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Top 5 deals on Sujata mixer grinders on Amazon with price details

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  • Published on May 12, 2023 19:48 IST
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Get the best deal on Sujata mixer grinders. This article also gives price details. Discover HT Shop Now’s top 5 picks, now on Amazon. Enjoy fast and powerful grinding in seconds with these quality products.

Sujata mixer grinders
A mixer grinder is an essential kitchen appliance and Sujata is a great brand to invest in.

Are you in search of a cutting-edge mixer grinder to add to your kitchen? Look no further! Here are the top five deals on Sujata Mixer Grinder price, offering superior performance and reliability for all your culinary needs. Get ready to treat yourself to one of the most dependable and efficient kitchen appliances available on Amazon, providing you with an effortless and enjoyable experience each time you use it.

Product list

1)Sujata 900W Mixer Grinder, White

This Sujata 900W Mixer Grinder is perfect for all your grinding needs. It comes with three durable stainless steel jars that are designed to tackle any grinding or blending task. The powerful 900W motor provides a professional tone and allows you to grind, blend, juice and more in a jiffy. The jar lids are made of high quality plastic which ensures no leakage while blending or grinding and the mixer grinder is easy to clean as well. Sujata mixer grinder with 3 jars is the best choice.


  • Brand- Sujata
  • Colour-White
  • Special Feature-Adjustable Speed Control, Manual, Corded
  • Product Dimensions-35D x 35W x 25H Centimeters



Good BrandNone

2. Sujata KI-28012 900-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 2 Jars (White)

Sujata KI-28012 900-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 2 Jars. This powerful and reliable kitchen appliance is ideal for making anything from delicious smoothies to freshly ground coffee. The750-watt sujata mixer grinder motor easily pulverizes ingredients, and its two jars provide ample capacity for multiple functions. Enjoy professional results thanks to its quality stainless steel blades which securely attach to the jar for hassle free usage.


  • Brand- Sujata
  • Colour-White
  • Product Dimensions -2.7D x 5W x 3.5H Centimeters
  • Material-ABS



Elegant DesignExpensive
Ergonomic design

3)Sujata frootmix 900W Mixer Grinder (White)

The Sujata Frootmix 900W Mixer Grinder is an essential kitchen appliance for every home. This mixer grinder features a powerful 900W motor and 3-speed options so you can easily grind, mix or blend ingredients with ease. The convenient locking system ensures that the blades stay firmly in place even during operation, while the sturdy stainless steel jars provide durability over time. With its durable ABS body, it's sure to last you for years to come.Sujata mixer grinder on Amazon is the best choice for personal use.


  • Brand -Sujata
  • Colour-White
  • Product Dimensions-2D x 5W x 5H Centimeters
  • Material-Polycarbonate
  • Number of Speeds- 3



Excellent customer serviceNone

4)SUJATA MM 900W Mixer Grinder with 1 Jar, White

The SUJATA MM 900W Mixer Grinder is a powerful and reliable kitchen appliance that makes everyday grinding and blending tasks easier. It features an efficient motor with 900 Watts of power that operates at a professional tone, perfect for wet as well as dry grinding. With its stainless steel jars, it ensures durability and sturdiness against any wear or tear. This sujata mixer grinder online available at the best price on Amazon.


  • Brand -Sujata
  • Colour-White
  • Product Dimensions-23D x 23W x 39H Centimeters
  • Material-Plastic
  • Number of Speeds-3



Easy MaintenanceNone
Easy To use

5)Sujata Frootmix Mixer Grinder, 900W (White)

TheBest Sujata Mixer Grinder is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With its powerful 900W motor, it is capable of grinding tough ingredients with ease. It features 3-speed control and an overload protection system that ensures consistent performance even when faced with extreme loads. The unique design enables thorough and efficient mixing, making it ideal for preparing shakes, smoothies, chutneys and batters. Sujata mixer grinder price is at Rs. 5,048.


  • Brand- Sujata
  • Colour-white
  • Material-Stainless Steel, Plastic
  • Number of Speeds- 3
  • Voltage-230 Volts



Easy to cleanAverage customer support
Lightweight for the size

Best 3 features for you

 Products feature 1 feature 2 feature 3
Sujata 900W Mixer Grinder, WhiteAffordablePremium MaterialMotor produce less sound
Sujata KI-28012 900-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 2 Jars (White)Stunning designExcellent qualitySturdy
Sujata frootmix 900W Mixer Grinder (White)Powerful motorComes with one year warrantyBeautiful design
SUJATA MM 900W Mixer Grinder with 1 Jar, WhiteGood performanceImpressive motorAffordable
Sujata Frootmix Mixer Grinder, 900W (White)Good brandstylish designGood brand

Best overall product

Sujata Frootmix Mixer Grinder, an ideal appliance for all your grinding and mixing needs. With 900W of power and advanced features like 4-speed control and several special functions, this mixer grinder is designed to offer you excellent performance that can help you save time and energy. The stainless steel blades are also extremely durable, ensuring superior grinding results every time. Moreover, its stylish white body is sure to add a modern touch to your kitchen decor.

Value for money

Sujata KI-28012 900-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 2 Jars (White). A high performing appliance that delivers great value for money, this juicer mixer grinder is perfect for a variety of kitchen tasks. With 900 watts of power and 2 jars, you can easily blend, grind and juice your favourite ingredients with ease.

How to find the perfect Sujata mixer grinder

1. Determine your budget: the first step towards finding the perfect Sujata mixer grinder is to determine a budget that fits your needs. Consider factors such as type of ingredients and size of batches you will be grinding often, to help decide what price range would best suit you.

2. Check features: Since there are various types of mixers available in the market, it is important to check out all the features offered with each model. Some mixers may come with more advanced features like speed control or multiple jars for different applications such as dry grinding, wet grinding and pureeing etc., so make sure to consider these requirements before making a purchase decision.

3. Compare prices online: Price comparison websites allow users to compare prices from different sellers in order to find the best deal possible. This makes it easier to find an ideal Sujata mixer grinder within one’s price range without having to visit multiple stores physically or do extensive research online about each product and its features.

4. Look for discounts/offers: Many stores offer special discounts or bundle offers on products during sale season which can provide considerable savings on Mixer Grinders from top brands like Sujata.

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Product Price
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FAQs on Sujata mixer grinders

Which is better 750 or 1000 watt mixer grinder?

Higher wattage is advantageous for grinding tougher substances at a faster rate. As a result, a 1000 watt grinder will assist you in achieving greater results faster.

How many watts is good for grinder?

When shopping for a mixer grinder, two of the most important aspects to consider are wattage and speed. For domestic use, it is strongly recommended to select a model with an output between 500 watts and 750 watts, to ensure efficient grinding and blending of ingredients. This range is powerful enough to handle most tasks, yet remains relatively energy-efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, selecting a model that offers multiple speed options will give you more control over the consistency of your end product.

What is a 3 jar mixer grinder used for?

A three-jar mixer grinder will make powdering, blending, and churning easier, and it will eliminate the need to clean up after each round of blending.

Which mixer is good 500W or 750W?

Though designed for more demanding applications, motors with 750W require greater energy consumption. The 500-watt motor is optimally suited for standard grinding tasks, while mixer grinders with 750 watts are engineered to handle both the everyday and more strenuous heavy-duty grinding. This distinction speaks to the nuanced differences in power capabilities between these two types of motors, which must be carefully considered when selecting the appropriate motor for a particular application