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10 must-have laptop accessories for comfortable computing

Last Published on Jul 21, 2023 18:20 IST


This article details out 10 excellent laptop accessories for comfortable computing in India, along with the best value products and advice on selecting the one that suits your needs.

The laptop accessories that make things easier for you are some of the greatest possessions. Laptops are highly useful and adaptable technology, but to maximise their potential, you need the correct accessories. The appropriate accessories may improve your productivity, from cases and backpacks for safety and portability to docks, centres, and chargers for enhancing your laptop's abilities.

The best laptop accessories may improve your laptop's performance, preserve your investment, or add a few additional benefits and functions. You can use your laptop to do more tasks and have more fun if you have the correct attachments. In this blog, we'll look at a few of the best laptop accessories for boosting efficiency and making everyday computing comfortable and more pleasant.

Product list

1. STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Table Top Stand

The most important piece of equipment for comfortable computing is a laptop stand. To encourage a more natural position and lessen stress on your neck and back, it lifts your laptop to eye level. Long-term pain and even health problems might result from using a laptop at low levels. By enabling you to change the position and height of your laptop screen to make it at a comfortable viewing level, a laptop stand helps to solve these issues. This gadget for laptops encourages improved posture and eases pressure on your upper back, shoulders, and neck. Furthermore, laptop stands frequently have features like cable organisers or cooling fans that increase your comfort and efficiency.


  • Brand: STRIFF
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatible Phone Models: Universal
  • Mounting Type: Table top
Offers multiple height adjustmentsWidth of the stand is not adjustable
Lightweight and comfortable 

2. Perixx PERIBOARD-512 Wired Natural Ergonomic Design Split Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard is intended to make typing seem more natural and pleasant. These keyboards are often divided into two halves, which enables you to assume a more natural posture for your hands and wrists. Your wrists will experience less stress thanks to its design, which also encourages a more ergonomic typing position. To add to the support and reduce pressure on your wrists, many ergonomic keyboards also come with padded wrist rests. You may dramatically increase your typing comfort and lower your risk of severe strain injuries by purchasing an ergonomic keyboard.


  • Brand: Perixx
  • Compatible Devices: PC
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
Quiet and responsive keysWired connection only
Detachable palm rest 

3. Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse

The Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse is a dependable, reasonably priced wireless mouse that provides comfort and simplicity of use. This wireless mouse offers a smooth and dependable connection whether you're at work, viewing the web, or playing a game. Providing dependable wireless performance and convenient use at an affordable price is the Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse. This laptop gadget offers an easy-to-use experience for everyone, whether they are professionals, students, or casual users, making it a popular option for routine computer chores.


  • Brand: Logitech
  • Size: Universal
  • Colour: Black
Affordable and reliableNot comfortable for left-hand users
Easy setup 

4. Acer EK220Q Monitor

A 21.5-inch full HD monitor with a good blend of price and efficiency is the Acer EK220Q. It is intended to offer a good visual experience for routine activities, multimedia consumption, and light gaming. You may work or watch information without feeling crowded because of the monitor's large viewing area. When utilising several monitors side by side, the display's thin bezels minimise eye strain and provide a realistic viewing experience. The EK220Q's tilt-adjustable stand makes it possible to customise the viewing position for maximum comfort from an ergonomic standpoint. Although it doesn't have a height or rotation adjustment, the tilt feature eases eye and neck strain.


  • Brand: Acer
  • Screen Size: 21.1 Inches
  • Display Resolution Maximum: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Refresh Rate: 100 Hz
Affordable priceAverage response time
Full HD Display 

5. Zebronics, ZEB-NC3300 USB Powered Laptop Cooling Pad

An item with built-in fans known as a laptop cooling pad helps to drain heat and make your laptop cool. Minimising overheating, not only increases relaxation but also lengthens the lifespan of your laptop. The cooling pad offers additional airflow to help your laptop's internal parts disperse heat when it lays below you. The Zebronics ZEB-NC3300 is a USB-powered laptop cooling pad created to deliver effective cooling and improve your laptop's general performance. These types of laptop accessories also have an ergonomic shape that makes typing more comfortable. It has an incline platform that lifts your laptop to a convenient viewing position, easing the strain on your neck and wrists when using it for an extended period. The surface's anti-slip pads stop your laptop from slipping or moving.


