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8 best coffee vending machines to try in 2023: Buying guide

Last Published on Mar 13, 2023 16:23 IST


Have you ever experienced intense coffee cravings yet didn't want to turn on the gas to prepare it immediately? If yes, then a coffee vending machine is meant for you.

Every moment we desire a cup of coffee during the day, the coffee vending machine saves us time. Any hot beverage, including tea, espresso, soft drinks, and even soups, can be dispensed by it. These devices are incredibly simple to use and make it simple to prepare coffee or espresso at the office.

Numerous well-known companies provide the finest and most modern coffee vending machines on the market. But it can be difficult to discover the kind that meets all of your requirements. Do not feel anxious; we have created a list of the 8 finest coffee vending machines in India in our informative buying guide so you can choose the best.

Product list

1. Cafe DESIRE Coffee Machine 4 Lane

The country's leading vending machine provider, Café Desire, primarily provides coffee vending machines. Instant Coffee vending machines, and Filtant Tea and Coffee vending machines are just a few of the vending machines that the company sells. The fact that this device can simultaneously prepare four different hot beverage types is its best feature. The machine can dispense 305 cups a day, making it the best coffee vending machine for offices, stores, and restaurants. The model tops our list because of its excellent performance, high calibre, and impressive features.


Capacity: 4.00 kilograms

Item Volume: 250.00 cups

Operation Mode: Fully Automatic

Runtime: 24.00 hours

Aesthetic design and appearanceSuitable only with Café Desire premixes

2. ATLANTIS Cafe Classic 2 Coffee Machine

This Atlantis tea and coffee vending machine has a ton of amazing functions to provide you with the best possible experience. The fact that it has two lanes implies that it can dispense two different kinds of caffeinated beverages simultaneously. It has a 2-litre hot tank storage capacity, a dispensing speed of up to three cups per minute, and a capacity of up to 22pc 100 ml cups at a time. This vending machine provides tea and coffee premixes. It doesn't use any form of liquid milk.


Capacity: ‎2 litres

Special Feature: ‎Thermal

Item Volume: 220.00 cups per litter

Wattage: 700 Watts

strong and durable structureThis machine may sustain permanent harm from liquid milk.

3. Nescafe 2 Lane Coffee Vending Machine

Because of its real, lavish, and powerful flavours, Nescafe is frequently the first brand that comes to mind when people think of coffee. Not mentioning a product from this manufacturer would also be impolite. Nescafe's two-lane coffee vending machine, which has a sturdy construction and a simple installation procedure, is now available. It is a retail vending machine for the dispensing of two hot beverage items, such as soup, coffee, tea, peppermint tea, spice tea, and herbal tea.


Material: Metal

Capacity: 400 Cups/Day approx.

Dispensing Rate: 4 Cups/Min

Operation Mode: Semi-Automatic

You can use any premixThere are only two dispensing lanes.

4. Swaggers Coffee Vending Machine With 2 Lane

One of the well-known producers and distributors of coffee vending machines with quality assurance is Swaggers Technologies. primarily praised for their attractive designs, minimal maintenance requirements, and extended useful lives. This Swagger's item is made of ABS and is available in red. Utilizing stainless steel, it was created by worldwide standards and norms. It has a small, lightweight magnetic lock that seals. It has characteristics like hot water functionality, front door ABS, and a half-cup option. Its substantial construction allows for constant dispensing at a rate of four cups per minute.


Dispensing Capacity: 4 cups/ Min

Special Feature: Magnetic Door

Canister Capacity: 1.2 kg each (2)

Power: 2000 W

Double option for a hot beverage vendorBelow-average customer service

5. Cafe DESIRE I DRINK SUCCESS Coffee Machine 2 Lane

Use Cafe DESIRE I DRINK SUCCESS Coffee Machine completely automated vending machine to quickly prepare a hot cup of coffee or tea. With just a push of a button, this vending machine for tea and coffee makes your cup of tea. Milk, sugar, and coffee/tea powder are not required. This hybrid vending machine model can produce two different hot beverage varieties simultaneously. The machine contains two canisters. This coffee maker features an internal digital monitor that allows you to monitor usage and link it to purchases of premix powder. Get this coffee vending machine for home, eatery, or workplace and you'll have complete control over selling and consumption.


Capacity: 2 Kilograms

Special Feature: ‎Programmable

Operation Mode: ‎Fully Automatic

Wattage: ‎2000 Watts

Simple to useCoin operated feature is not available

6. Godrej 2cvmexcella Tea Coffee Vending Machine

This standalone model from the company Godrej is unquestionably a good buy. Its sleek European design adheres to the highest requirements for efficiency and elegance. To let you understand when to refill the machine once more, it has a water level indicator. It serves as a practical feature as a result. Also, a special heated water tank design is included that makes it simple to wash the tank to maintain hygiene. Also, it offers the option of modifying the amount of premix powder and water in each cup, allowing you to change it to suit your tastes. Furthermore, the full and half cup options let you only obtain what you need, so there is no waste. This coffee vending machine price is well justified by its features.


