Product Dimensions: 50 x 60 x 66.5 Centimeters

Material: Stainless Steel

Control Console: Push Button

Voltage: 230 Volts (AC)

Color: Black

Ergonomically designed kitchen chimneyThe noise level is high.

8. Hindware Marvia 60 cm 1000 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

The Hindware Marvia Kitchen chimney looks sleek and stylish with its pyramid design and premium black finish. The looks of this model are sure to enhance your kitchen aesthetics. The 1000m3/h suction power is ideal for medium to heavy frying, boiling and grilling. The enhanced user-friendly push-button control aids in low maintenance and smooth operation. Another feature of this wall-mounted Kitchen chimney is the double Baffle filter which is easy to clean and maintain. What's more, it also keeps the kitchen oil and smoke-free. An added advantage is its powerful yet energy-efficient LED light that improvises the cooking experience.


Brand: Hindware

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 47.5 x 60 x 52 Centimeters

Voltage: ‎230 Volts

Material: Steel

Fuel Type ‎Electric

Colour: ‎Black

High Suction power Pipe Quality could be improved.

9. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

The Eurodomo curved glass kitchen Chimney is a wall-mounted kitchen chimney with heat auto-clean chamber which helps you to clean the chimney with just one touch. The oil collector cup collects the grease and oil so that it doesn’t accumulate on the chimney and keeps it clean. The 90cm Glass Kitchen chimney is suitable for 3-5 burner stoves for all the mounted chimneys. It is an ideal pick for Indian Kitchen as it comes with a Baffle filter that is apt for heavy frying and grilling. Moreover, the touch and gesture control make this product efficient and user-friendly.


Brand: ‎Eurodomo

Product Dimensions LxWxH: 51 x 90 x 45 Centimeters

Voltage: ‎220

Control Console: Gesture and ‎Touch

Colour: Black

pros Cons 
Equipped with baffle filter It is expensive.

10. SURYA Auto clean Glass opening Kitchen Chimney Model GO-2020

The Surya Auto clean Glass opening kitchen Chimney comes with a heating pad that cleans the chimney with a simple button. It is equipped with superior hand-sensor technology that allows you to operate all the functions by merely waving your hand from right to left or vice-versa. In addition, it comes with a big display that will sense and show the temperature in the kitchen. This auto-clean glass opening model will open the glass upside, and ensure more space in your kitchen to work safely, and prevent striking your head against it.


Brand: ‎SURYA

Item Dimensions: 45 x 60 x 45 Centimeters

Voltage: ‎230 Volts (AC)

Colour: ‎Black

Control console: Touch

Highly responsive hand sensor technology  
Has an in-built smoke sensor. 

Top 3 features for you

Name of the Product Feature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Faber 90 cm Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen ChimneyAuto clean technologyBudget-friendlyCompact design
Elica 90 cm 1425 m3/hr Filter less Auto Clean ChimneyA filterless auto-clean chimneyTouch control for smooth operation capacityHigh quality built
Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney with 15 Years WarrantyPowerful suction capacityMotion sensing technology for easy usageSleek design
INALSA 60 cm, 1050 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney Enya BKBF with Stainless Steel Baffle FiltersStainless steel baffle filterGood Suction capacityEnergy-saving LED lamps
Glen Senza 90 cm 1050 m3/hr Filter less Auto Clean ChimneyUser-friendly gesture controlStainless steel durable body Touch control with motion sensors for a quick start
Whirlpool 60 cm 750 m³/hr Kitchen ChimneyCassette FilterLightweight chimneyTwo led lamps for brighter visibility
Sunflame Bella 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen ChimneyTwin baffle filters Pocket-friendlyErgonomic design
Hindware Marvia 60 cm 1000 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen ChimneyEfficient Dual LED LampsPyramid kitchen chimney with elegant looksUser-friendly push button control
Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen ChimneyHeat auto-clean technologyEasy to use and handle with touch screenDecent suction power
SURYA Auto clean Glass opening Kitchen Chimney Model GO-2020Auto glass opening model for more spaceLPG gas sensor for safetyHand sensor

Best value for money

Whirlpool 60 cm 750 m³/hr Kitchen Chimney is one of the most budget-friendly choices from the list. Besides being easy on your pockets, this stylish kitchen chimney offers the best specifications at an affordable price range among the other products available in the market.

Best overall product

Although this compilation has top-ranked kitchen chimney models, if we are faced with choosing just one, then Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filter less Auto Clean Chimney has to be a clear winner of the list. With its motion-sensing technology and smart design, this is a rewarding product for your hard-earned money.

How to find the perfect gas chimney?

Some important factors you need to keep in mind before finding a kitchen chimney that would suit your needs are; the air suction capacity, the mounting style and whether you want a normal or an auto-clean gas chimney. Then, finally, go through your budget and voila! Choose the product best suited to your needs. Additionally, read the customer reviews on the gas chimney you have in mind to get the perfect product for you.

top 10 picks for gas chimneys for Indian kitchens

One should consider the size, mounting style and suction power capacity before buying a kitchen chimney.

 It eases the overall cooking experience by absorbing smoke and fumes and keeps the walls of the kitchen oil and grease-free.

The gas kitchen chimney should be bigger than the size of your stove. For a 2-burner stove, 60 cm, and a 3-4 burner stove, 90 cm would be suitable.

INALSA, Whirlpool, Elica and Faber are some of the major brands in the Gas kitchen chimney category. 

The range between 400m3/hr to 1000m3/hr is ideal for an average-sized kitchen.

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