  • Brand: Zebronics
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 624 Grams
  • Cooling Method: Air
Helps prevent overheatingLimited Cooling Pad Adjustability
Portable and user-friendly design 

6. Seagate Expansion 1TB External HDD

A portable and practical option for keeping and storing your data is an external hard drive. For speedier data transfer rates, look for a dependable, large-capacity external hard drive that connects by Thunderbolt or USB. Having enough storage space makes sure that your laptop isn't cluttered, which makes it work more quickly and smoothly. The USB 3.0 interface on the Seagate Expansion External HDD offers fast data transfer rates and easy connection to your computer. Due to the rapid and effective file transfers provided by this, it is appropriate for activities requiring big file volumes or regular data backups. Additionally, it supports USB 2.0 ports, guaranteeing compatibility with older gadgets.


  • Brand: Seagate
  • Connector Type: USB
  • Colour: Black
  • Installation Type: External Hard Drive
Easy Plug-and-Play SetupLack of Backup Software
Ample Storage Capacity 

7. Wesley Milestone 2.0 Casual Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Your gadget is protected by a laptop bag or backpack, which also makes it convenient to carry. This is one of the best laptop protection accessories. With separate pockets and padding to guard against bumps and marks, this Wesley backpack is made with computers in mind. To guarantee a comfortable and secure fit, consider the weight and size of the laptop while selecting a bag. Moreover, particularly when carrying the bag for a long time, adjustable shoulder straps and back cushioning can assist disperse the weight evenly and lessen pressure on your shoulders and back.


  • Brand: Wesley
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 480 Grams
Nice space for laptopMight feel heavy

8. Honeywell 8-in-1 Type C Ultra Dock

By connecting your laptop to a bigger display, a full-sized keyboard and mouse, and other accessories using a docking station, you can rapidly convert your laptop into a desktop-like arrangement. Because you may utilise a bigger screen and more comfortable input mechanisms, this design encourages greater ergonomics, efficiency, and comfort. The Honeywell 8-in-1 Type C Ultra Dock is a functional docking station that enhances the functionality of your laptop or computer and provides several communication choices. For customers who need extra ports and connectivity choices for increased productivity and smooth communication, these types oflaptop accessories offer a practical alternative.


  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Colour: Silver
  • Total USB ports: 3
  • Wattage: 100 Watts
Wide range of connectivity optionsPotential Display Limitations
Portable and compact design 

9. Gizga Essentials Laptop Bag Sleeve Case

Your laptop is protected during transit with a laptop sleeve or case, which fits snugly and adds a layer of cushioning. A durable and fashionable sleeve created to safely transport and shield your laptop is the Gizga Essentials Laptop Bag Sleeve Case. It is a sensible option for those looking for a dependable laptop protection solution since it combines usefulness, toughness, and aesthetic appeal. In conclusion, this laptop kit provides a dependable and fashionable solution to transport and safeguard your laptop. Its robust design, cushioned inside, small profile, additional storage compartments, and useful features make it an excellent option for professionals that are always on the move.


  • Brand: GIZGA essentials
  • Colour: Grey with Handle
  • Form Factor: Sleeve
Reliable protectionLimited storage capacity

10. KNOWHERE Extension Boards

Modern extension boards for comfortable computing are made to improve your workspace and support ergonomic comfort when using electronic gadgets. These boards offer a number of features that put an emphasis on efficiency, organisation, and convenience. The KNOWHERE Extension Boards are designed with user comfort in mind. They include features like changeable height or tilt positions to lessen stress on your neck, hands, and wrists. These boards might lessen the stress and exhaustion brought on by excessive computer use by giving your hands and body a more comfortable and comfortable position.


  • Brand: KNOWHERE
  • Total Power Outlets: 3
  • Colour: Blue, White
Improved organisation.Space limitations.

