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Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 sale: Up to 70% discount on electronic home ap

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  • Published on Sep 23, 2022 14:59 IST
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Get up to 70% off on electronic home appliances on the Amazon great Indian festival 2022 sale. Read this detailed guide to grab these amazing offers!

Amazon great Indian festival

If you're looking to buy home electronic appliances, this is the right time to buy them. The festive season is ideal for upgrading old electronics to new ones with great features and unmissable discounts at Amazon. On the Amazon great Indian festival 2022 Sale, get up to 70% discount on electronic home appliances. Buy more, save more on top Electrical Home Appliances brands, and get an additional 10% instant discount on selected bank debit and credit cards.

Here are the top 10 electronic home appliances available on Amazon.

1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard

It is a patented active copper with zinc booster technology that provides the goodness of copper in water. Its UV boiling technology boils water for about 20 minutes, ensuring that every drop of water is healthy and safe. It also has a taste adjuster (MTDS), which enables the taste adjustment depending upon the water's source.


● Brand - Eureka forbes

● Colour - Black

● Material - plastic

● Special features - energy save mode, LED indicator, UV, flexible installation

Easy to install and useKill some natural components of water
Taste of the water is good and naturalExcessive water wastage

2. KENT Supreme Plus

It has multiple purification systems by RO+UV+ UF+TFS control which helps to remove dissolved impurities such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals and salt making water 100% pure and sustainable for drinking. It ensures Zero Water Wastage during the purification process.


● Brand - KENT

● Colour - White

● Material - Plastic

● Special Features - RO, RO+

Zero water wastage of waterThe filter needs to be changed every year, costing at least 2000
Capacity to store 8 litres of water 

3. Amazon Basic Premium 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Made from stainless steel, super fine mixing and grinding results even in high temperatures. It comes with a durable mixer grinder with three sturdy jars for dry and wet grinding and an additional juicer jar.


● Brand - Amazon basics

● Colour - Black & White

● Material - Metal+Plastic

● Special features - Stainless steel gives super fine mixing and grinding

Provides leak-proof grinding and mixing experience.Create too much noise during usage.
Comes with 3 stainless steel jars and 1 juice jarBlades are not detachable 

4. Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder

With its sleek design and high performance, this stainless steel butterfly smart mixer grinder is very durable. The mixer grinder is energy-efficient and has razor-sharp blades best for precise cutting, chopping, and mixing ingredients of all shapes and sizes.


●Brand - Butterfly

●Colour - Grey

●Material - Plastic

●Special Features - Stainless steel gives super mixing, blending and grinding

Automatic overload cut-off featureWhen used for a long time, the jar starts heating up
Transparent polycarbonate lid makes grinding easier 

5. AO Smith Water Heater (Geyser)

This modern water geyser comes with a glass-coated Incoloy heating element to provide a longer functioning life. In addition, it has a long-lasting ergonomic Anode Rod that works efficiently even in hard water and provides 2X protection and lifespan compared to any regular magnesium rod.


● Brand - AO Smith

● Colour - White

● Material - Plastic

Quick heatingSometimes, a cracking sound comes from the geyser due to hard water
Capacity of 25 litres  

6. Bajaj New Shakti Neo Plus Water Heater

It has Titanium Armour Technology that ensures the long life of the tank. Additionally, it offers the capacity to store 15 litres of water and features 8 bar maximum operating pressure withstanding capacity for high-rise buildings. The product also has a unique weld-free joint for rust resistance.


● Brand - Bajaj

● Colour - White

● Material - Stainless Steel, Titanium, Metal and Copper

● Special features - Have the capacity for 15 litres of water

Water gets heated within 5 minutesUsers need to spend extra on accessories and installation
Have the capacity to hold 15 litres of water 

7. Gaiatop Mini Portable Fan

This Mini Portable Fan is in-built with two copper brushless motors that are powerful enough to drive the fan blades at high speeds and generate strong wind. The hand fan includes three adjustable wind speeds; simply push the power button to change the wind setting. It is perfect for a summer companion to keep you cool while exercising or travelling.


● Brand - Gaiatop

● Colour - Pink

● Material - Plastic

● Special features - Portable

PortableSmall in size
Lightweight yet strongNot very powerful

8. Atomberg Renesa Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

It comes with a smart remote with three smart features: timer, sleep mode and boost mode to provide you with the best experience. It delivers high speed & airflow and runs at a consistent speed even with fluctuating input voltage.


