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Best gaming mouse in 2023: Unleash your gaming potential

Last Published on Aug 23, 2023 19:13 IST
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In gaming, precision, speed, and control are paramount. A crucial instrument in achieving gaming excellence is the gaming mouse. The gaming landscape continues to witness innovations that raise the bar for performance and redefine the boundaries of what's possible. The gaming mouse, with its specialized features and ergonomic designs, emerges as a vital extension of a gamer's prowess.

This is a world where every click matters, every flick of the wrist determines victory, and where responsiveness can make all the difference. In our quest to unravel the most remarkable tools for unleashing your gaming potential, we dive into the realm of the best gaming mice of 2023. From cutting-edge sensor technologies that translate your movements into pixel-perfect accuracy to customizable buttons that adapt to your gaming style, the array of choices is as diverse as the games themselves.

Whether you're a professional esports competitor striving for that edge in the arena or a casual gamer seeking immersive experiences, this article will navigate you through the top gaming mice that promise to amplify your performance and elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of gaming mice that stand ready to propel you to victory in 2023.

1. Redgear A-17 Gaming Mouse

The Redgear A-17 Gaming Mouse elevates your gaming experience with its impressive features. With a DPI range of up to 6400, it ensures precise control. The customizable RGB lighting adds flair to your setup. The mouse's enhanced build quality, durable switches, and braided cable enhance its longevity. It's designed for both Claw and Palm grip styles, offering versatility. Compatible with various devices, the Redgear A-17 comes with a 1-year warranty.


DPI: Up to 6400

RGB Lighting: Customizable

Switches: 5M durable

Build Quality: Enhanced

Cable: Braided

Grip Styles: Claw & Palm

Wide DPI range for precise controlMay not be suitable for larger hand sizes
Durable switches and enhanced build quality 

2. Razer DeathAdder Essential Wired Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder Essential Wired Gaming Mouse delivers a proven performance history. With a true 6,400 dpi optical sensor, it ensures fast and precise swipes for gaming excellence. Its classic ergonomic form factor and distinctive shape provide comfort during extended gaming sessions. The mouse features 5 durable hyper response buttons, each capable of enduring up to 10 million clicks. A reliable choice with multi-award-winning technology for gaming enthusiasts.


DPI: 6,400

Lighting: Single-Color Green

Sensor: Optical

Ergonomics: Classic form factor

Buttons: 5 hype response buttons

Proven performance track recordLimited lighting customization options
Comfortable ergonomic design 

3. Logitech G102

The Logitech G102 USB Light Sync Gaming Mouse is a versatile choice for gamers. Its vibrant LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting with customizable effects across 16.8 million colours adds flair to your setup. The 8,000 DPI sensor ensures precise tracking, while the classic 6-button layout and comfortable design offer control and comfort. Mechanical spring button tensioning enhances reliability, and customizable settings via Logitech G HUB software optimize sensitivity.


Lighting: LIGHTSYNC RGB with 16.8 million colours

DPI: 8,000

Buttons: 6 programmable buttons

Button Tensioning: Mechanical spring tensioning

Design: Classic gaming shape

Customization: Logitech G HUB software

Customizable RGB lightingMay not suit all hand sizes and grip styles
Mechanical spring button tensioning for reliability 

4. Ant Esports GM320

The Ant Esports GM320 RGB Optical Wired Gaming Mouse offers a feature-rich experience for gamers. With 8 programmable buttons, including a rapid Fire button, and 12800 DPI, it's ideal for FPS and MOBA/RTS games. The RGB backlit adds to the immersive experience, while the ergonomic design ensures comfort during long sessions. With a 1-year warranty, it's a reliable choice for both PC and console gamers.


Buttons: 8 programmable buttons, including Fire button

DPI: 12800

Backlight: RGB multicolour lighting

Polling Rate: Adjustable from 500Hz to 1000Hz

Design: Ergonomic, claw-grip design

Lifespan: 20 million clicks

Programmable buttons for customizationRGB lighting may not be customizable
Adjustable polling rate for smooth movement 

5. ZEBRONICS-Transformer-M

The ZEBRONICS Transformer-M Gaming Mouse is a versatile choice for gamers seeking precision and style. With its high-resolution sensor offering up to 3600 DPI and dedicated DPI switch, it delivers excellent gaming performance. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended sessions, and the multi-color LED lights add flair to your setup. Dedicated forward and backward buttons enhance convenience, making it a great gaming companion.


Buttons: 6 buttons, including dedicated forward and backward buttons

DPI: Up to 3600 with dedicated DPI switch (1000/1600/2400/3200)

LED Lights: Multi-color breathing LED lights (7 colors)

Design: Ergonomic

Compatibility: Plug and play installation

High-resolution sensor for precisionLED lights may not be customizable
Dedicated DPI switch for customizable sensitivity 

6. HP M270

The HP M270 Backlit USB Wired Gaming Mouse offers precision and performance. With customizable 4-speed DPI settings up to 2400 DPI, it ensures responsive cursor control. The ergonomic design and metal scroll wheel enhance user experience. The breathing LED lighting adds style to gaming sessions. Backed by a 3-year warranty, it's a reliable choice for gamers seeking durability and functionality.


