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Best air coolers online: Get respite from heat at very low cost        

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on May 04, 2022 16:19 IST
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As temperatures soar, bring home an air cooler. Apart from cooling spaces effectively, it is also an environment-friendly device. Check out the cost-effective options online.  

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Air coolers are effective at cooling and are affordable too.  

The unexpected heat wave that struck many parts of north, central and eastern India this April must have got you thinking about finding quick solutions to the pressing problem. How does one manage unexpected weather conditions like a sudden rise in temperature? It is not always convenient to invest in an AC at a short notice and it involves incurring a high cost too. The perfect fix to a problem like this is to invest in an air cooler. The good news is that online e-commerce platforms have many such coolers listed with them. Many of them come cheap and are hence very affordable.

Another question that you may want to know is why should one opt for a cooler, if price is not the only reason? Well, in many parts of India such as north and central India, the humble air cooler is perhaps the most effective and environment-friendly way of cooling. All it needs is water and a fan or a blower to suck in hot air, cool it down using water and throw it into a room to cool the space. In case you are looking for options, Amazon is a good place to begin your search. We have curated a list that you must take a look at.

Prices of air coolers at a glance:

Symphony HiFlo 27 Personal Air Cooler 5,918.00
Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler 4,899.00
Moonair Plastic Sumo 65 Desert Air Cooler 6,589.00
Crompton Ginie Neo(ACGC-PAC10) Tower Air Cooler 4,099.00

Symphony HiFlo 27 Personal Air Cooler

This cooler is suitable for rooms up to 16 square meters of the area under ideal conditions. It also helps in cleaning the air. With its multistage filter, it combats air pollution, odour-causing micro organisms and allergies to give you fresh air. For effective cooling, you must keep doors and windows open.

It comes equipped with long-lasting dura pump, has high-water retention capacity honeycomb pads and cool flow dispenser to distribute water evenly on all sides to keep you cool all through the summer.

This is a low-power consuming cooler as it uses only 150 watts (approximately) and can also be operated on inverters. So say bye bye to summers without worrying about bills or power cuts. It comes with a large 27-litre tank with water level indicator that will let you know when to refill. The high-speed blower produces cool and uniform air instantly.

Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler

This Bajaj product comes with a large 24-litre water tank and has anti-bacterial honeycomb pads for effective cooling. Its turbo fan technology allows an air throw of up to 18-feet. With a superior air delivery of 1100 CMH (average), this cooler can be your answer to the long summer days and nights. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Moonair Plastic Sumo 65 Desert Air Cooler

This cooler comes with highly-efficient blade for powerful air throw. It also has an auto swing feature. Its pads are made from natural hay pads and works on inverter. It consumes very less electricity. This cooler is equipped with highly accurate water-level indicator. Its castor wheels aid in easy movement and it comes with a rust-free body with smooth and easy to clean exteriors. The cooler comes with a one-year manufacture warranty.

Crompton Ginie Neo(ACGC-PAC10) Tower Air Cooler

This cooler comes with a modest 10 litres capacity. Its honey comb cooling pads and also mosquito net serve a dual purpose of proving cooling as well as give protection against dust and insects. It also has an ice chamber on the top for effective cooling. It is inverter-compatible and comes with a high-power water pump. This cooler is ideal for room size of up to 150 square feet. It has an elegant, slim and stylish design. Its effective honeycomb cooling pads and cool flow dispenser ensure superior cooling. Allow cross ventilation in your area/room or else cooler won’t work effectively.

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