Indicator: Double-line display

Dimensions of the package: 35 x 35 x 35 centimeters

Weight: 18 Kilograms

Special Feature: ‎Water Level Indicator

For your comfort, there are numerous indicators.Only effective with Godrej premixes

7. California Metal Vending Machine 2 Option

California Metal Vending Machine is an inexpensive model from the California company and is the best option for homes, small businesses, and even workplaces. The machine is ideal for easy portability due to its small size and lightweight. Additionally, the appliance is long-lasting and durable thanks to its sturdy metal structure. You can purchase your preferred drinks from this two-option vending machine, such as coffee, vegetable soup, low-sugar tea, mint tea, and spice tea. It is an ideal coffee vending machine for office use.


Dispensing Capacity: 5-6 cups/ Min

Special Feature: Separate water supply

Voltage: 230 Volts

Item Weight: 18 kg

5–6 glasses can be dispensed per minuteUse only premixes; don't use raw milk

8. Swaggers Heavy Duty Coffee Vending Machine With 3 Lane

Swaggers Coffee Vending Machines are praised for their appealing styles, minimal maintenance requirements, and extended useful lives. This Swagger's item is made of ABS and is available in red. Utilizing stainless steel, it was created to comply with worldwide norms and standards. Furthermore, it has a 3-litter capacity. It has a small, lightweight magnetic lock that seals. It has features like a half-cup choice and a microprocessor-controlled cup monitor. It also has a heated water function. Its substantial construction supports constant dispensing at a respectable pace.


Dispensing Capacity: 4 cups/ Min

Special Feature: Magnetic Door

Voltage: 220 Volts

Item Weight: 21 kg

It has a start-up time of 8 min , ABS moulded front doorBelow-average customer service

Three best features for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Cafe DESIRE Coffee Machine 4 LaneThe dispensing capacity of 305 cups a dayFully AutomaticAuto Clean Function
ATLANTIS Cafe Classic 2 Coffee MachineHalf Cup Feature with CounterDispensing Speed of up to 3 cups per minuteAuto Flush Available
Nescafe 2 Lane Coffee Vending Machine2 Lane Coffee Vending MachineThe capacity of 400 Cups/Day approximatelyCompatible with any premix
Swaggers Coffee Vending Machine With 2 LaneAdjustable Powder & Water Setting Half Cup and Flushing Function Cup CounterMicroprocessor controlledMagnetic sealing door
Cafe DESIRE I DRINK SUCCESS Coffee Machine 2 LaneFully automatic vending machineFeatures an internal digital monitorEasy installation
Godrej 2cvmexcella Tea Coffee Vending MachineDouble line displayWater level indicatorEuropean design
California Metal Vending Machine 2 OptionDispensing Capacity of 5-6 cups/ MinTwo-option vending machineSturdy metal structure
Swaggers Heavy Duty Coffee Vending Machine With 3 Lane3-litter capacityLightweight magnetic lockMicroprocessor-controlled cup monitor

Best overall product

The Cafe DESIRE Coffee Machine 4 Lane is the greatest coffee vending machine overall, so get one today. The strongest functions and capabilities are offered by this machine, which is incredibly sturdy and guarantees you have all you want in your place. It is simple to use and gives you the option to personalize your drink. This coffee vending machine permits you to dispense four different hot beverages with 305 cups a day. The Cafe DESIRE Coffee Machine 4 has an almost infinite number of features. This coffee vending machine is a great choice if you want to accelerate your shop revenues. This coffee maker features an internal digital monitor that allows you to monitor usage and link it to purchases of premix powder. This coffee vending machine best buy option because of its excellent performance, high calibre, and impressive features.

Best value for money

The Godrej 2cvmexcella Tea Coffee Vending Machine is widely recognized for both its quality and affordability, even though it has been an undervalued item for a while but well-known for its incredible capabilities. It is a cost-effective and feature-rich automatic coffee machine with a water level indication, European design, double-line display, etc. Eventually, this product is good enough to justify every penny because of its excellent functionality, longer lifespan, compact size, and minimal maintenance needs.

How to find the best coffee vending machine?

Depending on the amenities offered, coffee vending machine come in a variety of designs and price points. The following are things to think about while purchasing a coffee vending machine online that suits your needs.

There are often two, three, or four Dispenser Lanes on a machine, thus how many individuals use it only depends on that. Three-lane machines cost more, whereas two-lane machines cost less.

Each of the containers for premixed tea and coffee should be up to 1 kilogram.

To prevent any corrosion, the tank's material must be entirely constructed of stainless steel 304. Its volume should also be at least 3 litres.

Since automatic coffee machines aren't the type of device you have to buy every year, both longevity and efficiency are quite crucial. So, it is best to choose a product with strong and durable construction. If you want your equipment to last longer, you should think about ABS moulded machines.

Top coffee vending machines to try in 2023

In terms of sanitation, a coffee machine that uses premixes is far superior to one that uses fresh milk. The premix powders are kept inside the machine in designated sealed containers, preventing any contaminated contact with the air. This is the cause of this. In contrast, the dairy product container in the vending machines is regularly exposed to bacterial contamination, parasites, and global warming, increasing the danger to human health and causing waste.

While many modern systems lack this function, some advanced models offer the choice of dispensing tea.

Many modern models of coffee vending machines offer both full-cup and half-cup options, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs and prevents waste.

The dispensing mechanism of a premix-based vending machine is controlled by a microcontroller. These include pre-mixed mixture storage receptacles. A precise and predetermined quantity of instant Premix powder and a predetermined amount of hot water is mixed in a blending bowl as you hit the switch for your desired beverage. After that, your hot refreshment is immediately dispensed.

Sorry, you must use premix ingredients inside a dispenser that offers coffee and tea.

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