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Top air fryers in India: A complete buying guide

Last Published on Jan 05, 2023 17:51 IST


The finest air fryers in India are included in today's article. Read ahead to learn about everything you need to know to purchase the perfect air fryer that serves your needs at the best value.

People have become health conscious and understand the benefits of low-oil cooking. This is why there is a tremendous demand for air fryers in the market. However, customers always find difficulty in choosing the most suitable air fryers for their cooking needs.

There is always a need for comparative and detailed analysis of air fryers of different brands on different parameters. Following is a list of the top 7 air fryers that are energy efficient and featured packed to help you select the best 6.2 Ltr air fryer.

1. INALSA Air Fryer Digital Nutri Fry

This is a 1400 watts powerful fryer that will fry your food at full pace. It has a single basket but 8 preset programs. These allow you to cook, roast, fry or bake different kinds of foods. This includes frozen, normal, vegetarian, non-vegetarian and even cakes. It is a fully digital product. You can change the setting and feed instructions by touching the screen. INALSA Air Fryer Digital Nutri Fry has a 4 liters capacity that makes it ideal for festivities or special occasion food preparation. You can prepare up to 5-6 servings in one go. It uses air crisp technology that requires 99% less oil and has a pan shaped in starfish that does not require you to flip your food constantly.



Product Dimensions: 27.8D x 36w x 33H centimetres

Colour: Black

Special Feature: Temperature control

Material: Plastic

Excellent Customer ServiceOne basket for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
Easy to use  

2. Hilton air fryer

It is an easy-to-use air fryer that allows you to set the temperature and time to get the perfect crispy food every time you use it. The rapid air technology will ensure that oil usage is reduced to 70 - 80 %. Its compact design lets you fry bigger chunks of food in one go. This is specially designed by keeping in mind frozen food. It not only cooks food faster but gives you a crispy crust and juicy insides. The basket is easy to remove and easily fits into the dishwasher. The nonstick pan reduces the use of oil even further. Hilton air fryer has a powerful 1400 watts machine which is ideal for the basket with a capacity of 3.5 liters.


Brand: Hilton

Product Dimensions: 36D x 36W x 35H Centimeters

Colour: Black

Material: Plastic

Special feature: Programmable

Unique designShort wire
Easy to store 

3. Instant Pot Air fryer, Vortex 6QT

This Instant Pot air fryer 6QT is a 6-in-1 appliance that allows you to Air Fry, Roast, Broil, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate. Its compact design and capacity of 5.7 liters make it ideal for big Indian families or in times of festivities or attending guests. The stainless steel body further adds safety to the food and increases the product's longevity. Dehydration is a unique feature that is not often included in air fryers. This is a dishwasher-safe product, and its nonstick pan makes it easy to clean. It requires 120 volts or 1500 watts of energy and gives you crispy and delicious food every time.


Brand: Instant Pot

Product Dimensions: ‎31.4D x 37.9W x 32.6H Centimeters

Colour: Black

Material: Stainless Steel

Special feature: Programmable, Dehydration

One-Touch Digital PanelHeavy to move from one place to another 
Demo and installation are included  

4. Hestia Appliances 12L Air Fryer & Oven

It has features that are also common in the oven. It has a viewing window that allows you to check the status of your food anytime you want. And internal light makes further eases the procedure. So, if you are cooking something that requires browning the surface or melting the cheese, this makes it easy to do and fun. The technology that it uses is the Aero smart technology. This provides hot air from all sides, which does not require much oil and even eliminates the need to flip the food once you put it inside. It has 10 presets that provide you versatility in cooking your food. You can use it to air fry, grill, roast, reheat, bake and dehydrate.


Brand: Hestia

Product Dimensions: 33D x 36W x 38H Centimeters

Colour: Black

Material: ‎BPA Free Plastic

Special feature: Temperature Control

Ideal for cooking for the big family Requires big storage space
The plastic used in the product is safe, hygienic and of better quality  

5. Instant Pot Vortex 8QT Dual Basket Digital Air Fryer

The dual basket is the prominent feature that sets this fryer apart from other mainstream air fryers. This way, you can prepare two dishes in one go. You can use it to ‎roast, broil, bake, reheat and dehydrate your food. Its nonstick pan makes it not only easy to clean and uses 95% less oil than other products. This air fryer requires 1700 watts to function. The combined capacity of the baskets is 8 quarts. Its one-touch digital panel makes it easy to program and use.


