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5 best split AC stabilizers to consider: Stay cool and protected this summer

  • HT Shop Now By Boudhaditya Sanyal
  • Published on Jun 07, 2023 12:50 IST
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Ensure a stable power supply for your split AC with the best stabilizers. Find high-quality stabilizers that protect your AC from voltage fluctuations, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Choose from HT Shop Now's top 5 picks.

best split ac stabiliser
Choosing from the best stabilizer for split AC can help enhance the life of the appliance.

Split AC stabilizers are essential devices that help in maintaining a stable and consistent power supply to your split air conditioning unit. These stabilizers are specifically designed to regulate and protect the electrical input to the AC, ensuring efficient and safe operation. HT Shop Now will explore the top split AC stabilizers available in the market and discuss their key features and benefits.

A reliable stabilizer is crucial for protecting your expensive split AC from voltage fluctuations, power surges, and other electrical disturbances. It helps in extending the lifespan of your AC by providing a consistent and optimal power supply, preventing any potential damage caused by irregular voltage levels.

We will delve into the various features offered by these stabilizers, such as voltage regulation, overload protection, intelligent monitoring systems, and compatibility with different AC models.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, selecting the right split AC stabilizer is essential for maintaining a comfortable and reliable cooling experience.


The Microtek EM4160 voltage stabilizer is a reliable solution for stabilizing the voltage supply to your split air conditioner. With a wide input voltage range of 160V-285V, it ensures optimal performance and protects your AC from voltage fluctuations. Its digital display provides real-time information, and its advanced features like intelligent time delay and overload protection offer added convenience and safety. Designed for AC units up to 1.5 ton, this stabilizer is a cost-effective choice to safeguard your air conditioner and extend its lifespan.

Monitor Voltage Stabilizer

This is a reliable and feature-rich split AC stabilizer designed to protect your air conditioner from voltage fluctuations. With its copper winding technology, it ensures efficient voltage regulation, providing stable and safe power supply to your AC. The stabilizer offers a mountable design, allowing easy installation and saving space. It also comes with a digital display for real-time voltage monitoring. With its robust build and advanced features, it is an excellent choice for ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted operation of your split AC.

Everest 4 KVA Deluxe Voltage Stabilizer

This is a high-quality solution for stabilizing the voltage of split air conditioners. It offers efficient protection against voltage fluctuations, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your AC unit. With its robust construction and advanced technology, this stabilizer provides stable power supply and safeguards your appliances from electrical damage. It is an ideal choice for those looking for a dependable and efficient stabilizer to enhance the performance and durability of their split AC systems.

AULTEN Digital Voltage Stabilizer

The Aulten Digital Voltage Stabilizer is designed specifically for split air conditioners. With its wall-mounted design, it offers convenient installation and space-saving benefits. This stabilizer ensures stable voltage output, protecting your AC unit from voltage fluctuations and power surges. Its digital display provides real-time voltage information, allowing you to monitor the performance. The stabilizer helps prolong the lifespan of your split AC and ensures optimal cooling performance.

V-Guard Magno 410

The V-Guard Magno 410 offers a voltage range of 170V to 270V, ensuring stable power supply to your AC. The stabilizer features advanced technology to safeguard your AC's compressor and other sensitive components. It also offers additional features like a digital display for easy monitoring and a smart delay function to protect against frequent power fluctuations. With its sturdy build and reliable performance, the stabilizer is an excellent choice to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your split AC.

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MICROTEK EM4160 Automatic Voltage Digital Display Wall Mounted Stabilizer(160V-285V) for AC up to 1.5 ton (Metallic Grey) ₹ 1,899
Everest 4 KVA Deluxe Voltage Stabilizer Used Upto 1.5 ton AC (Working Range : 170 V to 270 V),(White) ₹ 1,520
AULTEN Digital Voltage Stabilizer for All Inverter and Non Inverter AC Upto 1.5 Ton AC 4 KVA 3200W 130V-290V AD010 Grey ₹ 3,799

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