DPI: 4-speed customizable up to 2400 DPI

Buttons: 6 buttons

Button Life: Up to 3 million clicks

Lighting: Breathing LED lighting

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Warranty: 3 years

Customizable DPI settings for varying sensitivityLimited DPI range compared to some gaming mice
Metal scroll wheel for enhanced durability 

7. Redgear A-10

The Redgear A-10 Wired Gaming Mouse is a lightweight and durable option for gamers. With an on-the-fly DPI change of up to 2400, it offers quick responsiveness. The extra durable switches enhance its longevity. Designed for various grips and game types, it's a versatile choice. The RGB LED lighting adds a touch of style to your setup, making it a great companion for gaming.


DPI: Up to 2400

Lighting: RGB LED

Durability: Extra durable switches and build quality

Compatibility: Windows and MAC

Lightweight design for quick movementsLimited DPI range compared to some gaming mice
Extra durable switches for longevity 

8. Ant Esports GM40

The Redgear A-10 Wired Gaming Mouse is a lightweight and durable option for gamers. With an on-the-fly DPI change of up to 2400, it offers quick responsiveness. The extra durable switches enhance its longevity. Designed for various grips and game types, it's a versatile choice. The RGB LED lighting adds a touch of style to your setup, making it a great companion for gaming.


DPI: Up to 2400

Lighting: RGB LED

Durability: Extra durable switches and build quality

Compatibility: Windows and MAC

Professional gaming sensor for precisionLimited DPI range compared to some gaming mice
Vibrant multicolour LED lighting 

9. Ant Esports GM600

The Ant Esports GM600 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse is a versatile companion for gamers seeking precision and customization. With 6 adjustable DPI levels up to 7200 DPI, it's suitable for various game genres. The 14 customizable RGB backlights add a cool atmosphere to your setup, and the 7 programmable buttons enhance convenience. The thumb rest design ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions.


DPI: 6 adjustable levels (800/1600/2400/3200/4800/7200)

RGB Lighting: 14 customizable modes

Programmable Buttons: 7 buttons with customization options

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/Mac OS

Professional Optical Sensor

Braided Cable: 1.5 m length

Wide range of adjustable DPI levelsSoftware compatibility limited to Windows
Programmable buttons for personalized setups 

10. Lenovo Legion M200

The Lenovo Legion M200 RGB Gaming Mouse is a budget-friendly choice for entry-level and casual PC gamers. Its ambidextrous design ensures comfort for both left and right-handed users. With 5 buttons and up to 2400 DPI adjustable across 4 levels, it offers precise control. The 7-colour RGB backlight adds a stylish touch, and the braided cable enhances durability.


Ambidextrous Design

5-button configuration

DPI Levels: Up to 2400 DPI with 4-level switch

7-colour RGB Backlight

Braided Cable

Ambidextrous design suits various usersMay not be suitable for advanced gamers
Adjustable DPI for precise control 

Best 3 features for you

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Redgear A-17Upto 6400 DPIRGB LightingBraided Cable
Razer DeathAdder EssentialPrecise 6400 dpi sensorErgonomic Design5 Hype Response Buttons
Logitech G102Customizable RGB Lighting8K DPI Tracking6 Programmable Buttons
Ant Esports GM3208 Programmable Buttons12800 DPIRGB LED Lighting
ZEBRONICS Transformer-M6 Buttons3600 DPIMulti-Color LED Lights
HP M2702400 DPIBreathing LED LightingMetal Scroll Wheel
Redgear A-10LightweightDPI upto 2400Durable Design
Ant Esports GM40RGB LEDLightweightDPI Upto 2400
Ant Esports GM6006 DPI Sensitivity LevelsRGB LEDProgrammable Buttons
Lenovo Legion M200Ambidextrous Design2400 DPIMulticolor RGB Backlight

Best value for money

The "Redgear A-10" offers a lightweight and durable design, along with adjustable DPI up to 2400, making it a great value for gamers seeking performance on a budget.

Best overall product

The "Logitech G102" stands out as the best overall gaming mouse with customizable RGB lighting, high precision 8K DPI tracking, and an ergonomic design for a well-rounded gaming experience.

How to Find the Right Gaming Mouse

When looking for the right gaming mouse, consider your gaming style, grip preference, DPI settings, and additional features like programmable buttons and RGB lighting. Choose a mouse that complements your gameplay and provides a comfortable grip for extended sessions.

FAQs on gaming mouse

Yes, these mice are versatile and can be used for regular computer tasks as well.
Some mice are compatible with consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. Check the product specifications.
Most mice with RGB lighting offer customization options through software or onboard controls.
DPI (dots per inch) indicates the mouse's sensitivity. Higher DPI settings offer faster cursor movement, which can be advantageous in fast-paced games.
Some mice require software installation for advanced customization, while others offer basic features without additional software.
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