Brand: Instant Pot

Product Dimensions: 45.2 x 45.4 x 39.1 Centimeters

Colour: Black

Material: Plastic

Special feature: Programmable

Dual basket It can be noisy while preparing food
Viewing window 

6. iBELL AF80BJ Air Fryer 8 Litre

This air fryer is designed with smart rapid air technology, and eight cooking presets, making it highly acclaimed. Its auto-timer shut-off feature prevents overheating or burning of food items. Its 8-litre capacity helps in smart cooking for an average-sized family. With this air fryer, you can cook with 80% less oil and fat as it circulates hot air around a metal mesh.


● Colour: Black

● Capacity: ‎8 litres

● Material: ‎Plastic

● Wattage: 1700 Watts

● Voltage: ‎230 Volts

● Weight: ‎8.5 Kilograms

Temperature control functionDelicate design
Budget-friendly option 
Ideal for healthy and smart cooking 
Innovative rapid air technology 

7. Tesora Digital Air Fryer 6.5 L

It has a digital touch panel that makes air frying with a few clicks. It is suitable for various cooking methods such as reheating, grilling, baking, frying, roasting, and toasting. This air fryer is designed with a detachable basket and a cool-touch handle that protects the hand while taking it out after cooking. With seven preset menus, you can cook multiple Indian recipes without any hassle.


● Product Dimensions: 32D x 42W x 35H Centimeters

● Capacity: 6.5 litres

● Material: Plastic

● Colour: Black

Perfect capacity for medium sized familyAverage customer service
Temperatures control from 80 to 200° C 
Safety lock feature 
Premium finish 
Feather touch LED display 

Price of air fryers at a glance:

INALSA Air Fryer Digital Nutri Fry  6,779
Hilton air fryer 3,989
Instant Pot Air fryer, Vortex 6QT 20,799
Hestia Appliances 12L Air Fryer & Oven 10,399
Instant Pot Vortex 8QT Dual Basket Digital Air Fryer 27,999
iBELL AF80BJ Air Fryer 8 Litre 5,614
Tesora Digital Air Fryer 6.5 L 6,999

Three best features for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
INALSA Air Fryer Digital Nutri Fry Dishwasher safeInstallation charges includedUnique design
Hilton air fryerUnique designEasy to storeAffordable 
Instant Pot Air fryer, Vortex 6QT6 types of cooking methodsDemo and installation included Made of stainless steel 
Hestia Appliances 12L Air Fryer & OvenRotisserie rod and screws and Frying Tray are providedEasy to clean BPA free plastic 
Instant Pot Vortex 8QT Dual Basket Digital Air FryerDual basketNonstick pan Cheaper compared to the functions
iBELL AF80BJ Air Fryer 8 LitreTemperature control functionInnovative rapid air technology8 cooking presets
Tesora Digital Air Fryer 6.5 LLED displayTemperatures control from 80 to 200° C7 preset menus

Best value for money

Stok Air Fryer 6.5 Liter is a complete value for money priced at Rs. 5,999. This air fryer has all the features that make it worthy in home kitchens. It is a perfect air fryer for medium-sized families, and it has an 8 preset menu for hassle-free versatile cooking. The touch screen and rapid air technology make it the best buy.

Best overall product

Havells Grande Air Fryer is the best purchase as it comes with multiple features. It is available at 8,989 and also provides a 2 years warranty. Its large pan capacity, temperature control, aero crisp technology, and automatic shutoff make it a worthy purchase. Also, it features an integrated timer and auto-off that prevents overheating or burning of the food.

How to find the perfect air fryer?

With so many available options, it’s always confusing to pick the right air fryer meant for your cooking needs. Before you make your decision, there is numerous consideration that you should focus on while finding the best air fryer of larger capacity. Keep the key features, benefits, pricing, and pros & cons in mind while choosing a suitable air fryer. Power consumption and fast heating should also be focused on. By going through this article, you can get a list of some of the best air fryers with a capacity of 6.2 litre and above. Some good options you can try are INALSA Air Fryer, Havells Grande, and VARADA Max.

At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase.

Top Air fryers

VARADA Max Air Fryer 6.5 liter and Stok Air Fryer 6.5 Liter are budget-friendly options. Along with affordability, these two air fryers featured numerous key features that make them an ideal buy.

Air fryers come with preset menus that allow you to cook versatile. Air frying, grilling, toasting, roasting, and baking can be done in an air fryer. You can also reduce the usage of oil to 80% with the use of air fryers. 


INALSA Air Fryer Digital Sous Chef 6.5 L has an auto shake reminder and overheats protection feature. It has eight presets through which you can do versatile cooking such as grilling, air frying, roasting, and many more.


Feature-wise, both of them are different. In the Havells air fryer, ten preset menus allow doing multiple types of cooking, whereas the Tesora Digital Air Fryer only has 7 presets.

Disclaimer: At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so ... we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority. Read more

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