● Brand - Atomberg

● Colour - Black

● Material - Aluminium

● Special features - Remote controlled

Super energy saverLED lights may not work properly
Powerful motor 

9. Philips Steam Iron with Spray

This Philips Steam Iron is a great investment this festive season. The iron heats up rapidly and produces excellent results in a single stroke. This Philips steam iron soleplate is made of aluminium, providing easy gliding on most fabrics.


●Brand - Philips

●Colour - Blue

●Material - Aluminium

●Special feature - Effective ironing and streaming

Good quality iron with effective steaming Water movement creates jerks during ironing
Solid body with a good quality finish 

10. Goodscity Steam Iron Press

Goodscity Steam Iron Press is highly portable and lightweight and will easily fit into your suitcase. Steaming clothes and materials can be done vertically or horizontally using this steam press. Its 230 ml detachable water tank can run for up to 10 minutes and is very easy to use.


●Brand - Goodscity

●Colour - Pistachio

●Material - Plastic

●Special feature - Travel-friendly

Remove wrinkles in a few seconds Absurd shape; may cause burns
Portable and travel-friendly 

Best 3 features for you

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Eureka Forbes AquaguardEasy to useLight weightImmovable
KENT Supreme PlusEasy to useLight weightImmovable
Amazon Basic Premium 750 Watt Mixer GrinderEasy to useLight weightPortable
Butterfly Smart Mixer GrinderEasy to useLight weightPortable
AO Smith Water Heater (Geyser)Easy to useLight weightImmoveable
Bajaj New Shakti Neo Plus Water HeaterEasy to useLight weightImmoveable
Gaiatop Mini Portable FanEasy to useLight weightPortable
Atomberg Renesa Energy Saving Ceiling FanEasy to useLight weightImmoveable
Philips Steam Iron with SprayEasy to useLight weightPortable
Goodscity Steam Iron PressEasy to useLight weightPortable

Best money value for money electric home appliances

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean Vacuum Cleaner is the best deal you can get on Amazon out of all the abovementioned products. This vacuum cleaner is convenient and easy to store. It is comfortable to operate and comes with a thermal cut-off mechanism that automatically turns off the device to enhance the safety of the customer and the product. It is lightweight and almost comes with all the accessories and an extra dust collection bag. Thus, it is the best money-value electric home appliance one can opt for.

Overall best electronic home appliance

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer, a compact and foldable steamer that needs no ironing board and is easy to use and store, is the best home appliance to gab this Great Indian Festival Sale on Amazon in 2022. Best part? It is safe to use on most fabrics and helps save time. The product is also convenient for travelling as well as it is lightweight.

How to find the best electronic home appliances?

Whether you are buying for personal or commercial use, some of the most significant criteria in selecting any electronic product are the electronic appliances' reliability, price and energy efficiency. Considering the variety of options available in the market these days, picking the right appliance for your home can be tricky. So, to make your life easier, make sure that the appliances you purchase are:

1. Budget-friendly

2. Energy Efficient

3. Space Saving

Best home electronic appliances price list (September 2022)

Sl. No.ModelPrice
1.Eureka Forbes Aquaguard  11,999
2.KENT Supreme Plus 15,499
3.Amazon Basic Premium 750 Watt Mixer Grinder 2,799
4.Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder 2,478
5.AO Smith Water Heater (Geyser) 11,299
6.Bajaj New Shakti Neo Plus Water Heater 5,499
7.Gaiatop Mini Portable Fan 839
8.Atomberg Renesa Energy Saving Ceiling Fan 3,576
9.Philips Steam Iron with Spray 1,400
10.Goodscity Steam Iron Press 2,449

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Amazon great Indian festival 2022 sale: Up to 70% discount on electronic home appliances

1. How can I return an electronic appliance I buy from Amazon?

You can return these items you buy from the seller listed on Amazon. Item is returnable only if you receive any physical damage or have any missing part or accessories, defective, different from its description on the product detail, or you don't want to use the item. However, it is applicable only to eligible items.

2. What is the most beneficial electrical appliance?

Some of the most useful electrical appliances include iron, mixer and grinder, refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioners and geysers.

3. How can I choose the best home appliances?

To find the best electronic home appliances, check out the features and other specifications of the product. Next, check if any discounts and offers are available on the current product. Compare the prices and features of the same products with other brands, check customer ratings and then purchase the products of your choice.

4. Which company is best to buy home electronic appliances?

Many reputed and trustworthy companies manufacture electronic home appliances. Some best are mentioned below:

● LG

● Samsung

● Sony

● Whirlpool

5. What should you look for when buying an electronic device for your home?

Check these crucial points while shopping for kitchen appliances:

● Size & space requirements

● Style

● Energy Efficiency

● Price