Three best feature for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Tabletop StandAdjustable height and angle for comfortable viewingSturdy and durable constructionPortable and foldable design
Perixx PERIBOARD-512 Wired Natural Ergonomic Design Split KeyboardNatural ergonomic design for improved typing experienceSplit keyboard layout for reduced strain on wristsWired connection for reliable and uninterrupted usage
Logitech B170 Wireless MouseWireless connectivity for freedom of movementPlug-and-play simplicityLong battery life
Acer EK220Q MonitorFull HD display for crisp and very clear visualsSlim bezel design for an immersive viewing experienceAdjustable stand for comfortable positioning
Zebronics, ZEB-NC3300 USB Powered Laptop Cooling PadUSB-powered cooling pad to prevent overheatingErgonomic design for improved typing and viewing comfortLightweight and portable for easy transportation
Seagate Expansion 1TB External HDD1TB of storage capacity for storing files and dataUSB 3.0 connectivity for fast data transfer speedsPlug-and-play setup for hassle-free usage
Wesley Milestone 2.0 Casual Waterproof Laptop BackpackWaterproof design to protect your laptop and belongingsMultiple compartments and pockets for organised storageComfortable and adjustable shoulder straps
Honeywell 8-in-1 Type C Ultra DockVersatile connectivity options for multiple devicesType-C interface for fast data transfer and chargingCompact and portable design
Gizga Essentials Laptop Bag Sleeve CaseProtective padding to safeguard your laptopSlim and lightweight design for easy carryingAdditional storage pockets for accessories
KNOWHERE Extension BoardsComfort-enhancing, strain-reducing ergonomic design for computer use.You can connect and power numerous gadgets at once thanks to its numerous power outlets.Possible to charge USB-powered devices quickly and easily.

Best overall product

The Perixx PERIBOARD-512 Wired Natural Ergonomic Design Split Keyboard comes out as the finest overall product from the list when considering the element of pleasant computing. To make typing more pleasant, this keyboard was particularly created with an open design and natural ergonomic design. The split keyboard design encourages a more natural hand position and lessens wrist strain, which can lessen pain and potential injuries brought on by extended typing. The connected connection also guarantees consistent and constant typing pleasure. This cool laptop accessory would be a great option if comfortable computing is a requirement.

Best value for money

The Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse comes out as the finest overall device from the list when considering comfort and value for money. This wireless mouse provides a wonderful compromise between comfort and price. It offers wireless connectivity so you can move about and explore without being constrained by cords. With a form that offers ergonomic support and lessens strain during prolonged usage, the mouse is made to fit comfortably in your hand. This mouse is a great option if you're searching for a reliable, inexpensive, and comfortable wireless mouse.

How to find the perfect laptop accessories?

When shopping for laptop accessories, look for those that could be adjusted and customised to meet your specific needs. Prioritise accessories that can be adjusted to your comfort choices, such as an ergonomic keyboard, a laptop stand with a height adjustment and position, or a cooling pad with flexible fan speed. Additionally, think about wearing accessories that encourage good posture and lessen stress on your neck, wrists, and arms. You may choose the ideal laptop accessories that will greatly improve your ease and computing experience by considering these elements.

FAQs on laptop accessories

A laptop stand that is ergonomic is made to lift your laptop to a more comfortable eye level, easing neck strain and enhancing posture. It encourages improved airflow to avoid overheating and enables adjustable height and angle settings for individualised comfort.
A split layout and changeable angles are features of an ergonomic keyboard that encourage a more comfortable hand and wrist posture while typing. Long-term typing can lessen strain, pain, and the chance of chronic strain injuries (RSIs).
An ergonomic mouse is made to suit the shape of your hand, making the hold easy and relieving wrist pain. It encourages a calm hand position and may lessen any discomfort or soreness brought on by prolonged mouse use.
Your laptop generates heat, which a laptop cooling pad helps to drain, keeping it from being too hot to use. As a result of improved airflow around the laptop, performance is improved and your lap and hands stay cool while you work.
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